Everyone Could Use a Hand!

Everyone Could Use a Hand!

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  1. nikolai60

    Spare parts, pleasant…

    Also, nice military conciseness.

  2. Josh.C

    So obviously Qin wasn’t in the bag.

    But the bag might be filled with more then just one simple cadaver. I wonder if another player bit the dust?

  3. Brunhidden

    what adorable children, they kinda look like dolls actually… holy crap those ARE dolls! watch much spaceballs lately?

    interesting maneuver silk did there, can he do a handstand?

  4. The_Rippy_One

    White Noise is sick and tired as being treated as this show’s beast of burden! BUCK OFF!

    Now that that’s out of my system…@Josh C: No Sir! I haven’t seen him playing with his dolls again!

  5. e_voyager

    What is my second favorite player from this point on

  6. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: It wasn’t me that made the comment about the dolls. That was Brunhidden.

    Though if the rest of the gang goes back to rescue the others in a flying Winnebago and use actual “Jam” to jam there satellites, then I might think it’s a reference to Space Balls.

    I was thinking he was enjoying sorting out his Dolly rama collection. ^^

  7. Feral

    Knock Knock…

  8. Warsmith Bob

    @ Feral: Meh, knocking is for chumps and people who don’t want to win on this show. Also, think of all the juicy blackmail material they would miss out on.

  9. Sulucamas

    What’s with White’s feet?! This comic isn’t supposed to have a self-referential sense of humor! Blasphemy! 😛

    @Feral: Who’s there? :B

    @Warsmith Bob: Surely having a entourage of A.I.s housed in dolls hanging around to help you run your business (and your tea parties) isn’t that juicy? 😉

  10. e_voyager

    I wonder how Qin does these things still White’s no nonsense attitude is what made that last couple of comics for me.

  11. Shad

    Ugh. my friends got me watching that hetalia stuff. now I keep expecting Qin to say “aru” because he looks chinese. feel free to smack me for that x_X

    Regarding the comic, if it’s not Qin in the bag….well, my guess is Xanatos’ head is the “spare part”

  12. Warsmith Bob

    @ Sulucamas: I was talking about knocking in general.

    Also, given the blank expressions and that in the second panel it appears that the only ones to move were knocked off his desk by the corpse, I’d say that either those are regular, non-AI dolls, or that Vince needs to get Jigsaw to upgrade their processors and software.

  13. Feral

    @Sulucamas Kinda what we all want to know… I bet on Gabriel… or Alice?

  14. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Huh…the possibility of cybees hadn’t occured to me. Though I do wonder if there’s an in-between possibility of them not being cybees but ‘communication terminals’ of some sort, acting as physical representations of distant family members he’s talking to (though why he’d do that instead of just video screens, I have no idea).

  15. Sulucamas

    @Warsmith Bob: I gotcha. White and Qin are certainly not chumps. 🙂

    @Feral: Are you betting on who Vince is meeting with?

    @Vulpis: Telepresence avatars would be really neat, especially if that’s the “family” he’s busy with. I’d be a bit confused too if that were the case; seems like either video would be more efficient, or cybees aren’t detailed/expressive enough to be advantageous. 😕

    Maybe “family” isn’t code for whore, but for mafia??

    Nah, it’s probably just not-blind-anymore Cypress chillin’ off-panel.

    Also…CypressIsAVampireNow. 😯

  16. The_Rippy_One

    So, what your saying, Sulucamas, is that ‘Saw’s been sleep walking into the infirmary for her midnight sip? That would have been very odd for Cypress.

    “Hello? Who’s out there?” *bite* “uguu..” *finish drinking* “When *hah* When I can see aga..again, I’m…*pant*…I’m going to fin-find you an’ thrash your mosquito mouth!…*huh* Damn blood sucker…” *presses the panic button* “Nurse, I need another pint in the IV! No, you can’t ask me what I did with the last one!”

  17. e_voyager

    i don’t think jigsaw and the others are back on the Lastresot station just yet

  18. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Blind Cypress covering for Jigsaw/whoever would be very… intriguing. She already drinks blood, so who knows what something like that could mean. :3

    I was just thinking that Qin might have saved Cypress’s life by Siring her.

  19. The_Rippy_One

    Oh. That…makes infinity more sense while letting me keep the scene. -_-`
    Thank you.

    On the serious side of things, I thought non-humans couldn’t be turned – that’s why ‘Saw is unique.

    Covering though…did we just fanfic Cypress and Qin into Trueblood with Cypress playing tsundere?

  20. e_voyager

    @Sulucamas i was also wondering where did you get the info that cypries was a vampire?

  21. Jigsaw Forte

    @e_voyager: He didn’t. :-p Seriously, what’d be next after that, a vampire sharktopus?

  22. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Your welcome? ( If I’m missing something, I’m sorry. 🙁 )

    I’m not up on my Trueblood, but tsundere was the impression I got from what you wrote! 😛

    On the serious side, you’re right, that’s how things are supposed to be. Throw enough nanotech and magic at something (or someone), though, and it seems like crazy things could happen.

    @e_voyager: I’m just speculating wildly. ^_^

    All I’m going off of are how uneasy Qin seemed when Cypress woke up, how he hadn’t had to do something in a while, and the fact that he’s supposedly a Deep Vampire like Irwin and probably skillful enough to do something similar. But at the end of the day, I don’t have a clue how any of this works, really, so I’m just guessing for funsies.

    @Jigsaw Forte: Can we pretty please have a vampire sharktopus? That’s terrifying! xD

  23. The_Rippy_One

    …Jig’, please introduce a sharktopus vampire, It Would Be Awesome.

    @Sulucamas: No, I was honestly pleased that you took my off the wall silly scenario, changed one detail, and made it theoretically possible…For the sake of the joke, all you need to know about Trueblood is that it runs on the drama that occurs when at least one person in a relationship has to fight the urge to exsanguinate their love interest. Oh, and lots of sexy. Qin fits the bill for this crack pairing. Making Cypress into a anime stereotype was icing on the cake. XD

    I’m waiting for someone to get hit with enough Whimsy to spontaneously turn them huge, bearded, toga’d, cloud- and light-generating, with a permanently Toned voice of command…

  24. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Ah, I see how you meant it now. 🙂

    “B-BAKA…! It’s not like I like bloodplay or anything…” ( D: )

    Spades as Zeus?

  25. Novawolf7

    Love the cybees flying off the desk. Great job as always.

  26. nikolai60

    Sharktopus Vampire? I’m trying to figure out if the idea fries my brain or just plane confuses me…

    @Sulucamas do you have any idea how bad that would be for everyone? WITH SPADES!?!?!

  27. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: No doubt, he’d probably be the worst person to turn into Zeus. But kinda like with a vampire sharktopus, things would be so mind-bogglingly bad that they’d wind up being good! For us, at least… xP

  28. The_Rippy_One

    Spades as Zeus would be no worse than Zeus as Zeus. Immature, hormone-driven, walking disaster areas, the lot of them…

    Well, if Spades is Zeus, then Daisy would be Athena? ‘Saw can take Minerva…would Alice be Aphrodite?

  29. e_voyager

    ah but who would be Hera?

  30. RyGuy

    Well, his ancestors often ate carrion, so maybe its an old fashioned snack offering?

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