In for a Treat!

In for a Treat!

Footnote: Don’t recognize the show White left running? It was on last week, too…

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  1. nikolai60

    HAHAHA, he’s in for it now!

    It would seem we have another ‘what could have been’, or am I reading that side panel wrong? Haha, things just got a whole lot more interesting either way.

    Also: I see wut u did there

    Note: To LRoleplayers, I’ll email the stuff tomorrow, I apologize for once again disappearing but I’m finally getting caught up.

  2. Josh C

    @nikolai60: Hahahaha, it isn’t like it was said that Qin needed sleep and he’s probably been using that power non stop since their run in with Murphy.

    Now I’m wondering if he’s working for someone or if Xanatos is willing to improves his chances by doing anything?

  3. Razyn

    WTF! Ok I’ve been gone for two years where tha fuck is jiggy(jigsaw)

  4. Razyn

    I’m tripping out right now

  5. Jigsaw Forte

    @Razyn: Jigsaw’s latest adventures were only a couple pages ago. She can’t be front and center all the time.

    May I suggest now is a good time to hit the “New Readers” page and figure out where you left off?

  6. MadMann135

    “Wait, What!?”
    … That is some wicked hair.

  7. Elora

    Is it just me or do I spy a nod to MLP? Anyway, nice use of your hair, Qin.

  8. Regvarde


  9. The_Rippy_One

    We’ve have witnessed things becoming 20% cooler. Then Qin showed up and his made us go beyond the impossible. This will be awesome. I wonder if we’ll get a mexican stand off?

    Super hair powers? If this were the World of Darkess, I’d know why he ought to be worried…here, I don’t…but I think Wylde ought to be anyways…

  10. Sulucamas

    Awfully kind of Jig to censor the comic for those with sensitive ears. 😉
    Oh, and nice work on the exit wound! xD

    @nikolai60: It’s cool! 🙂

    @Josh C: Maybe he just uses that power all the damn time, and that’s why he’s more than two thousand years old.

    …it’s only a matter of time now before everyone on the show has a cutie mark. 😛

  11. Le Blue Dude


  12. Vulpis

    @sulucamas If you mean the ‘fsck’ thing, that’s been a unix reference for ages. 😉

    Though this does provide an alternative motive for Xanatos…he’s gotten sick and tired of White leaving reality-TV running all. night. long. 😉 He’s aiming at the *TV*… 😉

  13. hartree

    rsync, fsck:

    Princess Celestia is a Unix geek?

  14. Shad

    in case of emergency, Qin’s hair can be used as a makeshift bullwhip. XD now i cant stop thinking of indiana jones with a hair-whip

  15. xXZeddXx

    Crackin that whip,hair whip that is :3

  16. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Ooooooh, it’s way cooler that way! Shows how much I know about Linux. 😛

  17. The_Rippy_One

    @hartree: Of course she is! What language did you think she built the universe with? 😀

  18. hartree


    A mix of C and assembler, with a dash or two of Lex and YACC. (Or bison if she’s an RMS fan. 😉

  19. Vulpis

    @hartree Of course, a Leslie Fish fan would tell you it was Lisp.

    I am surprised noone has mentioned the appropriate meme Qin as joined in on, as he whips his hair back and forth… 😉

  20. hartree

    @vulpis: So god may have created the universe, but Dennis Ritchie and John McCarthy wrote the tools for it. Sadly, we lost both recently.

  21. e_voyager

    Qin seems to be Very Loyal. i like that .

  22. Brunhidden

    Hey! you forgot to fill out form AQ-174, Request to assassinate commanding officer !

    not to be confused with form AO-174, report of evidence of concealing evidence of impregnation involving commanding officer, which we are currently out of.

    seriously, the star org has like 300 form 174, and they all involve inserting or removing something from a commanding officer, but AQ and AO are kinda hard to tell appart

  23. Le Blue Dude

    That’s amusing. My aunt (Mary-ann Frohman) dated Leslie Fish for a while, so I’m always quite happy when I hear people talking about leslie fish.

  24. LeQuack147

    “Target Verified. Commencing Hostilities.”

  25. Feral

    You made my favorite character evil… again :'(

  26. Kermit

    This is the second time in a row we’ve seen those alternate panels of a dangerous situation in the presence of Qin Xu. I’m thinking it represents a form of combat precognition he has, which might be a power that Jigsaw will pick up at some point in the future.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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