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Let’s Play “Ragging on the Man With The Gun!”

Let’s Play “Ragging on the Man With The Gun!”

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  1. Elora

    Holy shit! I’m more concerned with Daisy right now than I am with Jigsaw! Saw’s wounds are superficial compared to Daisy’s! Oh man! Spades you asshole!!

  2. TomRedlion

    Not good!

  3. Sharpshot4321

    Huh, so I was wrong. Ahh well.
    I still don’t see Daisy somehow dieing in the middle of a medical ship, but them NOT noticing Jigsaw as a vamp will be a lot harder.

  4. Lycanthrope

    Spades now gets to meet his first Dead-Inside in 3…2…1….

    I say he will be first to die when Jigsaw’s dead eyes pop open next panel.

  5. Ken_Cypher

    Ly: Excuse me? His second in command is a DI. White Noise’s second in command is a known Vampire, and thus DI. In his flashback he was hiding behind someone I think we ALL believe to be a DI. And lets not forget that Zombie that Slick shot. *Ponders* Did I miss any?

  6. nikolai60

    *running around in circles panicing*

  7. Vulpis

    Wait…I’m not sure if it’s a coloring error, but isn’t Daisy missing her cyberleg in this picture? I’m calling hallucination/illusion here…especially given Daisy’s attitude while supposedly dealing with a gaping gut wound.

    Of course, this may also be something that results in Jig breaking her promise not to ‘make more’, too…

  8. Sulucamas

    Hey, GORE! :D On Jig and Daisy? D:

    @Ken: Sedja? :P

    @Vulpis: Isn’t Daisy’s cyberleg just off the bottom of the page? I’d guess her badassitude here probably has more to do with her Galaxy Girl Scout training. :o

    Now, a vampire Daisy would be a real surprise! (if Jig knew how to pull it off…)

  9. Jigsaw Forte

    @Vulpis: Daisy’s leg has a stump that cuts off mid-thigh, around the “garter” point (below the buttocks). The line you’re seeing would imply more of a bikini cut if the leg started there, which would be a MUCH more painful and serious condition (sliced hip bones, abdominal damage, etc.) than merely ‘an amputated leg’.

    This is just a funny camera angle where the metal part of her leg isn’t in the shot.

    Ironically, the pain hasn’t hit Daisy yet. Jigsaw wouldn’t be in pain right now either, except that the gun that just exploded in her hand counts as burn damage…

  10. MaveriKat

    Man… the brutality of Jigsaw and Daisy’s wounds made me cringe… and I waited a week to see how this was turning out.

    I gotta say, I didn’t like him much before but I’ve lost any respect for Jason… what a jerk.

  11. e_voyager

    not just a jerk but a weak willed mind controlled jerk. i think that part of the reason he likes to keep sonny with him to keep him in line. then again maybe I’ve said too much.

  12. Vulpis

    @Jigsaw: Ah, my error then–I guess I’m too used to seeing cyberlegs that start at the hip joint.

  13. Yoyo007

    And this is here you notice you never have a Medic when you need one.
    Always take a Sandvich with you.
    (This is also here you notice some people play TF2 too much)

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