What Else Do Kids Do In The Dark These Days?

What Else Do Kids Do In The Dark These Days?

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  1. nikolai60

    aand there’s the kinked tail again, poor ‘Saw can’t seem to get a break, can she?

    also: DAT OUTLINE!

  2. e_voyager

    no she can’t but then she hasn’t alienated the kids by asking them question yet has she.

  3. Josh.C

    Ace is coming to get you Daisy…

    Heh, someone might be trying to kill Daisy besides Ace and Jigsaw is joking about her not being able to sleep.

    Hmmmmm…I wonder what stories Jigsaw use to tell her Sib’s and half Sib’s?

  4. Brunhidden

    silhouette jiggy has some serious hips going on, and she is lucky her startled tail didnt go straight up!

    man, those kids are deprived of entertainment, and plagued by a punk barber who needs to work on aim

    more to the point- “where were you guys hiding?”

  5. Shad

    LOL Jiggy said the magic words

  6. Vulpis

    …Considering that pose, and the bits with the Princess before, one almost might think Jig had something *else* in mind to do with Daisy to get her to sleep…if you didn’t know they were related.

  7. nikolai60

    Vulpis has a point, how’s she gonna sneak away with that stuck there? Unless Rei knows enough to run interference for her…

  8. Josh.C

    I tend to think of that last panel as, ‘Silly Jigsaw! Bedtime stories are meant to be shared with everyone!’^_^

  9. Feral

    Jigsaw went away from home to execute criminals..
    and now she is reading bedtime stories to teenagers. Isn’t that how everything is in life?

  10. Shadowsamurai

    Are the teenagers or adults? It’s like trying to tell the sex of some anime characters based on the voice…

  11. e_voyager

    @vulpis wait are you saying that thins is a an i need to feed kind of thing?

  12. Brunhidden

    @-E she speaks, and snacks appear before her.

    i wonder how many she could feed from max, and if taking a big meal would give her extra strength or last longer. imagining what a vampire buffet looks like is kinda silly

  13. Vulpis

    @e_voyager Nooooo…think more in terms that would involve those things on the edges of roofs that direct rainwater. 😉

  14. Sulucamas

    And so began the Cult of Jigsaw… 😛

    Hey, is that our first real Kyuun in the lower right?

  15. Feral

    @Sulucamas He is suprisingly quiet and has and earring. Is he/she the source of Whimsy?

  16. Sulucamas

    @Feral: Wouldn’t that be somethin’! Seems unlikely that Gabriel would let the Whimser mingle freely with the other patients, though.

    ( I think it’s silent only because there wasn’t any room left for word bubbles. 😛 )

  17. e_voyager

    @vulpis Form of a gutter shape of kira’s mind? just joking. admittedly i wasn’t thinking alone those lines for some reason i keep viewing jigsaw and Daisy as sort of sisters

    @Sulucams i wouldn’t be surprised if Gabriel himself whats the whimseyer

  18. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: That’d be pretty cool too! Personally, Gabriel doesn’t seem insane enough to be the Whimser, but there are all shades of insanity, so who knows. 😮

  19. Feral

    @Sulucamas You know that the scars above his eyes may mean he actually removed his second Kendril pair of eyes, right? Insane doctor is quite a cliché, but who knows.

  20. e_voyager

    on top of that he seems to be something of a sociopath. i mean when a robot displays more compassion for a living being in danger then their own doctor?

  21. Sulucamas

    I think he’s more crazy like a fox than insane, and being a good villain(?) almost requires that you be a bit sociopathic. 😛

    Those upper eyes are still wonderfully mysterious. Are they still in there? Were they ever in there? Are they sealed/removed out of insanity, or for a more rational social or political reason? The world may never know. 🙂

    “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” 😉

  22. FlashXX

    o0;…Uh-…hu, okay calm down lets see how many of you there are,i’m only doing this once, there’s 1……

  23. RyGuy

    So many joeys, so little time.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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