To Be Fair, He Doesn’t Have That Much to Sacrifice.

To Be Fair, He Doesn’t Have That Much to Sacrifice.

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  1. Sabreur

    Huh? How are they getting scapegoat status here…? I guess they could catch the blame for Cypress’ nano-bath by virtue of proximity, but I still feel like I missed something.

  2. SuperSEGAFan

    … and THAT, kids, is why you should NEVER trust a rapist artisan.

    They ALWAYS have something sinister hidden in their seemingly harmless plans.

  3. Noir The Sable

    I’d imagine that the bumbling nincompoops who let her into the line of fire in the first place would get the blame firrrohcrapthatincludesmedoesntit

  4. Sulucamas

    Between the wounds, the toning, and the lack of weapons, they all seem like scapegoats to me. 🙁 No doubt he meant Andromeda, but still…dire straits.

    (Great expression on Addy in the third panel! 🙂 )

  5. Sharpshot4321

    Scapegoats, but not for what happened to Cypress. Cameras everywhere to say exactly what happened on that note.
    Scapegoats for the roaming groups of children and whoever is in charge of the station however…

  6. Ken Cypher

    I want to hate him for this. Really I do. But he has this “I’m a bastard, I KNOW I’m a bastard, and I am not happy about it” look on his face. I think he sees this as his “Shoot the dog” moment, or whatever the trope is called.

  7. Vulpis

    I feel like I’m missing something as well…and the impression I was getting was that Geisha was referring to *himself* as the scapegoat (because it was his idea, leaving him the scapegoat if it fails?).

  8. e_voyager

    it could be a little of both. remember veled promised that daisy and jigsaw would make it out of this show alive as long as jigsaw played by her rules. if daisy dyes because of geisha well it makes veled look bad especially if jigsaw survives to go on a rampage because of it.

    on top of that he may be acting under orders form cypress do dump them in the first conceivable no win situation. remember veled interviewed the contestants for what ever reason.

    as for what he doesn’t have to sacrifice well there is the trust and popularity angles. no one really trust him and only fools or sickos would like him know what he’s done. he probably doesn’t expect to get out of this alive either so he’s not giving ups his hope of freedom in that view either.

  9. MaveriKat

    I still think Geisha should’ve talked a certain goatee-wearing @$$hole to have been the “Scapegoat”.

    Ah well. We’ll see how things play out. If it goes bad… I’ll miss that little lady that lived in Jigsaw’s puch.

  10. nikolai60

    Look at the title and consider what’s going on, I think he’s volunteered himself as the scapegoat. If that’s true, I’m actually starting to like him. I hate the implication that they’re not going to make it *Veled isn’t going to be happy at all*, but I get the feeling that he’s going to be the one to suffer her wrath, and anyone who volunteers for that get’s points in my book, though I still wanna put a bullet in his heads.

  11. String Petoun Ping

    This is a bad situation where they all are into. Geisha know his chance to win are slim and he know that he will never be able to return to his old life even if he go through the whole game. Nobody will buy his art anymore. His future his bleak and he know that so he is more willing to take the bullet for the group. But I still expect him to have enough wits and survival instinct to do all in his power to escape the deathly sentence.

  12. Ken Cypher

    Nikolai: That urge to put a bullet through his head ~IS~ the sympathy talking. Veled getting her talons into him probably counts as a fate worse than death, after all.

  13. Sulucamas

    Andromeda isn’t the scapegoat/decoy? It’d certainly be noble for Geisha to take the blame for their deaths, but White’s still in charge, so it seems like he’d be the one held responsible. It may not even be a punishable issue, since people are expected to die on the show anyway.

    Veled may have made a promise, but she’d still come out ahead if she had no one left to keep it to. Scratch one former teammate, scratch one vampire. Now if Cypress were to bite it, I could see Veled really getting pissed.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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