The Chain of Command

The Chain of Command

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  1. nikolai60

    This page is made of about 20 different kinds of epic win.

    I’ll have my spaz out in the morning..

    But first: I don’t think his contract allows him to quit.

  2. e_voyager

    Quin looks all healed up and can they even quit this game show? heh i loved that line about him sawing off the horn i get the feeling that that’s truly emasculating for mister would be assassin’s species

  3. Josh.C

    Seems like Xanatos is eating some humble pie served up by Qin and White Noise.

    I agree with White Noise, a horn makes such a wonderful handle and so stupidly supplied by Xanatos.

    Nothing like whiny chicken to ruin someones appetite.

  4. Eagle0600

    The chain they beat him with until he understands who’s in command?

  5. Timothy

    @Eagle: Firefly quotes. They complete everything.

    But can someone explain the “pigeons” line? I understand it sets up the punchline, but it seems kind of random.

  6. Josh.C

    @Timothy: Pigeons sit in rafters and things up above.

    Chickens make all that noise on the ground like Xanatos is doing with that, “I quit”.

    It’s Xanatos’s situation of going from sniper up above, to a whiny coward when put to gunpoint I think Qin is taking a jab at. At least I think that’s what Qin is doing there.

  7. Shad

    is qin positioned to act as a censor for the fact that WN is buck naked? lmao i can just imagine the WN fangirls going nuts right about now….

  8. Vulpis

    @Shad Heh…worse, when I first looked at this page, I misread it as Qin asking ‘Are you *wearing* anything?’ 🙂

  9. xXZeddXx

    I am so sure quitting is a nono in this game show

  10. Shad

    @ Vulpis nice to know i’m not the only one with his mind in the gutter

  11. nightarix

    i can’t recall did Xanatos have an entry on the cast page?
    i was checking for one to see if he was an inmate or volunteer(i think he was one of the inmates traded for Arikos showing up, if i remember right)

  12. LeQuack147

    Snipers are often complete pushovers in close combat, and it looks like Xanatos is proudly continuing the tradition.

  13. Sulucamas

    The Captain is NOT amused. 😛

    Is Qin’s hair tying up Xanatos, or is White just pinning him down?

    @Nightarix: He actually does have an entry on the cast page. There’s also a bonus comic where he talks about being a volunteer. I really hope he lives long enough to tell us why he made such a crazy decision in the first place! 🙂

  14. Le Blue Dude

    Pigeon refers to ‘stool pigeon’ I’m sure.

  15. Brunhidden

    aww, and we wanted some full frontal Anyr. dude may be old, but hes got some nice booty

  16. Vulpis

    Something does occur to me…I wonder if any of this connects to White’s meeting with Veled way back when…

  17. Brunhidden

    @ vulpis – only the nudity :V

  18. The_Rippy_One

    WN has a very sexy back. Qin needs to move to the side 🙂

    And Jigsaw – nice composition on the poses.

  19. RyGuy

    I have trouble telling squab from Cornish hen myself, but both are tasty. By the way, was Quin born before or after the time of Moe, the “chairman”? He seems very traditional, and vampires tend to retain a cultural stamp from the age they were born in.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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