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Oh. Right.
Sunday — April 20th, 2014

Oh. Right.

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Seven Years!!! Celebrate with Last Res0rt 2048!

Play 2048 - Last Res0rt Style!

It’s a heck of a ride, folks!

I’ve been posting the comic regularly since April 1, 2007, and I’ve come a heck of a long way — although some days it feels like there’s a lot more to go. For now, though:

  • Play Last Res0rt 2048! This variant of the hit number-bumping, tile-swiping game features plenty of the faces you know and love. The higher you go, the more familiar faces you’ll see — can you make it to Veled?
  • If you’re an iTunes user, pick up Stripped — the ultimate comic strip documentary — today! It’ll be available on other services shortly, but for today, it’s trying to rocket to the top of the iTunes charts. It’s been put together by some of the biggest names in the business, and contains an exclusive interview with the creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson! (Come on, it’s worth it for that alone!)

And in the meantime… if you know anyone who’s been (or should be!) reading the comic before now, give ‘em a little nudge and bring ‘em back.

Let’s just say things are about to get interesting…


Delayed Update due to DDOS

Yesterday afternoon a DDOS attack brought down the server, and in the process of trying to mitigate / fix the problem the site was knocked offline for several hours. It’s back now.

As a result though, it took out a bunch of time I was planning to spend on this week’s update.

I’m still aiming to put together something in time, but consider this a “just in case” warning — the site’s back up for now, but I still have work to do…