Loyalty is Subjective.

Loyalty is Subjective.

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  1. nikolai60

    Oh good, all according to plan, that’s NEVER a good thing. Someone’s begging for a ‘stray’ sniper round.

    Also: consort? She saying what I think she’s saying?

  2. Josh.C

    Something tells me that what Addy has planned will not grow back unlike his ear.

    Being called the savage by Veled gives me the feeling that Addy holds loyalty to a rather high standard or that her culture might be rather more strict in these regards. I’m guessing that Xanatos should have shut his mouth and lied the moment he started to confide to Addy.

  3. hariman

    Nikolai: Yeah, Addy’s saying that she’d rather keep Sedja than trust the Endless to save her soul.

    And I don’t think White Noise trusted Xanatos in the first place.

  4. Josh.C

    @hariman: It makes sense really.

    She always seemed really friendly with Sedja. It wouldn’t surprise me if their relationship was a little more.

  5. Novawolf7

    I love how you take pains with the smallest details, like the fold of Addie’s “cloak.” Hmm interesting possibility with her and Sedja. Or maybe the word “consort” doesn’t mean to their society what we think.

  6. hariman

    Josh C. “The things people do for a girl…”


  7. FTL

    Haiman: Have to agree with you…. whether loyal or mutineer, Silk was probably never going to trust Xanatos simply by his association with the Org.

    Josh C: unsure if the “she” is Veled or Spirit of Murphy’s Law or maybe even Cypress…… considering that Spirit stepped in only after Xanatos showed he had failed with no hope of talking his way out and that Silk was intent on removing him fatally, she may be the she he refers to…..

    Addy, though, may need to curb her instincts here as there may be a penalty for going too far in her remonstrations with Xanatos. (Like the shocked look on Slick’s face as he feels Addy draw her weapon.

  8. Sabreur

    Had to go back to the ‘about’ pages to figure out exactly what the hell happened to Xanatos’ brain. I didn’t realize he was an orphan raised by the Church of the Endless. That explains a lot, really. Throw in the fact that he’s just not very good at… well, anything… and the Endless is really the only thing he really has going for him. It’d be touching if the Endless didn’t appear to be a few fruit loops short of a complete breakfast.

  9. Redlion

    3rd panel makes me wonder if Xanatos is going to live to see the end of Feb 2012.

  10. xXZeddXx

    Someone told me loyalty is sometimes overrated

  11. The_Rippy_One

    So…has SedjAddy gone from subtext to text, officially? Yay!

    Wilde has so critically failed his Sense Motive check here.

  12. e_voyager

    in all honestly I’m surprised Mr Wylde is still alive at this point. what do you think Is Addy pumping him for information?

  13. Vulpis

    The weird thing is…that face Xanatos keeps making is actually kinda cute in a way, if you didn’t know who/what it was attached to. It’s kind of a (^.^) sorta thing…

  14. Vulpis

    Meanwhile…presuming Addy means what everyone thinks she does, it makes me wonder a bit about her home culture–did she leave because they have problems with her and an efreet, are they homophobic, or is it a combination of the two?
    Also…how much of this does Slick know, considering he’s staying with the two of them now? (Would be an interesting twist if it turns out she’s actually refering to Slick, rather than Sedja. 😉 )
    I do think that Xanatos is likely to be meeting with a member of the *other* Endless pretty soon, though..

  15. LeQuack147

    Hey Slick, you’re supposed to be helping Addy with weapons. So stop looking bug-eyed and get a gun, will ya?

  16. The_Rippy_One

    If Addy’s dealt with politics, then, yes, I think she’s pumping for information (we have no idea if her culture does political forums).

    As a prisoner, I don’t think Slick is allowed a weapon outside of the game, same way that he and WN are chained when they sleep.

  17. Shad

    Xanatos’ profile says he was teased for having pink eyes. why the hell do i feel like that’s somehow going to be significant….? methinks i’ve been reading too much One Piece and paying too much attention to teeny tiny details

  18. nikolai60

    Getting information outta him the sneaky way, I like those thoughts. I still worry though, someone’s backing him and I’m betting on Spirit, this still has plenty of room to take a dive off the deep end.

    I would say Slick probably bought the ‘lead him out’ speech, based on his surprise, wonder if he’ll still play along or not.

  19. Brunhidden

    note- its assumed that slicks eyes and motion are because a sword made of lesbian Djinn just appeared between his legs.

    note- its assumed that ‘consort’ implies ‘i like dressing him up and brushin his hair, like the six legged barbies of my youth’ and at the same time ‘who the hell else will teach me how to use the automated teller system? it took me three days to figure out how to use the robot toilet!’

    what interests me, however, is who ‘she’ is and what the abilities of people present to regrow parts would be. the basic concept to me suddenly sounds like a high level D&D cleric making an unlimited supply of beef and leather from one cow. unethical? maybe not from the standpoint of the other cows, or in this case from the standpoint of races whose body parts are trade goods.

  20. Novawolf7

    Mr. Wyldie has a really cute butt. In my opinion, tails make butts that much cuter. Just had to throw that out there. Now people can wonder about my sanity 😉

  21. Brunhidden

    Jiggy crafts some damned fine booty, of either gender

  22. Sulucamas

    Of course Addy and Sedja are close: she’s wearing her consort! Hard to get much closer. 😛

    Oh, wait… 😐

    @hariman: This! 🙂

    @Brunhidden: Do you mean the ability of the four present in the scene, or of medical technology in general? Repairing/regrowing eyes at least seems doable.

  23. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Oh dear. You have just caused mental images that would break the rating here. To put it tactfully…you have to wonder what *other* orifices Sedja has been inside. Addy has the potential to be a *kinky* girl indeed. 😉

    And once again, I do wonder how much of this Slick has learned (whether he wanted to or not) as the live-in boytoy…

  24. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: “Oh dear” indeed! The last thing I wanted to do was break the rating. xDx

    That said, I think we can both agree that some of the best things are those left to the imagination. 😈

  25. hariman


    Never has this clip been more appropriate to my reaction.

    Well, after I realized exactly what you meant!

  26. Sulucamas

    @hariman: 😉

  27. James

    Hello. I,m new to the comic but from what i’ve read so far, I can say that this comic kicks butt!

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