The 55th is the Telepresence Rig Anniversary.

The 55th is the Telepresence Rig Anniversary.

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  1. e_voyager

    I have to say I’m impressed also Jack and Maddie look pretty good as humans

  2. Darkewulf

    I’ve noticed they’re all wearing Lenses… Is the whole family Autistic, or are Jacek and Magnolia (whom, I assume, those young ‘uns are) just wearing them for the purposes of accessory and aesthetics?

    also, today is my birthday! So this page update is really just Rachel’s gift to me, and because I’m a benevolent badass I am graciously allowing the rest of you to look at it 😛

  3. ActionKermit

    Tricky. Daisy’s father knows about Jigsaw being a vampire, and the fact that he’s behind a telepresence rig means that she can’t read or coordinate with him telepathically.

  4. Shad

    Daisy’s whole family wears those autie lenses, but in this page her own seem to have vanished. Or is it just me looking at things wrong?

  5. LavaBat

    What kind of Autism does Daisy’s family have? Full Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or something else?

  6. Brunhidden

    @ lavabat- its spaaace autism.

    after seeing daisys parents, now i want to know what jigsaws grandparents look like

  7. Sulucamas

    Forget Dead Eyes; whatever’s up with Daisy’s mom’s eyes is what you really need to watch out for! 🙁

    I doubt the entire Archanis family needs the lenses like Daisy does, since they’re practically smartphones and the family’s wealthy enough to afford them.

    @Darkewulf: Happy Birthday! You really are too kind. 😉

    @Shad: They’re there, but I can see how they’d be hard to spot in black-and-white when they don’t show up underneath Daisy’s hair. 😛

  8. Le Blue Dude

    Her sister! Her sister’s the galaxy scout!

  9. Riddle78

    I’m sorry,but how is her sister’s outfit not breaking any decency laws? That looks like it should be kept to the bedroom.

    Also…Do I spy glowing jewellery and cloth? The overexaminer in me wants to know how they work…

  10. nikolai60

    If I remember correctly, those are Daisy’s kids, actually…I think…

  11. Jigsaw Forte

    @Riddle78: Just be happy I’m not playing by Transmetropolitian rules. 😉

    @LBD + @ nikolai: Yes, that’s Maggie, her daughter.

  12. The_Rippy_One

    @Riddle: Yeah, Maggie’s clothes seem a little out there to us, but I’ve seen worse on the red carpet, and this is the future, with at least two different social concepts of proper dress. I doubt that it’s going to raise many eyebrows, in setting. (temperatures, sure, but that is a separate matter).
    Given that Talmi are naturally covered, I’m sort of surprised they don’t go for even more radical styles, normally. There are certainly a larger number of options, when you don’t need any particular square inch covered.
    And hey, we’ve already seen one person wearing nothing but their lover’s embrace (and some accessories, including a saddle XD ) in public, so this really shouldn’t be too mind blowing.

  13. nikolai60

    Aaaaaaaaaaand now I need the brain bleach again….

  14. Riddle78

    Right,I forgot that Daisy’s as old as my mother… So her kids would probably be about my age; Early 20’s. Also,is it just me,or is everyone’s favourite furry Nosferatu looking shocked? I wonder what about.

    Also,I seriously want to know how the glowy accessories operate. I simply enjoy dissecting sci-fi~

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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