What Honor Won’t Cover…

What Honor Won’t Cover…

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  1. e_voyager

    Sweet. i love the way they did that. i think Veled just realized how much she bit off

  2. nikolai60

    I like the uniforms and stuff, but yeah, Veled’s gotta be wondering wdf she just got into.

  3. Starcat5

    It is just as well that those two don’t know “Tone”. Adding “Owned” to that speech bubble would be overkill in a setting where everyday “Overkill” usually means “You aren’t trying hard enough”.

  4. Josh.C

    I’m guessing Jigsaw’s report wasn’t very thorough when it came to Rei.

    Though Jigsaw and Daisy using scout politics to keep her at her word is probably going to make things real interesting for Veled. I just like that look on Rei’s face. It says, “That’s right, You know who I am and this time I’m not going to be placed in the tender care of the ORG.” ^^

  5. Darkewulf

    Things are definitely getting very interesting 😀


  6. xzeddx

    Well you did promise! Don’t want to turn back on your honor now do you?!

    Heh I love how shes like so startled like a plucked lizard chicken XD

  7. e_voyager

    It would be both funny and scary if veled and rei knew each other from Times past and veled wasn’t just freaking out because she’s a purebred Celeste

  8. LavaBat

    This is actually pretty awesome. I wonder what Veled will do with Rei…

  9. LavaBat

    I also like how some of the kids seem amused by Veled’s “oh crap” expression. XD

  10. e_voyager

    A couple of them look awed and is it me or ate most of them mixed?

  11. LavaBat

    @e_voyager: some seem awed, some seem amused, some seem scared, some seem indifferent. They seem pretty mixed.

  12. Kermit

    Jigsaw’s definitely earned some longer sleeves on her scout uniform with this escapade.

    Also, where did Daisy get her own uniform back?

  13. Balance

    Once more, Veled’s wish to be surprised once in a while is granted. Truly, she is most fortunate. 😀

  14. e_voyager

    I don’t think she ever lost it. Still it could be a copy. Remember maggy was wearing one too

  15. Kermit

    I sure hope the cameras aren’t rolling, since Binary mentioned that any further confirmation that Daisy is the old Scout Arael is likely to result in war.

  16. e_voyager

    War is good for people like Gabriel who sale people like weapons but not for the rest of the galaxy that gets involved

  17. jolt99

    I wonder if Rei comes under one of Daisy and Jigsaw’s ‘charges’. If so Veled would be honour bound to give her safe haven, which could be very interesting indeed depending on what their history is or how much of a reputation Rei has amongst celeste.

  18. nikolai60

    I somehow doubt Rei needs Veled’s protection now that she’s out and free. We’re probably looking at the only person who could potentially have more raw power than her.

  19. e_voyager

    Raw power. skill. experience. i think that Rei may have Veled beat in all three categories.

  20. nikolai60

    @e exactly, yes we saw her captured but it seemed like that would have happened after a huge gangup against her. I somehow doubt they could pull off a second one, especially if her appearance is much more public this time around.

  21. Kermit

    I just realized that the green in the background is Rei not-so-subtly showing off her enormous wings, and not part of the wall decoration.

  22. Sulucamas

    Honestly thought Veled knew all about Rei being on Gabe’s ship. Then again, maybe she’s just suddenly reminded of Rei’s reputation for EATING PEOPLE! xD

    @Balance: Awesome callback! 😮

    @Kermit: Yeah, that is odd. Hope Melody has things on lockdown, then. 😕

  23. The_Rippy_One

    Yeah, Rei is very much “Hey grand-baby, your forebearer Is BA-A-ACK! We are going to have Such Fun!”

    I love that ‘Saw didn’t even lie – Rei is an orphan, and was being abused by Star Org when she came into Gabe’s hands, and does need protection from them, after all. And while the 102 KIDS was an accurate count I bet, ‘Saw certainly didn’t say that was the sum total of those that were coming…

    Don’t recall if I’ve said this before, but I really like V’s Scout-costume design – especially the scalloped shoulders and bracers. Stylish! The pteruges is also cute. Also, please excuse me for a moment while I appreciate that backless shirt…-

    I doubt this is being filmed – keeping the kids safe is going to be hard enough without televising their location. Lucky for everyone, that.

  24. Vulpis

    @LavaBat I think it’s less what Veled is going to do with Rei, as it is what Rei is going to do with Veled.

    I can imagine multiple reasons for Veled’s ‘Hrk’ (oddly, I don’t think Daisy showing up in her Arael uniform is one of them).
    She could be reacting to the sheer number of kids she’s having to deal with.
    She could be reacting to Rei being there at all.
    She could be reacting to, as nikolai60 pointed out, that she’s not top of the food chain.
    Or, she could be reacting to Rei having body language that reads ‘You. Me. Bedroom. Now.’ 😉

    Though it is kinda sad that Jig and Daisy scrounged up fresh uniforms, but the kids aren’t wearing anything but rags (I assume the multi-color outfits were part of the Whimsy?)

    And I’m wondering at the lack of pony-bot…or is she back on the ship?

  25. nikolai60

    The uniforms and rags could be a PR thing. Valiant scouts rescue poor children. The rags could be an intentional show for the cameras to help make sure the public keeps the Org away from recapturing them.

  26. e_voyager

    that thought of Rei using body lanuge like that never entrered my mind. then again Rei has had an eager little Djinned boy who pretty much asked do you want to make out withing 3 minutes off getting a full look at her so i don’t think that really and issue.

  27. Shad

    Veled certainly wasn’t expecting THAT XD

  28. e_voyager

    Am I the only one wondering about the right side of the picture and the thing that looks like either a djinn or a ghost?

  29. Kermit

    Looks like the lizard kid has a cybernetic eye.

  30. e_voyager

    well we’ve see the cybernetic Eye before here http://www.lastres0rt.com/2012/04/ten-little-teenagers-1/ but what i was asking about is the misty looking substance near daisy’s cybernetic leg and above Rei’s left wing. which is on the right side of the screen. also did any notice that Rei is wearing a greyish looking dress sort of thing? it could be a toga i’m not sure.

  31. Sulucamas

    @Darkewulf: Wonder if Rei’s “comfortable” form could serve to disguise her as a regular Celeste, since Purebred’s are so rare and most folks wouldn’t recognize her anyway?

    @Vulpis: Though it’s hard to predict with something based on insanity, I think that if the colored robes were from the Whimsy, we’d have seem them on the Teams when their guns changed.

    Maybe we’ll see a pony-bot Cybee? 😀

    @e_voyager: I bet those ghosts are just airlock gas. If they were any more yellow, though, I’d say they were WISP cameras flying around the border of the panel.

  32. Vulpis

    @e_voyager I’d say airlock/station vapors myself, too–there’s another one on the upper right.

  33. Vulpis

    @e_voyager And as far as the body language. Given Rei’s period of celibacy, I could certainly understand her wanting something along with her boy-toy (either that, or Alice had gotten him back in the last week), and Veled is a hottie *and* more Rei’s normal size.. 😉

  34. The_Rippy_One

    @Vulpis: I like your way of thinking…

  35. Sabreur

    I love this page so much. Seeing somebody get the better of Veled is just fantastic, and her expression really seals the deal.

  36. Sabreur

    By the way, I know I’ve harped on this before, but could you possibly move the vote buttons higher up on the page? I keep forgetting to vote when I come here, which is a real tragedy – this is a fun comic, it needs more visibility!

  37. Eboreg

    I just got a theory. What if Jigsaw’s mind reading is a result of the Talmi mind-link that Rei created being amplified by the vampirism?

  38. Eboreg

    Another theory: What if Jigsaw’s current condition has something to do with Daisy’s ground-breaking work on the soul code? Daisy did run into vampires during that research so who’s to say that a certain Aussie environmentalist wasn’t involved at some point. I do, however, doubt that Daisy intended for Jigsaw to become a vampire.

  39. Kermit

    @Eboreg Those are both possibilities that have occurred to me as well. It would be delightfully ironic if Irwin had originally intended for Jigsaw to go to Last Res0rt in the first place, and opens the possibility that we’ll see him again on the station.

  40. Sulucamas

    @Eboreg: Do you think vampire involvement might have been the last straw that prompted Daisy’s capture?

    @Kermit: Irwin would return to… show off his handiwork and complete that prophecy? 😯

  41. Kermit

    @Sul I was thinking he wanted to recruit someone close enough to Daisy to get her out so that she could continue the soul code project, different enough from a typical vampire that people wouldn’t expect her, and adaptable enough to figure out what needs to be done in a hurry. Jigsaw happened to fit the profile and had the added bonus of being cut off from everyone who might dissuade her from leaving. (I consider this a very tentative hypothesis, largely based on the fact that Irwin had a news tablet tuned to the Arkanis story laying around near Jigsaw’s things in the flashback.)

  42. Eboreg

    @Kermit It would make more sense to me if Irwin went rogue and acted out of rather selfish reasons. Some sort of power grab or something without realizing the connection to the Endless’s predicted apocalypse.

  43. Kermit

    @Eboreg right, I was thinking that his interest in the ‘soul code’ was selfishly motivated.

  44. e_voyager

    @Eboreg my question regarding that is if Irwin did turn Jigsaw to get to daisy how would he know that jigsaw and daisy were close in the fist place? or do you think that any non human would do for his plan?

  45. Sulucamas

    @Kermit: I can definitely see it being orchestrated, but I don’t don’t think Irwin ever planned on getting defenestrated! 😛

    Makes me wonder again if the Vampires are the Otherworlders, and if they’re organized like the Djinn once were.

    @Erborg: Can’t imagine that a Vampire that’s been around since before the formation of the main anti-Vampire organization wouldn’t know about their doomsday prophecy, but as always, who knows! 🙂

  46. Kermit

    @Sul I think Irwin was planning to explain the situation to Jigsaw, convince her that her best option for survival was to do as he said, and give her basic vampire training on the three-month voyage to the station. The level of blinding rage that such coercion excites in a Talmi must have come as a… surprise to him.

  47. e_voyager

    Honestly do you blame her?

  48. Kermit

    Not at all. I think Jigsaw’s reaction was entirely rational, and Irwin deserves a worse thrashing than he got for messing with her life like that.

  49. kemanorel

    @Vulpis and e_voyager: It might not be Rei’s body language. She has been known to communicate using telepathy.

  50. e_voyager

    heh i Keep forgetting the Rei mind speak thing. if that’s it i wonder what she said.

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