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[FILLER] New Meaning to “Illuminated Manuscripts”
Sunday — December 14th, 2014

[FILLER] New Meaning to “Illuminated Manuscripts”

Note: So, we’ve hit the end of “Act One” on Volume Three… Which means it’s time for some lighter fare until, oh, the start of next year.

I was thinking of asking for guest strips, but for now, this’ll do. (I’m going to need to fill a page in somewhere to account for that double-page spread last week anyway…)

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Last-Minute Last Res0rt 2014 Gift Guide!

Yes, there are in fact items for sale! That also happen to be mine!

First up, we have some lovely books available — I don’t want to put the print versions up until all the remaining kickstarter orders are taken care of (at least the ones I have control over!), but that’s no reason not to go ahead and deliver unto you the Digital Copies! Pick up Volume One or Volume Two (or heck, grab both and take advantage of the discount of bundling!)

Or, if you’d like something physical — how about this year’s ornament? I decided to try something different…

Last Res0rt's 2014 ornament, featuring Binary and Melody!


I’m not sure how soon you need to order this ornament to get it in time, but if you need it — or any of the previous year’s ornaments — now is a good time to go ahead and order it!

Or, if you’d rather the gift that keeps on giving, there’s a Patreon campaign you may have heard me talking about…  considering that some of the unlockable rewards include “bonus updates” and “exclusive artwork mailed to your door”, everyone has a happy holiday with that option!

They’re all great options — but pick one, and quick! Last I checked, Hanukkah starts Tuesday night…

NEW – Become a Patron of Last Res0rt Today!

So, what would you like from me for the holidays?

How about more updates?

I asked what you wanted to see (which is what the little green ribbon up top was for, by the way) — and most of you are quite happy with Last Res0rt. You wish there was MORE of it — more backstory, more depth, and most importantly, MORE UPDATES!

Patreon is how I can give you more.

That is the look of two happy, shocked people who are about to work overtime.

Patreon is a crowdfunding system similar to Kickstarter, with a few obvious distinctions:

  • Kickstarter raises money for a discrete project which may take a lot of work, but is eventually completed — like printing books. Patreon is for ongoing projects (like webcomics)!
  • Kickstarter raises money once, for a lump sum which should be enough to fund the project, assuming it doesn’t go over budget or take longer than expected. Patreon is a subscription-based system, where you pay some amount per month, so as long as funds are coming in, I can keep things going.
  • Kickstarter allows you to pick a reward tier, and whatever tier you’re at when the kickstarter is over, you receive just the one type of reward. Patreon allows you to change your pledge levels, so each month you can pledge a different amount and be at a different tier with different rewards — it’s all up to you how much you’re willing to back!

Put bluntly, Last Res0rt has been running lean for a long, long time — and it’s still an amazing feat, seven years later and with two thick volumes in its wake. Imagine what we could do with some actual fuel behind it.

With enough patrons backing Last Res0rt, I can double (or even TRIPLE) the number of pages I post each month, which means the comic becomes better than ever. It means I could potentially produce a new volume of LR each year instead of over three years — that’s a lot of books!

Become a Patron of Last Res0rt today, and you can earn various rewards, including limited edition postcards mailed to your door, special videos / hangouts, and even “hijack” the comic to throw in an inside joke or smuggle in an item of your choice.

Last Res0rt will always be free to read, but it still takes lots of time and effort to keep things going. I want to do more than keep the lights on — I want to accelerate what I’m doing, and having Patrons ensures I can keep my focus where it needs to be, to make even more awesome stuff. Make it happen — become a Patron today!