Gabriel Does Not Count as a Reliable, Published Source.

Gabriel Does Not Count as a Reliable, Published Source.

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  1. e_voyager

    Changes the minds of the press one tabloid at a time. some how Veled scares me more now

  2. nikolai60

    Ooohhh, so THAT’s what the’re doing here…

  3. The_Rippy_One

    Ah, that answered that – thanks Jig’! I guess the magazines in the waiting rooms are over 25 years old…sounds about right 😉

  4. Shad

    when in doubt, blame the tabloids for how you know about the lives of famous people!

  5. Josh.C

    Interesting to think about, considering that picture and information Jiggsaw shared about Veled’s second pregnancy.

    I mean, Veled was the scout of that planet and the Endless invaded the planet. So maybe Veled was hiding from the Endless for a time. Invading a planet, that’s bold.

  6. Vulpis

    I’m reminded…have we seen Veled in her Scout uniform, I forget?

  7. The_Rippy_One

    @josh: that’s a point. Invading the planet…of their still living Messiah…that has to be, like, seven different flavors of awkward for spin control…

  8. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: Heh, I’d like to see them when they tried to explain to her why they changed her planets name.

    That just had to have added to all that potential awkward.

  9. Sulucamas

    Damn,this page is revealing. Can’t wait for the rebuttal!

    ( Slow clap for dry humor. 😉 )

    @Vulpis: Hell yeah! 😀

  10. The_Rippy_One

    Hi – I’m experiencing a mental distortion after a long rules discussion (don’t ask; sorry Sul), and I have come to a conclusion, by which I mean a WMG – Jason is Veled’s son. As a guess, Jason’s mama, Scout Feneril, the blood Djinn, was in love with her, and went a little insane when V hooked up with Gabe (just a touch touched, you understand). Feneril then used her powers to steal some genetic material to grow her own “their perfect child.” Things…did not go according to plan. I imagine V resisted, for one…and well, V didn’t really give it her all (fighting friends is hard), and crazy always gives it’s all, so Veled ended up in a hospital. For another complication, the pregnancy was well, complicated, and required Crazy Feneril to use advanced tech/her powers to make it work (and that is why it took 3 years to “get” him through the pregnancy. Year one spent running, year 2 getting the dang gametes made and merged, and the last to carry him to term in the “normal” fashion).

    Meanwhile, scouts are diplomats, sort of, so, the assault could have been grounds for war, so it was hushed up, V disappeared from Gabe’s life abruptly, and a force of Scouts was dispatched, sub-rosa, to bring Feneril in (or killed. either or). Daisy leads that team.

    V gets out of the hospital, somehow knowing (probably because Crazy Feniril told her what she was going to do) that her attacker is “now” carrying her baby. V, being a good papa, goes to save the kid. Which leads to inter-Scout warfare, as V and everyone she can get to help fights Daisy and Co for possession of The Crazy. Daisy, of course, can’t say that she is under orders because this is a black ops (darn it). Feniril is being bat-$#it insane in the middle of it all. End of the year, Daisy and remaining surviving Co get disavowed because V was too good at getting help publicly to disavow her side of it, and Daisy was on a black ops (darn it). Feniril has Jasunny, and get’s good and lost in the chaos (Also, discovers he’s a danged mutt. lesson, do not cross Djinn Blood magic with Celeste Messiah nature – dogs happen). V, as a side note, has her planet stolen by her own religious fanatics (I’m thinking the Crusaders sacking Jerusalem), possibly because her planet was trying to get her to back the heck off…

    No idea how Daisy’s arrest 25 years after plays in.

  11. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Whoa. That is some serious WMG! 😀

    Are you suggesting that the Year of Fear was really just the start of a longer, more secretive conflict? Also, what do you make of the fact that Jason’s sister is Djinned like he is?

  12. e_voyager

    @the_rippy_one whoa such convoluted reasoning is worthy of the soap opera hall of fame. as for Daisy’s arrest that could be revenge for some reason.

  13. The_Rippy_One

    No, the Year of Fear was one year long (more or less), in this theory, starting when Veled got out of the hospital, and went chasing Daisy and the Crazy One publicly. The year ended when Feneril managed to duck out on both D and V, and/or the Scout’s governing body had to declare something, cause well, a fair number of Scouts had just publicly torn up a fair amount of real estate (and each other) for the past year, and people would like that explained, somehow. Given that V had been sounding off in this scenario, and Daisy was on a black ops (darn it), how they played it was more or less a forgone conclusion – disavow, retire (and possibly “kill”) Scout Areal, and spin as hard as they could for as many of the dead Scouts to be “bad,” and the living ones “good,” because you want to lose as little of your interstellar task force as possible (and you can’t keep a “bad” Scout in the field), and maintain a good public image. Feneril more or less got scrubbed due to Veled trying to protect her, on much the same logic – though apparently her Crazy was evident enough to be common knowledge, given that first challenge.

    The extra year more or less boiled down to needing to explain why Jason was 23, not 24, on the supposition that he had a standard 9 month pregnancy. His sibling, I assume, is much less exotic…or, at least, involved a much less dramatic story. The “year getting the gametes to play nice” also explains why Jason is so dashedly unstable, physically speaking – his mom had to work her voodoo to make him look human, to escape notice. Given the “OM NOM NOM” style of Celeste genetics – it’s tendency to dominate, infiltrate, subvert, and mutually express on every other genetic material – she must have forcibly suppressed the Celeste side of things, and propped up her human genes (at least, phenotypically) as the default. This forced segregation also explains why, when his celeste-side shows, it looks like Veled (Well, a silver Veled, but, whatever) – it can’t get at the human DNA. The Dog form…I’d guess that’s where she pulled the Y-chromosome from, since neither Veled or Feneril have one (I think. With Crazy Feneril’s “do it yourself”-style body works in play, I make no bets).

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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