Time To Hoof It!

Time To Hoof It!

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  1. nikolai60

    I’m guessing that’s some kinda ‘port-a-streacher’ that is super collapsable yes?

    I’d be about as angry about this as ‘Saw is, but the worst part is the guy has a point, on all counts. At least Seige has gotten over the initial shock.

    Also: I’m betting that android runs on some future version of Windows yes? Where else do you get that kind of report when something a bit more helpful is needed?

  2. Draconess

    Wonder what will happen to Jig and Daisy when the others are gone.
    And what of the other contestants? couldent one of them help Jig carry her?

  3. Sabreur

    … you know the world’s gone screwy when *Geisha* is the voice of reason. Side note, glowy yellow eyes of doom is probably a bad sign.

  4. Sulucamas

    Maybe it’s her glare of concentration, but Siege looks like she’s ready to get down to business! 😮 Here’s hoping she doesn’t suddenly get the feeling that she’s being used…

    @nikolai60: It may not be very helpful, but Jig did click through all the warning pop-ups on the last page. “The publisher could not be trusted. Are you sure you want to take this advice?”

    @Draconess: Addy and Slick (and Sedja) would probably be willing to help out, no?

  5. MaveriKat

    Oh my God in heaven, GEISHA is making sense! O_O

    Now you KNOW things are really bad for our heroes. Good luck to all of them!

  6. SuperSEGAFan

    Heh. I love how Gangrel even has her own Cybee-sized suit 😛

    Never saw that before, though. I wonder if Jigsaw made it for her (perhaps to help her feel like she’s really part of the team) or if it was issued to her by LR crew.

  7. Vulpis

    You know, it’s not the fact that Geisha is the one making sense that’s interesting here…it’s the fact that he’s doing it *and* has apparently lost that hissing accent he used to have.

    Then again, from what I can tell Geisha’s twisted, but not *stupid*–he’s well aware that this is *not* the time to be a pervert–plenty of time for that when it’s not his *own* a** that’s going to get owned if things don’t work out, unlike Mr. Pantsless Shoot’emAll…

    Either that…or ‘Geisha’ here is a ringer, who got replaced in the ‘fun and frolic’.

  8. TomRedlion

    Submit a bug report?
    Geisha Making sense? What has the world come to?

  9. hartree

    A buggy robot and a Zillan at the bottom of the pool. There’s gotta be a Bugzilla joke in there somewhere.

  10. String Petoun Ping

    @Vulpis : I am curious about the lack of accent. Did he was faking it all this time? I also agree that Geisha is smart. He can be dangerous but he never done something bad that he didn’t think that would advantage him. This make him a great assetthat you want keep an eye on it.You never want to have your back toward him when you begin to be a load to him.

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    Honestly, I’m wondering where y’all are picking up that Geisha has an accent. I checked the old strips to be sure, and It’ss not like he’ss sspeaking like thiss.

  12. e_voyager

    Geisha was a smart criminal just a sick one that liked Turing people int art pieces. it reminds me of the wise men of Gotham were the riddle “art thou? thou Art! art not when shot” appeared. so it’s not surprising that he would come up with a seemingly reasonable way to deal with the situation. he’d just biding his time to try and either escape or strike i’m not sure which.
    @jigsaw it’s his hair. they give the impression of an reptilian accent to his speech.
    @sabreur Considering that her eyes are normally orangeish i agree something is diffidently up.

  13. Sulucamas

    @Jigsaw Forte: I know I got it from the whole snake thing (…and totally misreading part of the previous page 😛 ). That and between the split jaw and the respirator, I figured there was bound to be some air escaping as a hiss. But if no hiss was intended, that works for me too. 🙂

    @Vulpis: I didn’t notice that he’d lost his accent, but it’d be awesome if this Geisha was an imposter! Considering how easily Maggie disguised herself as Daisy, it’s certainly a possibility. Can’t think of why he’d want/need to, but it would be a great way for Gabriel to hide himself in plain sight. 8)

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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