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The Beat is On.
Tuesday — March 31st, 2015

The Beat is On.

Just as a reminder — like those posters? They’ve been getting mailed around (in postcard form) to all Patreon backers who chip in at $5 or more — and you’ve only got a day left to get in on April’s cards!

Who knows what it’ll be… well, the only thing it won’t be is an April Fool’s joke. :-p

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News + Events

See You at Further Confusion!


Quick heads up — I’ll be in the Dealer’s Den for Further Confusion 2015 (January 15-19 2015)!

You’ll find me towards the back, and I’ll have copies of Volumes One and Two (and some of the older books!) ready to sell as well — although if you can’t make it, there’s always the online store and the Patreon.

See you there!

REMINDER — Comics return TUESDAY!

In case you missed it: I’m switching the update date for new comics to Tuesdays instead of Sundays.

It’s a pretty simple reason: Tuesdays don’t require me to panic before a big convention, and give me a chance to work on things over the weekend rather than panic to get everything done on Saturdays.

We’re still on a once-a-week schedule (although if you’d like to make comics occur more often, there is a Patreon campaign working on that!) — but the situation is still as it always was.