Forget That! Where’s the Cameras?!

Forget That! Where’s the Cameras?!

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  1. Brunhidden

    dont ‘yo momma’, cause mommas hit hard

    i anticipate they are not that easy to put down, whether this be a case for a medic with a shovel so they can appear in the next show, or a badass continuing to fight with an arm pointing the wrong way we shall have to wait

  2. e_voyager

    this is why you should not go after target was there with their family and kids. they say mother bears are dangerous but they don’t hold a candle to a mother human with a little power

  3. Josh.C

    I like how Daisy’s parents look. They both don’t looked shocked at how this turned out.

    Well I’m sure the wonder twins will be alright. They’ll just have to regrow their spines and assorted organs. Of course if they are dead, that must be the most unexpected thing to happen in the comic yet.

  4. Starcat5

    The “blood” is green. I an pretty sure that Jason’s blood is red. Something is going on here, and it isn’t over yet.

  5. Hartree

    Starcat5: I had the same idea when “Jason” was walking around with a knife through the eye buried deep in his brain and not seeming to be too hampered by it.

  6. LavaBat

    All I want to know is who the next cameo appearing is going to be. ;P

    Also, I note only one body. She landed on two people.

  7. nightarix

    @starcat5 maybe their plant people? would explain why they could take a knife to the eye and still walk around.

  8. nightarix


  9. e_voyager

    there’s more to the comic then the cameos lavabat I’m still wondering if that was a water djinn pretending to be two people or if that was some sort of illusion trick. By another type of djinn

  10. nikolai60

    While I doubt it’ll be that simple, that was VERY satisfying…

  11. LavaBat

    e_voyager: True, but…Look! A decoy!

  12. ActionKermit

    Jigsaw had better use those knives to take their heads off immediately. If anyone’s going to come back to life as a pissed-off murder zombie, it’s Jason.

  13. Brunhidden

    @ action kermit- nah, hes more of a sexy werewolf then superzombie- this jason has no hockey mask

  14. Kaian

    Momma bear comment on Mother’s day. Nice planning. 🙂

  15. MadMann135

    I understand that Daisy ‘Chaired’ them but I don’t get is How she killed two trained combatants with a wheel chair.
    Sure its awesome but I can not figure out HOW she did it.

  16. Sabreur

    I love the wall of “D-:” expressions. It probably says something terrible about my personality that this page made me laugh way too much.

  17. Josh.C

    @Starcat5: Of course at the same time Cypher did smell Jason’s jacket. That jacket alone probably has a very distinct smell to it.

    As for the other body, maybe Jigsaw’s hand is simply in the way.

  18. Eboreg

    @MadMann She teleported above them. Several meters above. Hence the smear marks under her chair.

  19. Shad

    I’m going to guess they’re not actually dead…but they’re badly hurt, and will be out for revenge.

    OR they’re going to come back to life…. That could actually get Jigsaw and Daisy some more enemies. Cypress DID want Arikos as WN’s partner because “the Celeste want someone they enjoy in the spotlight” or some reason similar to that…. It could cause a public relations mess if the cast began filling up with Dead Inside.

  20. ActionKermit

    @Shad Remember, Jigsaw is a telepath. She can probably tell when someone nearby dies because they stop broadcasting thoughts.

  21. Josh.C

    @ActionKermit: Probably when she actively scanning them.

    Though it seems like her powers are really no different then any of her other senses. Things like being caught off guard, to much going on or stuff happening under her ability to notice might have a chance of her missing stuff with her powers just like any other sense.

  22. The_Rippy_One

    Oh, come on guys, ignoring the blood, we know this isn’t over. After all, we do know 1 thing about Jason – THIS IS NOT HIS FINAL FORM!

  23. Ryan Schneider

    Just heard a radio man, Richard Randall, speaking about how the “Law” of mothers trumps the laws of men. Specifically, he used to get irritated by mothers who would lie to try to get off even kids whose crimes were caught dead to rights. Since then he has come to apreciate that “Mom Mode” is a natural and inevitable part of every woman who has a heart. Now it would seem disturbing that a parent not do everything to save their child. That said, I have a physics issue with this situation. I am not to surpried by Daisy’s Berserk strength, my mother once moved a car to save me when I was little. Presumably jumping the wheel chair is much easier for Daisy, as the Carcheve 2.8 or so civilization she is living in can build both super strong and super light. That means, while the chair is solid and hard, it is coming down on them only with Daisy’s weight. Furthmore, the station’s gravity is probably less then standard, 10-12% less, i’d wager. So to kill them, she’d have to hit their heads just right to break their necks, which would be pure luck, as well as lightining speed. If someone got his or her arm up at the last second, or just bent their heads in any direction, then they would get some bad breaks, but central nervous systems would be intact.

  24. Jay

    Private Party indeed.

  25. xzeddx


  26. Sulucamas

    Judging from the look of that CRUNCH, it seems like that was a pretty Epic drop. WoW! xP

    And huzzah, Andromeda isn’t leashed together anymore! 😮

    @Josh.C: Daisy’s parents’ reactions seem reasonable, but why the heck isn’t Meridian screaming like the rest? 😈

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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