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Keep The Camera Rolling

Keep The Camera Rolling

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14 Comments So Far...

  1. Elora

    Holy shit! What the hell is SHE THINKING?!! Oh wait, damn Tone!

    Crap, I hope she’ll be alright!

  2. nikolai60

    where’s an EMP when you need one?

  3. Sharpshot4321

    Strong possibility that the glitter themselves have EMP shielding, the tank does, or the entire ship would. Very nasty to lose your glitter, your glitter storage, or your entire ship to a EMP blast.

    As for the comic, really like the circle design of the glitter. And I wonder how long Cypress will last like that.

  4. Sabreur

    “I’m trying, meatbrain!” No points for guessing who said that. :-)

  5. nikolai60

    *just noticed* wonder where HE’S running off to?

  6. Sulucamas

    …(what Jigsaw said)… DX I hope Cypress’s scales are tougher to eat through than skin.

    Yeah, Xanatos is booking it! And he looks like he has a plan. Escape?

  7. Vulpis

    Maybe it’s a …Xanatos Gambit? ;-)

  8. TomRedlion

    @ Vulpis: You HAD to go There, didn’t you?!
    @Nikolai60: You took the comment right off my fingertips.

  9. e_voyager

    Survival is optional success is not.

  10. EvilSupahFly

    This is where the FIT hits the SHAN, know what I mean?

  11. Lycanthrope

    And I just noticed…Cypress jumped into the glitter completely nude. Presumably on-air. In the words of a friend of mine: “Oh…MY….”

  12. nikolai60

    @Lycanthrope she’s not nude man, she’s wearing a body suit, if she was nude she’d be green. mind out of gutter plz

  13. RyGuy

    Set her on fire quick! Fire destroys nanites! She can be healed later!

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