Cutting Out an Unnecessary Step.

Cutting Out an Unnecessary Step.

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  1. Josh.C

    So what is the unnecessary step?

    The cuffs? The hands? The head?

    So many things to cut and such an ominous stance the Princess is taking.

  2. hariman

    So THIS is why Qin and White need an alibi! Qin doesn’t want them to be a party to murder in case they don’t win.

    And I’d say the unnecessary step is taking the cuffs off of Xanatos. Unfortunately, Addy’s doing this off camera. So there’s going to be a shit storm when Cypress finds out.

    Also, I doubt many people are going to miss Xanatos.

  3. hariman

    One more thing!

    I love the contrast of Xanatos’ optimism and happy expression enjoying the view with Addy’s evil look and eyes only silhouette. Especially the eyes only silhouette!

  4. Maengun1256

    Well atleast he will die with a smile on his face

  5. thebobmaster

    …I never thought I’d say this, but I am honestly scared of Addy now. She’s nice, but damn…don’t piss her off.

  6. nikolai60

    I hate to be mean, but he’s gotta be SUPER naive to think she was ever just going to let him go.

  7. Sabreur

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I feel sorry for Xanatos.

    I mean, White’s a nice guy, but he’s been in jail for killing a lot of people. If an authority figure I knew and trusted asked me to take him out… I’m not sure I’d say no. If I’d been an orphan like Xanatos and raised by the Endless… I’m pretty sure I’d say yes. Xanatos might be a shmuck, but I was sorta hoping Addy would just let him go.

  8. FTL

    I know that Addy’s title is Executioner…. but somehow I don’t think it was meant to be done off screen and to other volunteers…. even if she is doing it to Xanatos who seems to be a misguided individual…. and I’m sure on the scale of ‘deserve to die’, Xanatos is not even in the top 5…..

  9. Josh.C

    What I find interesting is Jigg’s is using the coming dawn like she is. In books and movies, the dawn is used very often as a reference of time when an execution will take place and has a sort of symbolism similar to a convicts last meal, last confession and last words.

    The final kindnesses your given before the end comes. Though I do wonder if Jigg’s is only adding to the suspense before Addy does something not quite as bad as lopping off his head.

    Actually, it might be interesting to ask if Jigg’s has any special plans for the cast page for characters that die?

  10. e_voyager

    Well not the cuffs. the cuffs were there to make sure he wouldn’t run away or be able to fight back effectively…

    @Josh.C that stance is to allow her to put more weight behind her strike without losing balance if it misses. this will be it a clean one strike kill when she connected with his vulnerable neck… we hope. i wonder if slick will get corpse portal again this time.

    @nikolai Naive or not he thought he had protection. i’m reminded of a song which goes ” i thought i knew you , but what did i know”

    @Sabreur true but he killed them by messing up the life support system not with a blade to the neck.

  11. Zarpaulus

    @e_voyager @Sabreur: That and Noise was under orders to vent that station. Whether those orders were real or hallucinatory has yet to be revealed.

  12. xXZeddXx

    Clean up on aisle 5~

  13. Josh.C

    @Zarpaulus: Which obviously also feeds into right now as well.

    If Addy doesn’t kill him, what are the chances that Murphy will let an obvious loose end live when being released in failure?

    I have no doubt that Murphy is in on why Xanatos was in White’s room. After all, why would she be impersonating Cypress other then not being found out?

  14. Vulpis

    My thought? Addy’s not going to kill him. She *is*, however, going to lop off that other ear (I think White called it a ‘betrayer’s ear’ or something way back when?)

    Though to a degree, you *almost* might feel sorry for Xanatos in this strip, between the simple joy over the view, and the fact that he’s utterly and completely *clueless*.

  15. AmigaDragon

    “Sure, I’ll take your cuffs off… at the neck!”

  16. Sulucamas

    I know Adharia’s an emotional person, but for one who’s about to do something so cold and Machiavellian, she seems awfully quick to anger. Maybe Xanatos opened an old wound. 😐

    @Josh.C: Perhaps she know’s he’s dead meat anyway, and she’s just saving his superiors the unnecessary step of killing him.

    @Vulpis: I thought the same thing, until I reread that damned page title. 🙁

  17. Le Blue Dude

    Other ear? No, she *knows* that the ears grow back. She’s taking off his horn. That probably will NOT grow back.

  18. Brunhidden

    i hope they have two bottles of relish on hand

  19. The_Rippy_One

    Puppy be clueless. And adorable when happy.

    A thought – If the epilepict tree about Veled being anti-Endless proves true, Addy might be following her orders – something like “Kill any Endless spies you discover.”

    Conversely, love makes you do ill-considered things. Protect the Sedja!

  20. Noir The Sable

    @Le Blue Dude — Methinks it’ll grow back somehow should it be cut off; it grew back after the photo for the Cast Page, did it not? Whether it requires just time or several CCs of modeling clay remains to be seen.

    Personally, I’d be more concerned about witnesses and wisps– correct me if I’m wrong, but HRH Adharia joined as a volunteer, not a criminal. The interplanetary newsfeeds would have a field day with news that a member of a planet’s royalty (warrior-like or no) had murdered another volunteer post-quit.

  21. Shad

    I started humming the JAWS theme when I saw the last panel

  22. Josh.C

    @Noir The Sable: If that were to come up, one would wonder if problems of diplomatic immunity would come up.

    Sure, she signed contracts agreeing to the show, but does Murphy or any other policing force on the station have the guts to throw the book at Addy?

  23. The_Rippy_One

    Strictly speaking, do they even have the right to throw the book at Addy? She’s on the border between the prison and the city, and more on the prison side than not, I think – who has jurisdiction?

  24. Jigsaw Forte

    Okay, before we get all Law and the Multiverse on this (and they won’t answer this one anyway, they prefer to deal in law that exists IRL)…

    This is already covered under the Player’s Umbrella. As long as Addy keeps playing, the issue solves itself.

  25. Vulpis

    Too late for it now, but I just had the mental image of a cheerully smiling Sedja offering a freshly extracted heart (from a Star Org who’s still twitching on the ground) to a non-plussed Addy, while the rest of the cast reacts with horror, disgust, or facepalming (especially from Qin), and a ‘Hmmmm’ thoughtful look from Geisha. 😉

  26. nikolai60

    @Vulpis ew

    @’Saw so basically she keeps playing and whoever’s behind this gets stuck trying to figure out work-arounds since she’s protected by said rules? Cool.

  27. e_voyager

    @nikolai60 well they could always send another assassin. that seems to be within the rules as long as it’s a player that the assassin.

  28. hariman

    Huh. I don’t think anyone else noted this the first time around, but Xanatos doesn’t realize that Adharia means her consort Sedja, instead of Slick.

    He really is a clueless pawn sometimes. I’d pity him, but he’s got this coming to him for a good reason.

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