“Stubborn. Shifty. You’ll Like Her.”

“Stubborn. Shifty. You’ll Like Her.”

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  1. nikolai60

    Souls can change like that? It’s not just a ‘modified’ thing like a badge or something?

    Fantastic, she’s fine by his book but can’t prove it, plan B needs to be found.

    Also, anyone else worried about references to ‘an old friend’?

  2. nikolai60

    I tried to resist posting it first thing but, does anyone else get that ‘helpless/must protect’ vibe looking at the 3rd panel?

  3. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: Maybe more along the lines of “Come on! I can be good! Just give me a chance!”.

    Though like you, I wonder who or what this old friend is?

  4. Sulucamas

    Ruh-roh… Stepping up his game with the help of an old friend of his? Are we’re going to meet the Whimser?

    It DOES seem like Jig really has Gabriel fooled. Then why the heck is he calling her “Patient Zero?” 😕

    @nikolai60: I could see that, if I didn’t already know she was playing him. 😉

  5. Shad

    So that symbol…I guess that’s a soul mark? I wonder what kind of mark other characters would have…

    And the friend DOES sound worrysome.

    And I have to say…jigsaw volunteered to partake in a game where people WILL DIE. she had to know it was coming sooner or later…so she can’t have expected xanatos would get off with chocolate and roses, or a spanking.

  6. Shad

    also do I spot another girl with octopus hair in the first panel? XD IDK why that strikes me as funny

  7. e_voyager

    @nikolai60 i think that this refers to a soul’s sigil reflects one’s belief. before sh shatter ( and after she became a vampire) jigsaw’s soul showed the Hebrew belief reflecting her faith. if this false shell was in-tune with her it would likely reflect her faith as well. that or it would show wavering the sigil of the endless become obscured with her doubt in her supposed faith. Don’t Quote me!!

  8. Brunhidden

    so, does an atheist have a big middle finger when seen like that? or an agnostic have a question mark?

    how often does jiggy really play up the ‘im cute and small, tostle my hair and give me a kitty treat’ angle?

  9. Starcat5

    @Sulucamas: Her BEING an Endless is what makes her Patient Zero. She’s playing that up becouse of two reasons. One, she doesn’t know how to turn the Soul Shell off. Two, she has no idea how he’d react to her being Dead Inside.

    …and if his friend turns out to be a certan undead Crocadile Hunter, I will be hitting my head agenst a wall.

  10. Novawolf7

    I think the proposed friend is of the female sort, from the subtitle. (Or he could be referring to Jig). Hopefully this will help Daisy figure out what the heck is going on. Apparently, Gabby’s beef with the Endless runs deep, for his references to them as irrational. I wonder if his problems with them stem from a specific issue with their “Messiah!”

  11. Eboreg

    You know, I just can’t get past Gabriel’s upper eye sockets. Are those sockets empty? Are the eyeballs in there useless? Or is his brain just unable to handle input from four eyes? Judging by the position I’m guessing that maybe if he did have eyes there they would penetrate his brain so no eyeballs.

  12. The_Rippy_One

    Um, why would he expect those scenes to change her views on the Endless? I mean, she’s met Xanatos, she knows he was an over-excited screw-up – and every religion has idiots who would kill in its name. Heck, Addy’s killing makes Mr. Wylde look somewhat more rational by comparision, if only because it was successful.

  13. Sulucamas

    @Starcat5: Wait, isn’t Jigsaw not the first Endless that Gabriel’s “helped?”

    @Eboreg: Gah, I wonder the same darn thing! Here’s hoping for an informative flashback. 😛

  14. nikolai60

    @Sulucamas Uh, since it never went beyond that one panel, I doubt it was meant to show anything beyond the pressure to stay. Shin isn’t actually a member of the cast afterall.

    @Eboreg and Sulucamas did we ever get confirmation those were eyes? They’re creepy as anything with the stitching type look, but I don’t think eyesockets would move quite the way his do.

  15. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: I was referring to the part where Gabriel says “Many seek me out to help them leave the Church of the Endless.” 🙂

    Don’t think we ever got confirmation, but the more I look at them, the more I think that those ARE eye sockets, if only because they have the same shading under them as the normal eyes. They do behave more like eyebrows, though… Maybe that’s artistic license? 😛

  16. nikolai60

    @Sulucamas excuse me while I go headdesk at my own stupididty

  17. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: D: Don’t headdesk too hard! We need that noggin to deliver more Shinjzo! (Who would make a great cast member, btw.)

  18. nikolai60

    @Sulucamas Now you’re just being nice, but thanks anyways ^_^;

  19. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: Armored. Heart. 8)

  20. nikolai60

    @Sulucamas: Well, I appreciate the sentiment, it’s nice to know I created a character people like. While I may (eventually) find time to draw something myself, there’s a few problems with him becoming a cast member:

    1. Cameos aren’t currently available.
    2. Even if they were, I don’t have any cash to buy any.
    3. Even if I has the cash, I’m not pushy enough to try something like that.

  21. Sulucamas

    @nikolai60: Hey now, I wasn’t suggesting or implying that he has to be a cast member, or that you would seek to make it so. I just think a (cool) character that’s been physically modified for combat would be well-suited to a deadly reality show. That’s all. 🙂

  22. nikolai60

    @Sulucamas I’m afraid I somehow managed to come across the wrong way, again. My apologies. I appreciate the sentiment and am glad you like Shin so much, though perhaps for the show itself he’d be a bit OP hehehe.

  23. nikolai60

    Oh right, vampires + Celeste, scratch last statement.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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