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Belief is Not Necessarily Truth.
Sunday — September 21st, 2014

Belief is Not Necessarily Truth.

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Summer Schedule + Kickstarter Update

What’s going on?

I’ve gone ahead and made a quick video explaining things for you:

Short Answer: I thought I could finish up Volume Two without taking a break like I’ve done in the past. Turns out I needed it after all, so I’m taking it now.

Long Answer: It’s been a whirlwind of a year, and I’ve been working on things — but I’ve also been reworking them, testing things, recalibrating, and throwing around (and out) multiple prototypes and versions of the bonus material and the covers.

Turns out I do better when I’m under at least a little time pressure, since I’ve been able to continue posting the comic in spite of everything else — get the basics up by midnight on Saturday/Sunday, color things within the next day if I hadn’t done so already, lather, rinse, repeat — so I’m holding myself to that standard with the Kickstarter pieces right now in place of normal updates.

I’m giving myself eight weeks because it’s a nice round number, and because the last thing I want is to take a big hiatus like this and still need more time. I’ve put this off for far longer than I should’ve, at least in part because I kept trying to make it work otherwise — but further delays won’t help here.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re a backer: You’ll see the bonus pages / covers get posted one at a time over the next few weeks. Ideally by the end of the eight weeks you’ll get your digital copies of the books.

If you’re just coming to the site: I’ll be posting the covers here as well, but I’m also posting some of the bonus content from Volume One — specifically, that “bonus story” that’s been a tight-lipped secret for the past three years. Those of you looking to maintain your hipster cred should go ahead and buy the first edition of Volume One before I have to amend that product description if you’d like to read ahead and/or feel smug.

Either way, there’s still plenty of reading material coming everybody’s way — it’s just the main story that’s been put on pause.

Stay tuned!

Oh, and… if you’ve ordered a cameo and yet to send me details on that cameo, either through kickstarter messages or email… please do so now. Your stuff’s been sidelined as well until the books are sent off to the printer, which is why I’ve not kept up with most of you, but that won’t be case much longer.

Seven Years!!! Celebrate with Last Res0rt 2048!

Play 2048 - Last Res0rt Style!

It’s a heck of a ride, folks!

I’ve been posting the comic regularly since April 1, 2007, and I’ve come a heck of a long way — although some days it feels like there’s a lot more to go. For now, though:

  • Play Last Res0rt 2048! This variant of the hit number-bumping, tile-swiping game features plenty of the faces you know and love. The higher you go, the more familiar faces you’ll see — can you make it to Veled?
  • If you’re an iTunes user, pick up Stripped — the ultimate comic strip documentary — today! It’ll be available on other services shortly, but for today, it’s trying to rocket to the top of the iTunes charts. It’s been put together by some of the biggest names in the business, and contains an exclusive interview with the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson! (Come on, it’s worth it for that alone!)

And in the meantime… if you know anyone who’s been (or should be!) reading the comic before now, give ‘em a little nudge and bring ‘em back.

Let’s just say things are about to get interesting…