Dead Mother Syndrome is Preventable [SECRET BONUS COMIC]

Dead Mother Syndrome is Preventable [SECRET BONUS COMIC]

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  1. Okami A.

    Well, damn.

  2. Ganurath

    My money says the people that would bring the political hell are the ones currently making the show deadlier than it ought to be.

  3. e_voyager

    well this is getting deep. I can’t help but feel sorry for lead still she’s doing a whole lot more than I expected. still considering her ties to white noise, Qin, Jigsaw, and Daisy. We can only wonder how much of the show she is cusrrently behind. I will say this my respect for her just went up another notch more than it did when she made the deal with jigsaw the trying to get Daisy out of there in one piece. she’s almost like a vector

  4. Starcat5

    Let me get this straight. The entire show was set up specifically to spring White Noise out of Jail? Wow. You KNOW someone’s rich when their idea of a belated Father’s Day gift is their very own Reality TV show. Now Qin looks less like a victim of Endless slander, and more like a plant to keep White Noise alive. Which he did. Yay limited time travel.

  5. LavaBat

    Considering that Murphy is watching this…I think her life is going to be more than a political hell.

  6. e_voyager

    if Murphy continues to be stupid with her actions, I don’t for see Murphy’s life lasting much longer. Then again maybe I’m just used to people being more violent in situations like this.

  7. MaximumCarnage

    To be clear, Starcat, Last Resort is an ongoing reality TV show that has been going on before the events of the comic. This particular season, on the other hand, has become subject to far more political intrigue then usual. In this case, Veled threw some weight around and pulled some strings so daddy would have a chance at freedom. Of course, as we’ve seen, this isn’t the only bit of politics going on (a certain celeste with a scarred face being shoe-horned in to appease their populace, comes to mind), especially with the Star Org deciding to offer security for the show (while being in prime position to sabotage it), and out to remove the father of their precious messiah. After all, what’s scarier to a group like theirs then their own powerful figurehead messiah slipping beyond their ability to manipulate? And family is a powerful motivation when it comes to devoting your life to something other than your government.

    If you didn’t mean to suggest that the entirety of Last Resort was created from the ground up for Silk, then no friction intended, but I thought I aught to clarify for others. :O

  8. Starcat5

    @M.C.: Thanks for the clarification. I was under the impression that this was Season One.

  9. Sabreur

    I have this mental image of Murphy jumping up in down in glee at all the information she just got… only for Veled to tap her on the shoulder.

  10. Hariman

    Sabruer: I have a mental image of Murphy panicking as she realizes how badly things have gone wrong as she’s the first against the wall in the next revolution.

    At best.

    But, seriously. I fully expect riots, destruction and chaos, and that’s just before everyone gets rolling and the gambits start piling up.

  11. The_Rippy_One

    I think this is actually the first season – especially given how nervous all the producers are, and the fact that a lot of the show seems to be run in a catch as catch can manner (in universe, I mean). but that’s mostly my gut response.

  12. Jigsaw Forte

    For the record: This IS Season One. Everyone knows the first season is always a little rough around the edges. 😉

  13. e_voyager

    There is just something about veleds face in the last panel that makes me just want to hold and comfort her and tell her there everything will get better.

  14. Sulucamas

    Chibi Veled’s hair looks kinda familiar… 😛

    So that crest means Messiah, then? Sure wouldn’t mean Celigo.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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