That Explains Trying to Get Him Neutered.

That Explains Trying to Get Him Neutered.

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  1. nikolai60

    Uh…if that last comment is insinuating what I think it is, that might be the cause of said tackle right there….

  2. e_voyager

    okay now that last comment was just jigsaw being evil

  3. Eagle0600

    Ouch. I’m with Nikolai here, that wasn’t a very smart thing to say.

  4. Eboreg

    Congratulations Jason! You screwed your own mother!

  5. Starcat5


  6. DemonBlood

    Hooray! Incredibly disturbing family history!
    How does that even happen in the first place? Even with Jason “hitting puberty early” I highly doubt mommy was down with it.

  7. hariman

    Ick. Even if Jigsaw is wrong: Ick. Ick. Ick.

  8. Shad

    It’s clear what Jigsaw is implying, but under what scenario? Jason getting too horny or mommy unable to find any other male and desperate for a little ‘fun’….
    And now I think I need brainbleach.

  9. Moonfire

    I can think of a not-as-disturbing suggestion, that the female implied was a normal Paladin Retriever.

  10. xzeddx

    Sounds like a good idea..I knew it was..Oh god its in my braiinnnnn

  11. hariman

    Hmm. I have a theory:

    Ace isn’t his sister’s Father. He just got frisky with his mother and she was crazy anyway, hence the attempted neutering.

    Ace’s mother just had a LOT of issues. That lasted for years. That are still in the realm of “ICK!”

  12. Theobservantwolf

    …Wow, ‘Saw. Just, wow. She doesn’t seem to be considering the reaction she’ll provoke, especially from a not-so-rational individual like Jason! This is not an intellectual debate, where you can throw out potentially damaging theories or ideas like it’s no big deal. Still, Fenirel might indeed have been crazy enough to do THAT. I’m uncertain of her physical stature, so I won’t speculate on other unfortunate possibilities. However, I will ask- At what age do quick shifters first shift? If only at puberty, she -could- have mistaken him for his -ahem- father. Maybe.

  13. Locust

    Eeesh, I agree with you guys. Suggesting to someone that was as severely abused as Jason, that his mom probably raped him and his sister is the result, is the exact opposite thing you want to do if you want him to calm down. If it’s true, you’ve just sent him into a emotional tale spin that he will react to the only way his mother ever taught him how, violently. If it’s false, you’ve just accused him of screwing his mother, and again he’s going to react in the way he was taught to. There was just no way that suggestion was going to end well.

  14. Hartree

    I sure wouldn’t have made the direct leap to bestiality and incest. I’d have figured just another fling for old times with Jason’s father.

  15. hariman

    Hartree: That’s a possibility I hadn’t considered. Jason’s FATHER was already Djinn-Mei, and Jason/his sister both got the Djinn-Mei genes, with Fenirel being utterly crazy anyway.

    Also, yeah. There’s as much chance of Jason trying to kill Jigsaw anyway as there is that Jason will run to make a call to crazymom and try to get the truth out of her.

  16. Hartree

    There are levels within levels of this, Hariman. Saw’s question about breeding indicates that maybe the dog and human forms may mature at different rates. That can lead to a lot of lurid possibilities for what motivated Jason’s mom to try to have him fixed. As in, how old was Jason then, and how old was his sister? Having a sexually adult form when you’re still just a child makes the problems of normal puberty seem awfully tame.

    Bad enough what it sounds like Saw was suggesting, but the Spade family secrets may be even worse.

  17. e_voyager

    Okay this comment section has made me desire brain bleach. That or data emergency erasure procedures. Though that may be overdoing it a bit

  18. hariman

    Hartree: I’m hoping it’s just implied and confirmed wrong on those “Auuuugh! Get me brain bleach!” level theories.

    Hence my theory going the other way and having nothing of that sort happen, as I’d already gone the “AUUUUUUUUUGH! WHY?!” route before you reminded me that there were FAR less squicky/Do-Not-Want possibilities.

    Personally, my greatest hope is that Jason and his sister’s DNA is on file somewhere, and that genetic tests are incredibly fast in the future of Last Resort, letting the next page confirm the “NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE****ITAAAAAH!” theories wrong.

  19. hartree

    Yeah, my thought when reading the comment threads was the proverbial: “Well, that escalated quickly”

    I’m still voting for it just being that Jason’s father was also his sister’s father. Even if there was a breakup, getting back together (even if very briefly) after a break isn’t that rare. And even if unintended, accidental pregnancies certainly happen and can even happen twice.

    Though, I’m kinda surprised Jason wouldn’t know that, given that his dad is listed as one Jack Spades in the cast page. You’d think since his dad is known, he’d know if Melissa was his full or half sister.

  20. e_voyager

    here’s the theory maybe his mother wasDojn mai to begin withe to

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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