He’s not Half-Assed, Just Four-Sevenths.

He’s not Half-Assed, Just Four-Sevenths.

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  1. e_voyager

    Okay that’s a little scary. More than A little scary. Thankfully this is not high definition otherwise I’d be seeing Kurt in my nightmares.

  2. Eagle0600

    While there’s such a thing as “excessive force”, even while defending yourself, she reasonably expected her life to be in danger and reacted promptly and relatively sub-lethally. He caused it by attacking her. While she *could* have been more careful, this is largely his fault.

  3. Shad

    …I seem to recall something about Kurt always having to wear a mask over his face? Somehow I don’t think the next page will go well…

  4. Shad

    Yep. Just double-checked his cast page, his face is rated a “4.4 on the Gorgon scale (Assassin grade)” and it’s advised that everyone wear polarized lenses around him at all times. While I’m not entirely sure what the Gorgon scale is, it…does not sound pleasant considering the reputation of that particular mythological creature. I hope Daisy’s Autie lenses are polarized.

  5. nikolai60

    I’d say something about these guys already being death row and such but….excuse me for a min, it’s red shirt + brown pants time….

  6. xzeddx

    Well now someones gonna need a bigger bandaid…

  7. HarlequinGnoll

    im thinking he lost his friends via teleporting and he might very well have lost them by getting the teleport he was trying to get a few pages back. (keep all hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times etc etc)

  8. Ganurath

    …Do my eyes deceive me, or does the primary lower jaw split?

  9. e_voyager

    The lower Charles Lee is actually quite common or his species. Even Gabriel the unmask look like he had a vestigial split and his Jaw

  10. Jay

    @HarlequinGnoll: He lost them due to Daisy Judo-throwing him on his head. The teleport just disoriented him enough for her to do it.


  11. Shad

    And I seem to be the only one concerned by the fact that Kurt can apparently petrify people like the Gorgons of mythology when he has no mask, and he just RIPPED off his helmet ON CAMERA in front of many likely-unprotected viewers. (Even if the camera works as a filter, there’s still the live audience and Daisy at risk. I looked back and she is not wearing her autie lenses under that helmet she removed…) I predict bad things happening in the next few pages. Bad Kurt-related things.

  12. Okami A.

    I can see why he’s 4.4

    Also, I don’t know where to send this, but I just tried re-reading the archive and a number of comics were missing. Is it just a fluke of the internet, or…?

  13. The_Rippy_One

    Originally, his species could kill when unmasked because they were just that disturbing to look at; that’s why Melody wears a mask, she’s a Celesti that’s half-Kendril – it will be interesting to see if Jig’ has decided to keep that aspect or not.

    The split jaw is also part of his species – we’ve seen other kendrils with it, I want to say

  14. RyGuy

    Gorgons are safe to look at so long as you do not do so directly. If a mirror is protection, then the psudo-vision of camera transmission should work as well, so the sadists at home should be safe. It’s the live studio sadists that might soon become their own funerary monuments.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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