Ruining Perfectly Good Monologues since 4006.

Ruining Perfectly Good Monologues since 4006.

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  1. nikolai60

    1. YAY

    2. I’m guessing that little ‘no one’s doing their job’ part was an insult to both White and the Org (since the Org are supposedly military)

    3. Bets on Reuven being the one to try to stand up to her?

  2. e_voyager

    wait who said no? are they crazy?

  3. Starcat5

    Well, ~someone~ has a pair that drag on the floor. …which as far as expressions go, sounds quite painful. Worse still, unless whoever said that has the authority to back up that “No”, they may very well loose them entirely.

  4. e_voyager

    Has anyone figured out her parting tone?

  5. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: 2. Yeah. I could see that as both a jab at White noise and these other org cogs.

    Of course that attempt to stop me line sounds suspiciously like trying to stop her in all her actions. It better be Reuven saying no, I don’t think she’ll be to forgiving for anyone else if her statement can be taken that way.

  6. The_Rippy_One

    Veled has a right to say “no” and Spirit of Murphy has a reason – that’s all I have. anyone have a translation on Levana’s angle speak?

  7. Nollid221

    I was thinking it was White Noise saying no, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t he nearly immune to tone?

  8. e_voyager

    virtually immune yes

  9. xzeddx

    Crazy is a strong word for it

  10. Sulucamas

    Brace for more Mommy-Voice! 😈

    The Tone isn’t really comprehensible since it gets cut off so much, but what’s visible is:

    @nikolai60: Think she might be directing that at herself as well? She does have some spine-ripping shoes to fill.

  11. Shad

    Whoever spoke out in protest, I see only one reaction in this current page, one person going “!” I’m probably wrong but that could be significant maybe? Like…idk…someone saying something only Jigsaw can hear? She’s able to hear thoughts, after all… I need to go back and doublecheck what the bubbles look like for thought-speak. Black and white doesn’t help with distinguishing those, I think…

  12. The_Rippy_One

    So…dark gray voice bubble…Have we seen that one before?

  13. KaydrienDragon

    I’m guessing the tone was “sit down, shut up, and stop trying to kill each other”. Just a guess, mind. That’s clearly the gist of it anyway.

    Also,where did her legs go?

  14. Shad

    Now that it’s in color…. I believe the bubble of NO belongs to White Noise.

  15. Sulucamas

    Guess the Mommy-Voice will have to wait just a bit. 😛

    @The_Rippy_One: Looks like it’s Reuven, since it seems too dark to be Murphy, White, or Veled.

    @KaydrienDragon: They’re probably just out of view behind her wings as she levitates there. I’d thought her legs were missing too until I remembered that she has such a long tail relative to the everything else.

  16. kemanorel

    @nikolai: Not just White and the Org but probably Jigsaw as well. There are two _executioners_ in the room and the Org is supposed to create security.

  17. Hartree

    Sulucamas: Given what your were able to piece out of the tone, I’d guess it’s something like “State your orders and authorization” (or something similar meaning “What were your orders and who authorized this?”)

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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