Take The Money!

Take The Money!

Footnote: Substitute “Abba” and “Eema” for “Father/Dad” and “Mother/Mom” respectively. The wonders of foreign languages…

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  1. nikolai60

    I’m pretty sure most of just about everyone reading this agrees with ABBA in the first panel.

    I’m also sensing that ABBA is a futuristic Talmi version of that dad that just can’t ask for directions or help, just in this case it involves intergalactic travel and one really rich dude.

  2. Salomus


    actually, from what I have gathered between this and the older strips, “Abba” is basically their term for “Dad”. Exhibit A: “Abba’s pissed. off to kill ‘Saw, I bet.” Likewise (from the way Sudoku addressed Meridian in the 06/22/07 page), “Eema” is the equivalent of “mum”. So therefore, Cypher is this newcomer’s dad, in some way. Must be one of those step-siblings hinted at in the strip from 5/18/11. On that note, it would also seem that Maggie (aka the Scout Arael impostor) is a step sibling as well, judging by a previous page’s title.

    Put short: “Abba” = “Dad”. This guy (and Maggie) are APPARENTLY step-siblings of Jigsaw and therefore step-children of Cypher (?). But then again, I could be completely wrong and just overthinking it.

  3. Salomus

    Oh, and Hooray for Meridian finally making another appearance!!!!!

    …Next up, Sudoku and Slider…

  4. Josh.C

    Being Star org must not pay well.^^

  5. Ken_Cypher

    …so that strip around his neck does NOT mean that he is a Priest. Check.

  6. The_Rippy_One

    Salomus…thanks for making that connection.

  7. nikolai60

    @Salomus I was fairly certain that Abba was short for his full name, but I could be wrong

  8. zarpaulus

    @Josh.C: Well, their real-life counterparts are supposed to live on 24 bucks a week.

  9. Josh.C

    @nikolai60 Actually I think Jigg’s explained it somewhere that it means some kind of family relation. Like Eema mentioned by the girl posing as Daisy. Mother or Father are probably fairly close to the meanings of those words.

    Though it makes me wonder if Daisy and the Cypher had a thing going on before he married Meridian?

    Though it could be that they had a more open relationship between all three of them.

  10. Sulucamas

    I know it’s the future and all, but he should probably try and get that nose of his set before too long… >_>

    @nikolai60: I definitely agree with Abba in the first panel, though I probably wouldn’t have complained at the opposite. 😉

    @Salomus: BOOM! Well put, good sir. 😀

    @Josh.C: Surely, three people don’t all get the same tattoo for nothin’. :3c

  11. DC

    So “abba” and “eema”, huh? Borrowed Yiddish/Hebrew terms for the Talmi’s language? Neat.

  12. Mujaki

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!

  13. nikolai60

    And thank you for the footnote ^_^ considering all that’s happened it’s a wonder that THAT’S what took up most of the conversation.

  14. nikolai60

    …yes i’m aware i’m technically the one responsible, but i figured most ppl would ignore my comment…

  15. Salomus

    I WIN!

  16. catldr

    Not dead! Not dead! *cheers*

  17. Puck

    I’ve spent the entire comic wondering if ‘Abba’ was called that because he’s a father.

  18. Jigsaw Forte

    @Puck “Abba” is Hebrew for “Father”, so… yes, but it’s on par with calling someone “Daddy”, so it’s a little more familiar of a term.

  19. Feral

    Here goes Jacek… I noticed those markings that magnolia has were similiar to cypher’s…

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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