“Bingo” is Clearly a Euphemism.

“Bingo” is Clearly a Euphemism.

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  1. Elora

    Wait, what?! Who saw this from left field? ‘Saw a member of the Endless?! O_O

  2. Sabreur

    Wait, you mean that cover story dozens and dozens of pages ago for why her soul is all funky? HAH! I totally did *not* see that coming back to bite her! Nice. Also, does this mean we’re about to get a little more exposition on what the spork is up with the Endless in the first place?

  3. Josh.C

    @Sabreur: It really does seem that Binary’s plan to hide Jigsaw is coming back to haunt Jigsaw.

    I wonder if Jigsaw will be putting a boot to Binary’s and Melody’s behind when she gets back?

  4. Josh.C

    Oh, Also interesting underwear.

  5. Thebobmaster

    Jigsaw’s outfits when meeting with authority figures are rarely modest, aren’t they?

    This is a bit of a twist, isn’t it? Wonder how Jigsaw gets out of this one.

  6. Yeah, it's me.

    Okay, the total lack of arms is really freaking me out right now. Maybe it’s caused by 1AM syndrome. Regardless, vectorcuffs now scare the shit out of me.

  7. LeQuack147

    Oh. Ok. No need for carnage then. Phew…

    But this raises a new problem. If the crew gets off scot-free, who’s going to tell White Noise and Co. before they launch a rescue attempt?

  8. MaveriKat

    Well, at least Gabriel doesn’t know she’s Dead Inside… going to be a pill to explain things though.

  9. Sulucamas

    Hmmm…voluntary exit counseling doesn’t seem like the kind of thing to warrant a title like “Patient Zero.” He’s a powerful Celeste, so it could be that he can see past Jig’s emergency soul shell, and for now he’s just playing it cool.

    @LeQuack147: That is a really good point. Maybe Daisy? Even if they could get in touch, the ones running the show might censor it so they still have an excuse to go in guns-blazing. At least Gabriel’s anti-Endless stance helps explain why his ship was attacked by Celigo/The Org in the first place…

    (w00t Triangle! 😀 )

  10. The_Rippy_One

    @JoshC: They are an interesting set, aren’t they? Sexy, but I always thought that style looked uncomfortable.

    I also agree with Endless exit counseling!=patient zero…let’s see how this plays out

  11. Brunhidden

    the face is because on one hand he hasn’t guessed right, but on the other he found out about something she didn’t think of.

    also, never mess with someone who has a ‘the’

  12. Lycanthrope

    Bingo is more damning than being a vampire. She has really put herself in trouble now….

  13. Shad

    I have been wondering exactly what is with the endless and the star org groups i’ve heard so much about. who they are, what they do, why they’re hated by certain people…. i’ve pretty much been ignoring all mention of that stuff because i dont know what to think about it

  14. AmigaDragon

    OK, I seem to have missed something. What happened to her arms?

  15. Sulucamas

    @Shad: According to Last Res0rt: The RPG, the Endless was an anti-vampire religion that started on Earth and was carried outward by the first human colonists. The Celeste picked it up and ran with it, eventually turning it into a political force. I’m pretty sure the Endless are the ones behind the Celeste takeover of planet Ziligo, and it’s been suggested that their conquering ambitions remain unfulfilled. On top of that, they’re the ones who would flip out (and supposedly go on a cleansing crusade) if they find out that Jigsaw’s a vampire.

    The Star Org is the zealous military branch of the Endless. It seems like they operate outside the jurisdiction of the Celigan military as a kind of interplanetary “peacekeeping force,” which would explain why you might see them on Terth of all places. Their heavy-handed tactics don’t earn them a good reputation.

  16. Sulucamas

    @AmigaDragon: Jigsaw’s wearing vectorcuffs, which you can really only see in the last panel. 🙂

  17. helios

    ummm ok just -how- are those undies staying up, no straps visible.

  18. RadKat

    ook imma guess her fu is covering her undy straps and imma steer clear of the arm missing thing there im confused now

  19. Vulpis

    Why is the phrase ‘vectorpanties’ coming to mind? Though come to think of it, depending on just where the vector exits, that sort of thing could be good for waste-management in short-term EVA suits where you’re not going to bother to recycle…

  20. Jigsaw Forte

    @Vulpis: And we have a winner! At least we’re not calling it a ‘vectordiaper’…

    … although judging by general responses to (and constantly having to re-explain) the vectorpunk concept each page, we may just need to cover the dang things up soon.

  21. AmigaDragon

    @Sulucamas That still doesn’t explain WHAT vectorcuffs are or what they do. Come on, we live in the early 21st century without such things, and I haven’t seen any LR glossary yet.

  22. e_voyager

    All in all i think she’d rather be know as a vampire then an endless. i remember her telling binary ” just kill me now” she sh told her she had and endless sigil on her temporary soul shell.

  23. helios

    ok i thought they looked the same as the vector cuffs but wasnt going to say so, still, whats holding them on? and for that matter why dont the vector cuffs fall off?

  24. Josh.C

    @AmigaDragon: from what I can figure out from looking and what is said, I think it has to do with portals and either different rooms or pocket dimensions.

    Think of it this way, if certain parts of you are put through a portal and the portals are attached to you on one side and the exit some place else, then those areas will be of little use to you and as Jigsaw and Vulpis mentioned up above they do have other uses.

  25. Shad

    now things make a little more sense. thank you Sulucamas

  26. Brunhidden

    for those asking the ‘how do they stay on’ for the vectorwear, i would assume that whatever space they open up to is kept at a lower air pressure then normal. not a vaccum, of course, but enough to have gentle suction…. which probably feels weird on the panties but would keep things sanitary. all i have to wonder now is how you empty the darned things

  27. Sulucamas

    @AmigaDragon: You’re right; my bad. Josh.C’s also right, and I’m sorry if I’m being redundant. Think of vectorcuffs like handcuffs, but instead of tying someone’s hands together, you’re hiding their arms in another dimension, where they’re useless to their owner. That other dimension is called “vectorspace,” which is this universe’s version of hyperspace, warpspace, slipspace, etc. (Traveling through vectorspace is called “vector linking” or “vlinking.”)

    An official LR glossary would be a fantastic idea! 😮

  28. e_voyager

    @sulucamas Yes it would. but who has both the time and the materials to put it together. I have the time but no the list up terms or place were it would be accessible to all. also i am remember of a video game i loved to play but never beat called Vectorman.

  29. Jigsaw Forte

    @Sulucamas and others: I think it’s time for us to put together a Last Res0rt wiki, don’t you? 😉 That way it’s not an excessive time burden on any one person’s shoulders…

  30. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Right..basically, it’s the sci-fi version of Ye Olde D&D Portable Hole and Bag of Holding, with similar creatuve uses/abuses thereof. Though I am wondering if it involves separate pocket-spaces, or are they potentially connected allowing Jigsaw to punch Jason in the arm (or in a differently rated version of the strip, have some transdimensional ‘me time’ with the cuffs in combo with the vectorpanties)?
    (Those who read KotD and/or Hackmaster would recognize the concept of ‘bagspace’…)

  31. Brunhidden

    @Jiggster – should areas of inquiry for this wiki end up in the pile of ‘artist didnt think of that yet, and really does not care’ should some of your fans fill in the gaps?

  32. Jigsaw Forte

    @Brunhidden: I’ll think about that. Either we’ll put stuff like that in the discussion page with a template for “this person is not speaking With Authority” or something else.

  33. Sulucamas

    @Jigsaw Forte: Definitely! Now, which of the wikis out there should become the wiki?

    @Vulpis: I think they involve separate pocket spaces. You wouldn’t want someone else to have access to the valuables in your Bag of Holding. 😉 Or hey, maybe there are both kinds?

    @e_voyager: Vectorman was awesome! (I didn’t beat it either. 😛 )

  34. e_voyager

    @ jigsaw Forte and Sulucamas
    i’ll help with the wiki if you want. i have time but you’ll have to email me a list of what you want / need done

  35. nikolai60

    @All Well, I’m not even going to TRY to keep up with most of the conversation, I’m really late, but I can say this: the LR Roleplay site already has a wiki sitting there for the game, putting up a few more pages for in-universe stuff wouldn’t hurt.

    On a more page related note: datcan’tbegood….*uses Defense: Bodyguard Shinjzo* *it’s not very effective*

    Also, I have absolutely no idea why, but that last panel…so cute…

  36. e_voyager

    @nikolai60 I can work with that. i have the time if you have the glossary and some ideal as to the layout. would we have a new page labeled “in universe ” and then break it down to equipment tech and so forth? give me some ideal and i’ll start tomorrow.

  37. nikolai60

    @e-voyager the site is currently experiencing problems with the wiki as the email-blast states. How things turn out determines if it’s a good idea to even use it, but if it works I’ll send an update that asks people work to help build it.

  38. Jigsaw Forte

    @nikolai60 and others: Ideally I’d like to keep a wiki someplace where I can tweak the site design — possibly on wikia?

  39. Kermit

    I have no hands, and yet I must facepalm.

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