Dressed for Death

Dressed for Death

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  1. nikolai60

    …those guns are about to be used…aren’t they…?

    At least we got a little exposition on what’s going on.

  2. Starcat5

    Ah. Nice to know that Murphy is still right at work. Be it “Spirit of Murphy’s Law”, or the ~actual~ Murphy’s Law.

  3. Josh.C

    @Starcat5: Security seems amazingly lax, doesn’t it?

    For VIP, you’d think they’d be watching them more closely.

  4. LavaBat

    I wonder who is going to die this time around…

  5. e_voyager

    I didn’t see this coming.well played jigsaw well played also i think we’re about to see wn in action

  6. xzeddx

    This ain’t no dressed for the hell of it show,I hope things are alright!

  7. The_Rippy_One

    Someone is trying to kidnap Veled’s kid…
    You know, it’s lucky WN, ‘Saw, and Levana are going to murder them, because what Veled would do to them would be so much worse…

  8. Shad

    This does not bode well…for the child’s attacker.
    ..But last we saw, Reuvin was hanging out with White Noise….so either the kid wandered off and got jumped or someone already managed to take out WN to have a go at the kid…. I mean, WN doesn’t strike me as the type to turn a blind eye to an attempted kidnapping that happens literally right in front of him….

  9. Shad

    Looking at the fainter speechbubbles again… We do have some clues…. Bottom left panel can be hard to read with some of the overlapping, but I can see this.

    “Let go of me!” <- Most likely Reuvin
    "Tie his wings, then his snout!" <- Our culprit
    "Get your hands off him! He's-!" <- could this be White Noise?
    "You've gone MAD, you old overgrown mule!" <- Someone saying this to White Noise, I think, but I could see this…several different ways
    "MADRI!!!" <- I assume this is Reuvin crying out for Veled
    "Stay out of this!" <- …Can't tell if a warning to White Noise, or maybe to Qin….if the kid was in WN's quarters then it WOULD make sense for Qin to be nearby.

    So what does anyone else make of this?

  10. The_Rippy_One

    @Shad: I read the “What’s the meaning of this,” and “Get your hands off of him” as WN moving to defend Rue. I also assume the “Old Mule” they are referencing is White Noise. At a guess, ‘Saw is about to enter a target rich environment, is they are overwhelming WN the way it sounds like…

  11. Sulucamas

    With how dire the tone got in the second panel, I’d thought Levana was talking about revealing Saw’s vampirism. Really hope that one gets to be more of a tell than a show.

    This kerfuffle has to be a misunderstanding. Who could be idiotic/zealous/suicidal enough to mess with Veled’s kid in earshot of Veled herself? 😯

    @Shad: I read it your way at first, and the only other thing I can come up with has White and Qin apprehending a Celeste that Reuven knows, but that they think is an assassin. Then again, it’d be weird for Qin to make this mistake, since he was supposedly Veled’s live-in family doctor. 😕

  12. Josh.C

    @Shad: Well it sounds like a pretty good interpretation of things in the slight speech bubbles.

    Couldn’t be anyone from the players at least seeing how most work together and it definitely sounds like a group trying to kidnap the kid.

    I’m wondering who they could be. The group responsible for the mishaps on the show perhaps? A radical group? Star Org security? Jigsaw’s half sister? Theres a lot happening in the background, that can lead to a lot of surprising things coming to the forefront.

  13. kemanorel

    My first impression is that White Noise is the kid’s attacker. He got fed up with someone in the “Why?” stage and is trying to shut him up by tieing and gagging the kid.

  14. Anodyne

    @kemanorel: I doubt it. I’m pretty sure White Noise knows better than to attack a kid, especially a kid a Celeste brought on board. But I’ve been surprised before, what with Xavier.

  15. e_voyager

    You know when the only other option is 100% sure death then a suicidal plan with a 5% chance of survival like this show becomes a good ideal

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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