Who Should Be Scared of Who?

Who Should Be Scared of Who?

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  1. nikolai60

    So…that got dark…

  2. hariman

    … What the #$&*!^#@*(!#@&%#@&!@*#(!($%)9%&!^&*^!

    What the hell else went on during “The Year of Fear”?!

    And how the hell did Jason’s mother NOT get an entire clip of bullets in her skull for that, just to be sure?!

  3. PFoxen

    Wow. Um, okay, that’s seriously screwed up. I am loving the exposition and back story development, but wow that’s screwed up.

    Also, “pouch bound jellybean” made me laugh. Great emotional arc I’m a single strip. I’m still horrified, a little mad, but the humor in that statement makes me like Cypher even more.

  4. The_Rippy_One

    Yeah. Fenirel was dubbed “Crazy Old” for a reason. LOTS of Reasons. So G D many reasons.

    And we probably still don’t know the half of it. “Just” murdering 2 people via torture to get info about a third doesn’t leave scars across a galaxy. The above scene, while daunting, is probably just the appetizer for this 7 course HOLY $#!^-fest

    I can’t wait.

  5. Hartree

    Terrorist, tourist. Those darn little autocomplete errors. Never know what all it’ll lead to.

  6. hariman

    The_Rippy_One: Yeah. Exactly.

    It seems like it started with “Crazy Old Fenirel” going a little beyond what a Scout really should be doing in the first place, and Daisy’s reaction caused the whole situation to snowball out of control.

    Then again, thinking a bit about the Galaxy Girl Scouts, it sounds like they have a LOT of authority that can easily be abused. The Year of Fear was likely ALL the Scouts getting into petty, then not so petty, infighting and backstabbing.

  7. Okami A.

    Whel, that escalated quickly. I didn’t realize that the incident with Jason’s mother involved Cypher and Meridian. I was hoping that Daisy wasn’t the type to do nasty things without provocation.

  8. Mirilali

    Hey kids! You know how you thought your mom was, uhm, “interesting”? Yeah, well, with the memories of a couple of people who’ve ‘met’ her, she just got more…not so nice.

    Now that I’ve had my say to the story… – flops on the ground and throws tantrum- no! I can’t have read the whole thing already! I only started Monday! -beginning withdrawal twitch- must…. Have… More! Where’s my wallet!? must get patreon going -spots wallet with moths on top- oh right payday’s not until next week. Oh well, least now I’ll probably get more work done and not be hiding to read more -clears throat and takes a deep breath- Hii everyone and Jig, please please don’t ever stop creating. Watching your art transform over the course from beginning til now, I’m awed and even a bit excitedly inspired to work on my own (just the coloring side, pretty sure I’d end up having to have my own Last Resort to figure out if I could actually draw). have fun everyone! (Well, unless you’re Jason, then I’m pretty sure you’re not having fun)

  9. RyGuy

    It’s called a “joey”, if quibble we must. That said, this brings up past issues again. Have they always had four nipples, or only since occasionally hybridizing with humans? Obviously primate style nipples and breasts are useless to an embryonic joey. They need the teeney weeny little tube nipple in the pouch. They could later switch to the chest nipples after reaching human baby size. A particularly degrading way to have torchered his wife would have been to break her pouch ribs, which serve as scaffolding for the pouch tissues so that flesh alone doesn’t take the brunt of the baby’s growing weight. If broken, she wouldn’t be able to carry the baby herself to full term, and would have needed a wet nurse. Unable to finish their growing bond, that would have been cruel.
    Those ribs seem like a weak point in a fight, so protecting their flanks is essential in hand to hand combat.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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