You’d Think the Leg would be Enough.

You’d Think the Leg would be Enough.

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  1. Okami Ameras

    Ha! Way to show off who you’re not!

  2. xzeddx

    I’m glad to only know a small spred of people with kids like her 😛

  3. Josh.C

    Okay, Considering how we’ve seen Daisy’s kids, they probably have two forms or use holo-projectors or something. We’ve know seen both of them in Talmi form and human.

    Boy, Jigsaw must have had a hard time keeping them out of trouble when they kept changing their appearance with her.

  4. LavaBat

    Showgirl outfit? More like Go-Go Girl outfit! XD

  5. AmigaDragon

    “Daisy’s kids”? “Talmi form”? I must have missed something and need to start again from the beginning, because I didn’t know she had kids and assumed any she had would be human.

  6. Brunhidden

    @ amiga- shes the one that looks to have incited the neon flash riot that got that sniper killed, for which daisy threatened to kick her in the rear.

    here when they entered the club i was oddly hoping that daisy flaunts what she has and gets lucky- a low possibility with parents and kids messing up her groove, but it looks like that was the youngers mission too

  7. hariman

    Josh C./Amigadragon: I’ve been under the impression that Jigsaw’s Family and Daisy’s Family are two separate families biologically, but are joined via adoption, or something similar to adoption.

  8. Josh.C

    @AmigaDragon and hariman: From the first time we saw Daisy’s son he looked like a Talmi and refereed to Cypher as his father. And during the whole Sniper incident in as Maddy posing as her mother in scout dress we’ve seen her go from Talmi to human and back again.

    While it hasn’t been explained, I find it interesting they chose their human personas to come to this dinner meeting. I take it shape shifting like that or them claiming to be Daisy’s kids in the Talmi form would raise a lot of questions.

  9. Sulucamas


    Whatever’s really going on in this familial mystery, it’s interesting that not only are both of Daisy’s kids taller than Saw, but that they’ve also probably been doing the dual-form thing since childhood.

    @AmigaDragon: In all fairness, the fact that Daisy even has kids is really only mentioned in a few words on her Cast page. You didn’t miss anything. 🙂

    @hariman: Maybe they’re joined via marriage, considering that Saw and Maggie have a “Step-Sibling Rivalry?”

  10. AmigaDragon

    I’d completely missed the human/talmi shapeshifting as well as their relationships. Is there a wiki or something that explains these things that some of us have missed throughout the comic to date?

  11. LavaBat

    *SHAKE-A SHAKE-A* Makes me want to spank! XP

  12. Ganurath

    So, I saw the title, and I couldn’t help but think “The leg isn’t enough if you don’t show it off.” I can’t help but suspect that this speaks poorly of me.

  13. nightarix

    though when you think about it, they might just assume she’s using a hologram to hide the tattoo… she probably should’ve work shorter leggings, just in case.

  14. nightarix


  15. TheRippyOne

    I like her outfit, and not because its scanty. It has a lot of style. And Maggie is obviously having fun, so, why not? 😀 This place has one of the highest densities of cops in the known universe, and with Daisy here, there is so much surveillance that nothing will happen without someone noticing. Worst that will happen is she makes a fool of herself on public record.

    Well, that or someone starts shooting up the place trying to kill Daisy or her grandpa – but most social outfits wouldn’t help with that, anyways.

  16. Riddle78

    …Maggie looks like an ant.

    Also,my assumption on the whole shapeshifting affair is that the Archanis Kids (TM) use either nanotechnology,holograms,quantum computers,or any combination of the three. The first two seem prolific,and the third is a reasonable guess. Either a flying nanobot swarm covered in sensors and projectors,or the kids took a nanite injection that enabled them to shapechange.

    Also,seriously. Glowy sashes and earrings and hair rings. It’s probably dead simple,but how do they work? Things like that always get my attention.

  17. AmigaDragon

    Is shapeshifting (whether limited to 2 forms or not) a trait of any talmi-human or just Daisy’s kids?

  18. nightarix

    @amigadragon could be, could also be they use holo-emitters to look talmi to avoid being treated like dirt for being her kids. i forget are they supposed to be in high school or college?

  19. e_voyager

    it could be a side effect of them being light children like Jason’s is.

  20. hariman

    Josh C/Sulacamas: Huh. I completely missed that, or forgot about it since I saw it.

    Now I’m wondering what the heck is going on with them, and who is what in that family. It makes me wonder if Jigsaw has a human form, or some human DNA or something.

    Amigadragon: I don’t think it’s been explained yet, and I think we’ll have to wait for the explanation

  21. The_Rippy_One

    I will note, this being the far future, that genetic manipulation to the extent of hybrids may be a thing. Or a particularly genetically inclined Blood Djinn or other magic user (Godmama Veled? The family soup turns to stew, it’s so thick). Or that they are both Dead Inside/Light Kids with a flair for transformation. Or illusions.
    Or someone is a Whimser and believed that the kids ought to be able to do this, so they can. (His name is Auto, he’s now a brain in a jar with extranet access. Playing VRMMOs makes him feel normal. He’s in their luggage, back at the hotel. XD )

  22. e_voyager

    @hairman well their mother daisy is the light child in the father cypher we don’t know about him yet. as for jigsaw I believe that both of her parents cypher and the talimi she call Emma are both full blooded or least mostly talimi blooded talimi

  23. Ryan Schneider

    Placentas and pouches mixing again. Is it possible to mix without Celeste DNA as a catalyst? You still haven’t offered much background on how human Jews converted a whole planet of didelphanoids, (didelphadon is the marsupial sub order that includes all carnivorous marsupials). I have a hypothesis that all biospheres have the same eukaryotic cell metabolism, and this phenomenon is used by some portions of races (such as Jews) and all the Celeste as proof that there is a God, and that His plan includes a brotherhood of not so alien worlds. The dead inside are of course also proof of the devil.
    By the way, do male Tamili have two penises, or not? You still haven’t answered that, as far as I know. This could lead to some weird problems for hybrids…

  24. The_Rippy_One

    @Ryan: The Rabbi wasn’t human. I’m certain that some have put forward that theory – neither the Celesti nor Talmi Jews have been shown to ascribed to it, but it hasn’t come up, either, so…no clue. No word on double sticking, either.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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