And To Think SHE’S The Blonde…

And To Think SHE’S The Blonde…

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  1. nikolai60

    X.X <—died laughing

  2. nikolai60

    Also, Sedja has a remarkably wide range of powers, I should wonder just how impressive she can be when she really gets going!

  3. Darkewulf


    Well, she’s a being of pure energy, what did you expect? She can pretty much do whatever she wants. It’s like Efreet are similar to Zoni, but you have to work for it.

  4. Darkewulf

    Oh yeah, and does anyone else notice how Addy’s gotten to be pretty stacked recently? She seems significantly more well-endowed in this particular page than in the older ones. Maybe that’s another one of Sedja’s powers X3

  5. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: Heheheh, no accounting for Xanatos’s tastes or survival instincts. ^-^

    I think it’s just as interesting how Addy interacts with Sedja and how Sedja interacts with her.

    Asking for favors, wondering why she would be called out against children, smiles when Addy calls to her. For the fears that people have for her particular Dead inside seem rather unfounded in her case, Sedja must be a very special case of Efreet.

  6. Lycanthrope

    I am thinking Xanatos’ comment was one of extreme sarcasm, said nuance Adharia fails to grasp.

    Speaking of grasp, she does look more lovely in that last panel.

  7. Josh.C

    @Lycanthrope: Probably, though he’s probably also getting in one good jab at their expense as well.

    Though I’d be a little less uppity at this point considering how active Murphy is being in this matter. She seems to be in the habit of cleaning up messes and Xanatos’s being caught in the act is one heck of a mess.

    So one has to wonder if Xanatos is going to have to look for a new job or just stay alive at this point? Did Xanatos just dodge the bullet to only have another be put in his head by a co-conspirator?

  8. Sulucamas

    Wait, one more favor? Aside from fully clothing Addy, what might that other favor have been? Just how much “trouble” did Gemini go through earlier?? 😮

    It’s always neat to catch more glimpses of Sedja’s character. Seems a lot more calculating and cool this time around, almost like a… bodyguard?

    @Darkewulf: I certainly wouldn’t put that past her, but those those curled horns probably add some bulk. 😉

  9. The_Rippy_One

    My respect for Addy grows. Last panel Sedja expression strikes me as shocked or disbelieving, what do you think? Also, the “He” in “he better be worth the trouble…” Mr. Wylde…or WN? Saving a life, or keeping a good commander safe…

    @Darkewulf: Don’t forget that Sedja’s horn bustier is under Sedja’s hide cape; bustiers generally gives the appearance of size, and Addy’s is notably thicker than standard cloth or leather ones (being made of moderately cylindrical horn).

    On the favors…

    Well, Sedja not only made this evenings clothing, including being worn (unless that was part of the price Addy paid), she also let Addy do a Batman/Spawn-esque cape-assisted feather-fall into the room just now. So that’s at least 2 favors besides the shackles, at least one definitely unpaid for.

    On a side note, this rather nicely explains where Slicks’s harem ware came from – a Sedja did it.

  10. e_voyager

    heh she should let them kiss , maybe Xantos thinks Qin is cute. but i jest

    @nikolai i wonder more about her exhaustion factor. remember she;’s using the energy from her soul to materialize this stuff. that said we have no ideal how many soul pieces Sedja has or how long it takes her to recover the energy spent from them

    @Darkewulf That’s her outfits. she’s showing off right now as she was for the crowd at that ball /party they were just at. and because where you stare if Sedja doesn’t like you staring were she has her face planted things can get scary and or painful

    @sulucamas my guess is that Sedja has a hand in getting them to team Equuleus quarters but i could be wrong. only Jigsaw and the characters know for sure.

  11. xXZeddXx

    Golly this amazing news

  12. Brunhidden

    sedja makes me think ‘my eyes are up here’ no longer really works, but i also have to ponder murphs facial expression to this news too

  13. Shad

    Kiss of the vampire? is xanatos secretly into vampire romance novels or something? XD

  14. Maengun1256

    Kiss from a Vampire, Love it

  15. FTL

    Hmmmm…. for some reason I still pity Xanatos…. the more I think about it, the more he seems to have been manipulated to fail all the way… he is placed in a executioner game with another volunteer (Jason) who has a strong record, instead of in a group with just criminals….. the means a criminal will have a higher rank than him….. and then he just ‘happens’ to be given the opportunity to take out said criminal….. all seems too sus to my cynical mind….

  16. Sulucamas

    @The_Rippy_One: Oh boy, I’d just assumed that she meant Mr. Wylde, but I can see it being White too. Interesting for her to be so shrewd about their (seemingly competent) Captain. Is she plotting something other than simply Gemini’s survival?

    @Brunhidden: I don’t know if she’s perplexed or worried, but she can’t be surprised at this power. When something’s capable of blowing someone’s brains out, you’d think most bets would be off! 😛

  17. e_voyager

    @sulucamas Well at that time Sedja wasn’t using her power she was being uses as an expanding projectile… which i must admit is impressive in it’s own right.

  18. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: True, that’s one hell of a bullet! Even though we’ve never seen one of those Genopras fire normally, there’s no way they’re as strong as that.

    The more I think about the existence of Efreets, the more I see why you might support some similarly powerful “good guys” for protection. 😐

  19. Kingman

    Pfft looks like all White wants now is a pair of pimping gold shackles to replace what he is already wearing.

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