Professor, Please!

Professor, Please!

Full details forthcoming for the summer break, but the TL;DR: I gotta finish this book…

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  1. e_voyager

    oh I did not see this coming. Well it seems Daisy and jigsaw have more of a family connection in common then I thought possible. thanks for the surprise jigsaw you give me so much material to work with

  2. meowwl

    So, Daisy’s mom too?!! Gotta wonder how many vampire rules of etiquette/survival/how-not-to-go-nuts-and-eat-people-you-shouldn’t Jigsaw has broken so far…

  3. Starcat5

    Ok, why is her ring glowing?

  4. nikolai60


  5. Eboreg

    @meowwl: Well, to be fair, it’s not as if the vampire community could contact her to teach her those rules.

  6. Jay

    Oh dear. Decades of research… but is that research into Djinn-Mei, or research into nonhuman vampires? Jigsaw’s not going to be happy if Daisy’s mother set her up to be turned by Irwin…

  7. Josh.C

    I guessing with this discovery older vampires have a very tight knit obligation of making sure their newly turned are taught as soon as possible.

    With how the Endless are concerning vampires and the fact that Jigsaw is family too, I can’t help but wonder if Jigsaw is being held back in what she’s being taught and Daisy’s mother can see that?

  8. Josh.C

    Or at the very least just thinks that?

  9. Sulucamas
  10. MadMann135

    …I got nothing.

  11. Josh.C

    @Jay: It sounds like two things are going on here.

    1. She’s upset with her husband using her research only to complicate things and put everyone in possibly more danger because he shared with Ace.

    2. She knows what Jigsaw is probably learning it from Julian and she knows or suspects Jigsaw isn’t getting the lessons she needs to survive. Being family also complicates the matter and infuriates her more that Qin isn’t doing his duty and leaving a close relative untaught in enemy territory.

  12. AmigaDragon

    Is this the finished strip or only partially colored (waiting to be finished)? It’s okay either way.

  13. Hartree

    “My mother was Crazy old Fenirel. Who knows what Daisy did to her”

    Hmmm. Maybe Daisy didn’t do anything to her, but maybe Daisy’s mom and her allies did. And they very much don’t like the idea of Jason investigating that. That implies a lot more to this than just doing something mean to Fenirel and her kids as payback or a lark.

    Obviously, someone’s been putting a whole lot of money and effort into this. This work isn’t just some backroom hobby research project by one researcher. It’s mondo important to someone.

  14. Shad

    Did…did the hologram come unpaused or something? Or is Daisy’s dad about to get his throat ripped out? I pity anyone who has her for a mother-in-law all of the sudden.

    On a more related note, she seems to know Qin, and I think this finally explains the little easily-missed exchange in this old comic here.

  15. xzeddx

    Pardon me while I panic and eat this waffle

  16. Sulucamas

    Just how old is Daisy’s mom?? D:

    @Josh.C: It could be that Qin is holding Saw back or just not teaching her, but it might just be that Saw is sticking to Veled’s deal and not alerting other vampires (assuming she hasn’t already had a chance to talk with Qin).

    @Hartree: If Daisy’s daughter could pass for Daisy, maybe Daisy’s mom could have passed for Daisy back then? Or was it ever vice versa? Jason’s first description of Daisy certainly seems befitting of the person at the bottom of this page. 😕

    @Shad: Hey, nice catch! Totally forgot about that. Do you they ever got around to it? 🙂

  17. RyGuy

    Qin’s style suggests he was a mortal before, or around the time of the Boxer Rebellion, unless the Chinese in your world have a traditionalist revival at some point. Can turned humans give birth to normal ones? I ask, as Daisy’s mother seems like an old acquaintance of Qin, but “old” may be relative. From what I have seen of Sailor Moon, and given the prevalence of homages to that show in this story, is this cross connection a reference to the time the Scouts were involved with vampires? Perhaps Daisy’s mom is a relatively young vampire and was still mortal 30 years earlier.

  18. The_Rippy_One

    We do know that Djinn can give birth, so I imagine Vampires can, too.
    I assume that Zombie-state would be rather traumatic for a developing fetus (live cells being affected adversely by demi-necrotic ones), but as long as the vampire mama avoids that until the birth, which isn’t too hard if you are careful, I don’t see an issue. Vampire papa probably needs to avoid zombie state for 2 weeks minimum before trying to impregnate someone due to development times for “Healthy” “living” gametes – or the vampiric equivalents.

  19. Eboreg

    Wait a second, does that mean Daisy is a Dhampir?

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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