No Shame in That.

No Shame in That.

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  1. hariman

    Vicious beating in 3… 2… 1…

  2. Shad

    i wouldn’t know about fight music, i don’t watch that pony show (seriously, when you watch a 27 year old gush over it like some sort of RL pedobear…it’s a turnoff for almost anything)

    Qin looks super creepy with his face half covered in glitter blood tho….

  3. Lycanthrope

    Death creeps in on little vampire feet.

  4. LeQuack147

    Xanatos, this will probably be your last chance to give up before you start losing body parts. I would seriously consider it.

    @Shad Pedobear? Seriously? For liking a show?

  5. Josh.C

    Fight music…One sided bludgeoning music…What’s the difference?

    It’s rather funny that White Noise probably saw this coming a mile away. Thus having Qin keeping watch while he slept

  6. Shad

    @ le quack
    yeah..if you watched him fangasm over it, you’d understand. he even creeps out OTHER bronies.

  7. Ken_Cypher

    @Shad: Personally, I don’t gush over the show. I gush over the fanart and fanfiction BASED on the show.


    Seriously. If you want smut, there is a fic for that. If you want gore, there is a fic for that. If you want magical girl ponies like the pilot was origionally hinting twords, there is a fic for that. If you want to read about Apature Sciance breaking the bodies and will of the Mane 6, there is a fic for that.

    …in short, these Bronies are crazy, and I like to point and laugh.

  8. Sabreur

    Eat him! He is full of tasty nutrients! And blood.

  9. Brunhidden

    @-everyone talking about ponies

    its FRAG QUEEN, a show about robots dressing in drag to pass as human women. the MLP motif is just a theme. its likely in other seasons they’ve been cosplaying south park, queens of England, stars of 70s sitcoms, or famous female serial killers

  10. Shad

    Ooooooh. frag queen: a show within a show…that makes more sense for this setting

  11. Jigsaw Forte

    (Actually, the in-comic name of the Show Within a Show is Ru-P4u1’s Frag Race — shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what other reality show it’s based on. 😉 Unfortunately, it’s pretty evident a lot of the readers are watching a different show entirely and missed the reference… which is a shame, really!)

  12. Sulucamas

    😀 Gah! This PAGE! The blooming light, the dynamic poses, the sweeping panel layout…the fight music! 😛
    ( Not to gush or anything. 😉 )

    White better not miss and hit Qin, or a window for that matter.

    Isn’t Frag Race up there supposed to be a reality show for robots? That would have some good fight music. I think the MLP reference is just thrown in there for fun.

  13. Sulucamas

    Oh hey, comment lag! :B

  14. Jigsaw Forte

    @Sulucamas: I wish my caching plugin would update whenever a new comment is added… I guess I should just focus on making it update more often in the meantime. :-p

  15. Josh.C

    I have a bigger question for Xanatos.

    Why does he care what their watching?

    I guess it can’t be helped that Xanatos asks the stupid questions, while Qin has all the intelligent answers. He never seemed to me as the intelligent one of the players.

    I have a feeling that Xanatos isn’t as threw with his old org bodies as the burnt ear indicates.

  16. xXZeddXx

    Quite a show *clap*

  17. Vulpis

    You know, between White’s situation here and his reaction to Veled, one gets the feeling that he’s actually kinda *into* that sort of thing. 😉

  18. The_Rippy_One

    Well, death comes with braided hair… and, yeah, Wylde is toast now. Qin out matches him in raw capacity for violence, and WN is now armed with his weapon of choice. What was the bumper sticker? “Anytime, anywhere, we can drop you. Have a nice day! -Snipers Inc.”

    (also…”just listen – to the sound – of my voice -“)

  19. e_voyager

    @Jigsaw : Qin is excellent following orders but not i have a question about vampire healing… do they actually heal their own wounds or do they simply cover them up with they reapply their mask to look normal?

    sadly enough I’ve never heard of that show Jigsaw is talk9ijg about. well that or anyone of the shows that the others seem to be talking about… but for fight music i think chop suey by system of a down would rock right here. ah well i think that in the next update we’ll see just how good a shot WhiteNoise is.

  20. MadMann135

    I am really liking Quin, not only does he ‘plan ahead’ but he knows how to put on a show.
    Seriously, a vampire who by profession is a very good doctor. That’s frighting on too many levels. He could kill a target and in the end make it look like an allergic reaction.

  21. Novawolf

    Love it! He attacks them…at night…trying to take a dishonorable pot-shot at White, yet complains when the tables are turned. *cackles with glee* This beatdown will be fun to watch.

  22. Novawolf

    Oh! forgot to add my favorite fight music…most anything by Disturbed. My sparring partner hates when I listen to it. She thinks it gives me energy *innocent toothy grin*.

  23. nikolai60

    Qin is officially 20% cooler (yes I just went there)

    Also, wearing both sets was HIS idea huh? Should I ask the question?

  24. Josh.C

    @nikolai60: That depends if you want to actually know. ;P

    Though 20% seems a little low. Mind if I add 30% or possibly 80% to his coolness already?

    It’s rather awesome to see Qin in action. He usually is rather laid back for being one of the players.

  25. nikolai60

    @Josh.C I like seeing him in action also, but the 20% thing is kind of an internet meme/trope thing, yes it’s low, but I just had to use it.

    no…I don’t think I want to know…

  26. hariman

    Oh! I just realized that White Noise and the other captains might be the only ones authorized to kill people on the show in situations like this. So Qin might have to hold back so that White Noise can take the shot.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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