Let’s Go With That.

Let’s Go With That.

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  1. xXZeddXx

    SNRKKKKKKK…Yes lets believe the naked black naughty boy

  2. nikolai60

    2 things


    2. I take it he’s been harassing other teams as well?

  3. Josh.C

    Strange…It certainly looked like a gun?

    Is there a hidden meaning in that or is it really not a gun? Or maybe calling it a gun doesn’t come close to hinting in how deadly it really is?

    Though I’m a little more interested in that second gun comment from the Princess.

  4. Mathieri

    I think you lost me about 3-4 pages ago…
    White Noise (whose Cast Picture is not equivalent to the “horse” we’re seeing here) said something about sawing of some horn, however, Qin Xu only grabbed the horn of Xanatos Wylde AND that critter still has his horn.
    And why does “Captain” White Noise (July 26th, 2009) has to sleep in chains? Think I missed that part, too…

  5. MadMann135

    … all I have to say is wow, White Noise, Wow.

  6. Shad

    seems addy lacks experiance with male anatomy

  7. FTL

    @Mathieri – Silk (WhiteNoise) has always been ‘equine’ in base type, it is just his sitting pose is the last strip accentuated the resemblance.
    Xanatos is the only one with a horn and the ‘whiny’ voice repeating “I Quit” is from him and that is why Silk was saying “That is why you saw off the horn” (to stop the whiny voice).
    As for the chains, I believe all of the prisoners are meant to sleep in chains between appearances.

  8. Stupid N00bie

    Did she just do the Batman cloak glide drop down thing? ‘Cause that would be awesome!

    Also, that’s a space station.

  9. e_voyager

    I am some how reminded of that scene with stewie griffin at the shooting gallery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz9AEJYCKrg

    @Zedd he’s not really naked he’s in harem gear …. considering that i can’t understand why the princess misidentified WN’s second gun unless she simply has no uses for males outs side of serving boy’s like slick.

    @nikolai that’s a far assumption all things considered. but who is making him try and kill the star’s of the series? we know he was talking to someone because some one was telling him not to screw it up.

  10. Sulucamas

    Wow… Sheltered princess is sheltered!

    Now Xanatos will make a break for it in the ensuing, collective facepalm. 🙄

    @Stupid N00bie: 😀 YES! THIS!! Obi-Wan would be proud.

  11. Josh.C

    It’s rather interesting that Addy is now having her pet Effrit out all the time now.

    I guess she’s taking extra precautions by using her as armor when out of her gear. That probably means Addy is the second most heavily defended Executioners, right next to White Noise and his two steps ahead deep vampire.

  12. e_voyager

    @sulcumas Very true …. at least in matters concerning the difference between males and females . I wonder if her culture has a shortage of men

    @josh.C some how i don’t think that’s Sedja though i doubt if she would being being that close to her princess. she seems to be smitten by her. http://www.lastres0rt.com/2009/05/back-in-the-bottle-she-goes/

  13. Kingman

    Oh no it’s not a gun it’s a retractable baseball bat, for close quarters combat….yeah….*whistles and walks off*

  14. The_Rippy_One

    The there was a net gain on the fan count for WN due to this page 🙂

    As to why the princess can’t ID the 2nd gun…I’ll put in a reminder that a) aliens are weird, and b) terrestrial designs for such things are already weird. Ergo, alien design biology can be REALLY weird. For all we know it may really look like a upside down sawed-off shotgun. With a sniper sight.

    Conversely, the princess’s race might very well be parthenogenic, and thus no experience needed.

    Or a rubber ducky. the options are truly staggering

  15. Keij

    @Mathieri & FTL
    My impression for the “and that’s why you saw off the horn” is that the horn makes an easy handle for an unfriendly vampire to grab and throw you around by. Whereas if the horn has been sawn off: no handle.
    Or if you stick the horn back on with a weak glue, it breaks off it the hand of the attacker and you have a couple of extra seconds to react.

  16. Novawolf7

    Fwooshing Princess is awesome. I wonder if that was just a grand entrance or teleportation.

    The second gun comment is hilarious coming from her.

  17. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager and The_Rippy_One: Those are sound points, especially considering that the only Sevrans we’ve ever seen, Addy and Sedja, are both female. Then again, that’s a pretty small sample size to go on. 😛

    ( Also, I think that’s totally Sedja. )

  18. e_voyager

    @sulmas You could be right Sul. i Forgot about ths glowing Sedja eyes and head from that comic there.

  19. Cpixie

    Bwahahahahahahaha! “Effective.” Or so the ladies hope! I love this comic! ^.^

  20. e_voyager

    @Cpixie Well he does have a daughter. that much we know since Qin will only tell him the truth.

  21. FlashXX

    o0;;…And “would-be-assassin” will start screaming in…3…2…!!

  22. Nezumi

    I’m really late to this one, but I’m fairly certain White Noise said “That’s why you saw off the horn” because Qin was able to use it as a handle to subdue Xanatos there.

  23. RyGuy

    I wonder if Jonathan Swift was abducted by White Noise’s people, and came up with the last book of Gulliver’s travels based on the experiance. If so, those explorers were nudists.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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