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Battle Of The Braids

Battle Of The Braids

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13 Comments So Far...

  1. xXZeddXx

    That glitter musta tasted nasty

  2. Draconess

    Did his body just change?

  3. Ken Cypher

    Is it just me or is there something over the buttons to the side of the comic?

  4. Noir The Sable

    For a moment, I didn’t even notice that the comic had three extra panels on the right side. Who could the shooter be~?

  5. LeQuack147

    So it looks like he did get a boost from the glitter… but not enough to be bullet-proof. I find it funny that a supposed ancient vamp almost fell into the “Now I shall explain my evil plan” routine.

  6. Josh.C

    @Ken Cypher: I think that may be side paneling of what Qin read directly from her mind. Either she was hoping for that scenario or she simply thinks so poorly of dead inside that she suspected it to go that way.

    I have a feeling that Qin isn’t your typical vampire and it seems that he suspected they might give him grief about it.

    @xXZeddXx: I suspect it tastes like Pixie sticks.

  7. e_voyager

    no but his hair seems longer. love the side panel comic BTW

  8. xXZeddXx

    @Josh.C Well that sure changes everything

  9. nikolai60

    wait a second…is it possible that he didn’t keep the glitter himself? the way he dodges could imply he’s done something else with it…

  10. The_Rippy_One

    I was under the impression that glitter is a non-issue with people like Qin – I thought the issue was that he drank blood as part of the siphoning process to get the glitter out, which, given his vamp status, is a rather major issue…Or am I forgetting something about how nano-tech acts on the undead?

  11. Josh.C

    @The_Rippy_One: From what could be hinted at from his report. The people in charge aren’t really sure.

    But it sounds like rumors hinted to the ones in charge that glitter might advance their powers in odd and possibly powerful ways. What is posted at this sight only hints at a vampire having glitter is significantly more powerful then a vampire without it.

    I particularly like how Jigg’s wrote the possible uses in her fanfiction. Though any benefit in this story might be different here.

  12. Sulucamas

    “Magic” hair, retractable hand cannons, and walking nanite containers? YES. PLEASE.

    That’s some quality foresight Qin’s got there; I certainly wouldn’t put it past Spirit to be packing heat like that! (I’d thought the sepia filter was reserved for flashbacks, but I guess it can be used for imagined things too?)

    She’s not just gonna let this slide…

  13. RyGuy

    There is this scene in the film “Hell in the Pacific” that reminds me of this, as the two frenemies size each other up and anticipate hand to hand combat scenarios.

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