Why Talking Is Still a Free Action

Why Talking Is Still a Free Action

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  1. nikolai60

    so wait, this is a celeste ability to modify reality itself? that can’t be good

  2. Sharpshot4321

    Ah, so the mystery language finally gets solved. Hebrew huh? Wonder why Jigsaw picked up a human language.

    And yes, you too can strip reality into tiny play things yourself in the LastRes0rt RPG.

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    @Sharpshot: Just like there’s GET (Galactic English Terth), there’s GAH (Galactic Araeli Hebrew). Both are considered the standards for their respective languages.

    Why they speak Hebrew on Arael in the first place is left as an exercise for the reader. 😉

  4. Moonfire

    Of course, since the entire planet Arael speaks it, it’s not so secret talking on the air in it. Maybe it wasn’t so wise a choice for Daisy?

  5. TomRedlion

    @Moonfire: You most likely have a VERY Good point there.

  6. Sulucamas

    Everybody loves Whimsy! 😛

    So just who is this powerful “somebody?” What happens when their Whimsy turns bloody? Are these transformations all illusion, or are things actually changing physically?! Regardless, controlling a Whimsy-generating follower/slave seems like a great way for Gabriel to control his other followers.

    Perhaps Daisy’s just using GAH to hide the message from the Celigans, who probably wouldn’t stoop to learning the (adopted?) language of their former slave race. If that’s not the case, then at least it’s a language Jig would know and most of the Connection wouldn’t. It’s not hard to imagine why the powers that be wouldn’t want folks to know about Whimsy.

    (…since ya already mentioned it: http://lastres0rtroleplay.webs.com/ )

  7. StupidN00bie

    HA! Who called it? ME! BOOYA!

    But now who is causing it, if not Gabriel? What fun this shall be!

  8. Sabreur

    Reality warping? Damn. I figured it was just tone-induced hallucinations or something…

  9. The_Rippy_One

    Gods! Preserve us from our fans!

    Especially the fan fiction…*shiver*

    Man, I remember when they had one of those in DC. The entertainment for that first month was trying to find and interact with those poor saps…then we got bored.

  10. Antione

    Some interesting animals and the colors are cool.

  11. random thinker

    if i had to guess whimsy is a localized effect and daisy is speaking Hebrew because she is wagering that the source doesn’t speak it

  12. random thinker

    huh i really should read the comments just noticed sulu’s post stating that its a generated effect… the pony forms makes me think its the first wing veled chick doing it

  13. Yehoshua

    Aww, I forgot all my Hebrew when I went to the united states at the age of thee.

  14. RyGuy

    Not surprised, really. In the Dune series, religious Jews will still be around in 25,000 years.

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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