No Sense Letting All That Power Go To Waste.

No Sense Letting All That Power Go To Waste.

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  1. hartree

    It’s hard to give a proper hug when you’re in vector cuffs.

  2. e_voyager

    wow , go Daisy.

  3. Noir The Sable

    Psychiatric advance directive?

  4. xXZeddXx

    Money is the proper answer 😛

  5. Josh.C

    You can’t buy real friends.

    You can’t buy true happiness.

    Apparently though, you can by your freedom. Funny how that works here.^-^

  6. Jammah

    Might have fucked up on the original, so, if a DP, this is the keeper.

    2nd pannel – SO well done. On a Bond level of silhouettage. I totally typoed that. I must say your art has come on leaps and bounds since the first time I saw it.

    enjoyed my total ‘I see this mentioned on TV tropes I should really catch up’ caine-up of the archive a couple’a weeks ago, enjoying the comic overall. Keep it up Rach.

  7. nikolai60

    must hug them both…

    also, this Directive, she’s saying there’s actual laws about not arresting Autistic people?

  8. Jaeson Night

    Totally not buying Daisy’s story still, lets see some proof, and have her get them out of the cuffs too.

  9. LeQuack147

    Ok, this is officially a little too convenient. What’s going on here?

  10. Sulucamas

    Ah, so they follow the rules AND take bribes. Because of course, this is a respectable medical ship. 😕 Er…maybe it actually is just a hospital/clinic, and Celigo’s been spinning the situation sideways over some minor infraction. Still, those kids were a little off, and the writing was on the wall. In blood.

    Ditto on the second panel. Great, poignant contrast with the excitement in the first one. 🙂

  11. Shad

    so it IS daisy. Now to explain the leg. ….And is it just me or does the first panel with Jigsaw in her vectorcuffs make it look like she has NO ARMS WHATSOEVER!? ._.

  12. Josh.C

    @Sulucamas: This kind of brings to question what those two heads were talking about before they turned speakers on.

    Were they taking notice to Slick looking at the speakers, is there something more going on here then they know about, or a little of both and everyone is in the dark?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Murphy might have got her hands on and purposely fudged the report to send them into a more delicate situation then they would realize. She just didn’t seem to like the players and she does seem like the kind of person to help the game along. If you know what I mean?

  13. Vulpis

    Those vectorcuffs continue to look a bit creepy (though this is in part due to have run across a few too many amputee-fetish artworks over the years).
    I’m presuming that they’re basically ‘portable hole’ technology, with the victim’s arms ‘vectored’ into some other space/location?

    Is it just me, or does Daisy’s face look odd somehow in the last couple of panels?

    Annnd…I’m kind of curious about this ‘Directive’ Daisy mentions–hopefully we’ll have Exposition Time in the next strip. 🙂

  14. The_Rippy_One

    Um…’Saws is doing that foot lift thing…but they aren’t kissing…are Daisy’s hugs just that good? Or is this just ship-teasing for the sake of teasing?

  15. Zai

    Hey, hey, heeey… doesn’t Daisy have an artificial leg!? And didn’t we see an impostor Daisy with two working biological legs a little while back? I don’t think this is the real deal…

  16. Shad

    @Vulpis Yes, you’re not the only one. i think dasiy’s face looks a bit…off, as well… but i can’t quite put my finger on why….maybe it’s the expression..?

  17. Rogue

    is it just me or does the silhouette make it look like both her legs are real flesh

  18. Jigsaw Forte

    @Jammah: Sometimes the spam filter eats a post or three when there’s links included. I usually fish it out before the day’s over when that happens.

    Also, this may help everyone else impatient for the answers: (Think like a living will, but for mental health.)

    Bad me! I should stop writing comics that involve research! :-p Really, though, Daisy’s comment isn’t about bribing the officials so much as it is “having the funds to afford the right lawyers to make a properly ironclad legal document”. Money is subtle like that.

  19. TomRedlion

    Several of the readers are commenting on the artificial leg looking like flesh and blood. I agree. This looks like a setup.

  20. Josh.C

    @Jigsaw Forte: Ah, I see.

    Hmmmmm…you probably would want a good lawyer to help you with that. I wonder if Ace would be as likely to misinterpret that like I did? :-p

  21. Sulucamas

    I would think that having an artificial leg that looks like the real thing would be a good thing! At least that seems to be one of the goals of modern prostheses. As cool as it looked, Daisy’s more mechanical-looking leg was likely never intended to be a permanent replacement. This new leg is probably better balanced, and may even restore sensory feedback through its artificial skin. I can’t see why Daisy (or anyone in her position) wouldn’t go with an improved model.

    @Josh.C: I thought Circle and Square were just talking about Slick noticing the speakers, but I agree that there’s more going on. Both the players and the people on the WDC were probably in the dark.

    It might have been Spirit of the Murphy’s Law pulling the strings, or it could have been somebody higher up. I imagine she follows orders with a passion. I also know what you mean about her being willing/eager to eliminate contestants; she blew Qin away for just hinting at his regained power! As an Org minion, though, she might just have it in for the Djinn in the cast.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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