Baby Got Backup!

Baby Got Backup!

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  1. e_voyager

    White sure has some Strong incentive. to tell the bosses boss what to do it nerve with a capital N and worthy or respect.

  2. nikolai60

    You know you’re fraked when you have a death row convict is telling you what’s going on and what to do and you know he’s probably right. I’m glad White has enough loyalty in him to use this to force a rescue, but even so, this is going to have some serious consequences.

  3. e_voyager

    with out a shadow of a doubt Nikolai the question is whose going to get burned or buried by the radioactive fall out from this?

  4. xzeddx

    Ohhh dat bad

  5. Josh.C

    I’m also remembering what Vincent said about hearing about what White Noise said as he came in and started this meeting with Vincent.

    Either Vin was working with the person that’s been setting them up or someone is also seeing the patter and has been talking with him. Either way, someone is messing with intel and screwing with the game.

  6. Lavabat

    Whew! Finished rereading the entire comic. Now things actually seem to make sense! 😛

    Also, the Star Org suck! And their crazy…and corrupt.

  7. Vulpis

    It also helps that White Noise has another point as well–after all, the whole point of this thing is for the reality show. Load the odds against your participants *too* much, and you’re going to end up with a lot of the season to fill…

  8. The_Rippy_One

    Yes Lavabat, they are and do. Though there is a debate about whether there are additional things wrong with it. Welcome aboard!

    Option C, of course, is that Vin is perfectly aware of all this, is not in a position (yet) to do anything about it, and the last thing he needs is WN going loose cannon…So, he’ll demote WN until he IS in position. Maybe put Arikos in charge, given the pressure from his backers…

  9. Sulucamas

    If someone really did orchestrate Jigsaw’s capture, perhaps they’re now trying to terminate the show as quickly as possible so they can sweep Jigsaw even further out of the limelight, among other things. Seems a bit heavy-handed, though.

    Alternatively, this could all be Spirit’s doing, acting on higher orders to ruin the show in an effort to furtherpunishtheVaeofamilyforitspastoppositiontoCeligo. *GASP* Mystery abounds! 😀

    @Josh.C: Who do you think that other person might be? Melody?

    @Lavabat: Props! Burning through five years of archives is no small task. 🙂

    @The_Rippy_One: Option C would need a mighty good cover-up for White’s demotion. Good thing they probably don’t broadcast out of Vince’s office. 😛

  10. Josh.C

    @Sulucamas: Maybe Melody, she would have a lot to yell about putting on a show that was doomed to failure. Her job after all demands for a shows success.

    Though going to the plan C that your talking about with Rippy, White Noise is in a position of where he excels and keeps the others alive. That sounds like a sure fire way to get them all killed from a lack of proper leadership.

  11. Lavabat

    @Sulucamas: Yeah, five years of comics in one day. But it was worth it!

    I don’t think Veled would be trying to terminate the show. She wants Jigsaw “safely contained” – and as far as she is concerned she is “safely contained” in the show. If she was trying to have it terminated, she would need an alternative to keep Jigsaw under control/observation, and think up a good cover story for her actions.

    What I really want to know at the moment is who is in the bodybag that is currently on Vince’s desk.

  12. thebobmaster

    @Lavabat: I am fairly certain that that bodybag contains the dices of London Flood.

  13. Brunhidden

    i feel like i am lax in my contribution considering the update night is my night of no internet connection.

    random thoughts
    -the comics title today is making me think of whites butt. stupid sexy anyr booty
    -vince, earbuds. do they fall in? in the event of glasses do zillians just tape them on? his neck looks itchy somehow
    -combo for eight foot tall old hardasses who have a surprisingly similar face silhouette if you look here.

  14. Lavabat

    @thebobmaster: As long as the body of Slick is not in the bag.

  15. FTL

    Easy to see why Silk was originally such a valued Officer in the Org…. He has a true feeling, not just for the mission, but for his troops as well…. even when angry and frustrated he lays out a logical scenario, with options, and has a solution in mid…. and that solution comes with no buts or maybes….. be on his side or you will just be a speedbump in his path…..

  16. Lavabat

    @FTL: While I agree with what you are saying, I think his feelings for his subordinates would be unimportant to the Org. They believe in reincarnation, so why would the Org care how many people die? They would simply argue that they would be reincarnated and would live on.

    I also can not help but think that absolute, unquestioning obedience and dedication to the Org would be the characteristic they look for above all else, with competence being a secondary (but desired) quality. Of course, I could be wrong…

  17. Balance

    @Lavabat: While belief in reincarnation might mean less sentimental attachment, it doesn’t change the tactical impact–a dead soldier freshly reincarnated as a newborn somewhere isn’t going to help you in your current firefight any more than one who’s just plain dead. At best, they would have to be thought of as wounded who will take years to recover enough to fight.

  18. Sulucamas

    @Josh.C: For sure. Option A would be MUCH better than Option C, for all involved. 🙂

    @Lavabat: I’m not convinced Veled’s trying to terminate the show either, but I do think the White Diamond Crisis is an excellent alternative for keeping Jigsaw under control/observation (and off-camera). 😉

  19. The_Rippy_One

    Yeah, my idea is probably the worst option, but under certain conditions, it might be the only viable one, if WN would make waves Vince can’t handle at the moment. Better than having him shot by someone for being too nosy, anyways.

    I never figured Veled, actually – Star Org would have direct control over the previous briefing, for one. Not that it didn’t work out well from her point of view, except that ‘Saw’s soulshell cover might have gotten busted (literally and figuratively).

    Do you suppose the show is actually the center of a moderately large Xanatos Pile-up (That is to say, several master plans are at work by different people, and the are all currently interfering with each other)? more notes here –

  20. e_voyager

    @Brunhidden that seems a little Homer Simpon / Nedd Flanderish if you ask me .
    @lavabat that sums up most cult religions if you ask me.

  21. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Very true. It’d still be very interesting to see how White’s demotion would be messaged to maintain the show’s legitimacy to the viewers.

    I was assuming that Veled has enough “friends” in high places in the Org that she could coerce or Tone to control the message that eventually reached Cypress and Vince. She may not like them, but she’s still their Messiah. Heck, she could have gotten Melody and the Ministry of Love to do it for her. 😛

    Oh right, the emergency soul shell! If it isn’t already borked, it’ll probably be out of juice by the time the next weekly episode rolls around, assuming Jigsaw can’t recharge it magically. Ruh-roh.

    And I AB-SO-LUTELY think the show is at the center of a Xanatos Pile-up, though I doubt we’ll ever get to see some of the major players. 😀

  22. The_Rippy_One

    @Sulucamas: Okay, that’s a good point about Veled’s capacity, and I do think that she had a hand in getting the Scouts in, but I don’t think that she’d want her little harbinger of doom (followed shortly by MLHoD: Friendship is Death?) so fully out of her control…I’m also not sure how to tie in the “meat packing plant.” Star Org seems like it would have a better handle, and an easier time getting that kind of secret deathtrap/business venture up and running (what else would you do with your dimmest fanatics? They can’t all be named Xanatos Wilde…)

    Assuming it isn’t some ninth faction.

    Meanwhile, and I know it wasn’t intentional, but, thank you. I read your comment, and thought “borked Xanatos Pile-Up.” And now I need to make fanart involving that phrase. There is clearly something wrong, and I feel that I am not sufficiently worried about this turn of events. ;D

  23. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Yay, fanart! But, but isn’t a Xanatos Pile-Up inherently borked? :3

    And why be worried when it’s all bound to be so entertaining? 😀

    If Veled knows Gabriel from her past like Daisy seems to, perhaps she trusts him enough to handle MLH:FiD. That’s a big, murky IF, though.

    The “meat packing plant” is probably one of many stubborn holdovers from the millennia of treating Talmi as chattel. The Org (or whoever is causing trouble) may have pointed the heads of the show toward a particularly nasty and well-armed one, but I doubt they were (directly) involved with its operation. But as always, who knows! 😛

  24. The_Rippy_One

    @Sulucamas: Well, yes, but there is borked, and then there’s “the engine is being held together by chunky salsa. And we are about to be hit by a meteor storm.”

    The fanart idea was more or less Veled contacting an expert on such matters, a certain Mr. David Xanatos, who would listen to Veled laying it all out, and the last frame having him declaring that the situation was unmitigatedly borked. But I can’t script it to be funny enough to justify the time to actually draw it…

    I could see the packing plant as a convenient place to get rid of bodies, something I could see Star Org needing. I’m not sure why the plant would be a hold over from Talmi enslavement, though..(honest curiosity here, can you lay out your line of reason)?

  25. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: I get the impression that the Hybrids would eat the Talmi, like the Aztecs would eat Chihuahuas. If you’re going to use them as slaves, why not use them as food? The RPG Rulebook almost says as much, and the footnote about SeHNS could be seen to match up with the notion. It seems like a strong way to exercise further dominion over an enslaved people, and might even have worked as population control, all while meeting a need for the carnivorous species before they had the technology to print meat.

    In the end, though, I really don’t have much to go on, and probably shouldn’t have thrown the notion out there as brashly as I originally did. :B

  26. e_voyager

    @sulucamas creepy but true it was video of an intelligent spices being slaughter for food in a hybrid Celeste ship that lead in no small part to earth’s taking up arms against the Celeste hybrids. we on earth my kill each other by the thousands each hour of each day but we don’t eat those that can speak a recognized language and show provable signs of intelligence. it may be a saving grace for an otherwise insane / backwards species called man.

  27. The_Rippy_One

    E_voyager is just a little bit bitter about the local species…

  28. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I just hope I’m not around when people have no choice but to eat each other. 😕

    @The_Rippy_One: Perhaps more veracious than bitter? 🙂

  29. e_voyager

    should that happen i plan to be far away (dead or off planet) should the solyent menu every become a reality

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