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How To Leave Out a Punchline

How To Leave Out a Punchline

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13 Comments So Far...

  1. Noir The Sable


    They can make audiovisual illusions.

  2. Sulucamas

    How does that expression go, about marrying someone who looks like your mother?! D:

    Hope Spades doesn’t flip out over this. They gotta save Cypress!

  3. Ken_Cypher

    Also, that jacket was his Mother’s. He’s going to want it back, and damn the consequences.

  4. TomRedlion

    That last panel has me slightly confused.

  5. nikolai60

    Either this’ll end kinda bad, with him helping but angry/confused, or this’ll end very bad, with him losing it again…

  6. Vulpis

    I’m figuring that last panel is a flashback of some sort, myself.

  7. Vulpis

    It’s kind of interesting seeing Daisy being the one to take charge of the situation, actually. All that scout and CEO practice being put to work, I guess. :-)

  8. Elora

    Oh boy. This is certainly gonna be interesting.

  9. Jigsaw Forte

    It is, in fact, a flashback. Apparently, it Needs More Sepia. :-p

    I was trying to mirror this page:

  10. The_Rippy_One

    I don’t think that’s his mom – the kid has a facial tattoo, and I think the arm tat is off – I think we are looking at his ex or his sister, and his younger brother from the use of an affectionate.

  11. hartree

    @ The_Rippy_One: Well, whoever she is, she’s got an awful lot of blood on her fist.

  12. Vulpis

    Looking at the Reader’s Page….I’m loving the chibi versions of the whole cast. :-)

  13. SuperSEGAFan

    @ The_Rippy_One: That must be his mum. She was a Djinn, after all – it says so on Jason’s cast page. Also, I believe that might in fact be a younger sibling. It clearly isn’t Jason himself. I just wonder why he/she (Im gonna go with a ‘she’ on this one) is saying that. Did Jason turn against his family or something? It looks like his mum is defending the kid from him.

    Will it ever be revealed why? Tune in next time for the truth – Only on Spades-O-Vision™!

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