How Not To Deflect Suspicion

How Not To Deflect Suspicion

Footnote: Daisy’s not being completely accurate here: the appropriate species name is actually “Kyuun”.

Of course, when you’re talking about a species that could also be described as fire-breathing goats, saying “pony” is probably a smarter move just to reduce the odds of your friend discovering she’s a brand new fire hazard right away.

Second Footnote: Looks like Addy was right.

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  1. Draconess


  2. hariman

    Wait, what? I mean, I know Daisy wanted a pony for her 6th birthday, but I didn’t think she’d go and invent an automatic robot to pony alteration kit to make up for not getting one!

    On a potentially dying person note here, I think that Cypress is going to be a little worse for wear once that nano drains from that tank.

  3. nikolai60

    i’m not sure i can even BEGIN to figure out how the heck that happened

  4. Parou

    Hmmm.. glad you have highlighted that CG is actually a goat type…. I, like Daisy, thought initially that CG had become an equine type and I thought “Hey, CG is now a GG!” quickly followed by “Puns that bad deserve death”…

  5. Lycanthrope

    1: How did glitter get into the computer?

    2: When the glitter drains from the pool will Cypress still be naked or will SHE have changed as well

    Gonna be a long night that viewers are going to be talking about forever. Not to mention Cypress’ dad.

  6. nikolai60

    @Lycanthrope I already told you she wasn’t naked, she was wearing a body suit, mind out of gutter plz.

    The second footnote helps, but STILL leaves one very confused as to what’s going on.

  7. Elora

    O_O Oh crap.

    Um, first off, if Cypress is alive, then she’ll be really lucky. Second, Siege turning into a Kyuun after doing all that is not good. And third, yep, Addy was right.

  8. Noir The Sable

    Ah, now it makes more sense, remembering what Addy said.

    (It’s been a few busy weeks! So sue me!)

  9. Sulucamas

    ‘I AM NOT A PONY! I am a Kyuun, little human.’ Good thing White doesn’t actually breathe fire!

    So if it’s not the toning, and it’s not Sedja, then just what’s causing these seemingly random transformations? …an uncontrolled, stolen Celestial bioweapon at the bottom of the glitter tank?!

  10. Brunhidden

    now how does this fit into the plot?

    also, tattoo on buttocks time

  11. Ken_Cypher

    Err… Did Siege’s chest plate get more shapely after she transformed?

  12. hariman

    Hmmm. We can guess who is doing this. And when is easy. What’s happening is only partially clear. Why and how are the biggest questions.

    Why is the captain of this ship dropping Cypress in a glitter vat? Is it an attempt at mind control, transformation, murder or something else? How is he causing Siege to change?

    This seems like a murder plot, with elements of mind screw to keep the players off balance. But I’m not going to discount our celeste villain trying to convert Cypress like he has the children on the ship.

  13. Sulucamas

    @hariman: I don’t think Gabriel is a Celeste, but these kinds of transformations could definitely be done by a powerful Celeste (like, say, Veled). Also, it doesn’t seem like anyone wanted Cypress in the tank, not even Gabriel’s followers. But who knows? Maybe this really is all just one big Xanatos Gambit. 😉

  14. Jacque

    Reminds me of Gunnerkrigg.

  15. Sabreur

    I keep trying to come up with something intelligent to say, but I can’t. It’s like the last two panels just shut off my brain. I can process all the words and pictures, but when I put them together my mind just bluescreens.

    Either way, looking forward to finding out just what the exact hell is going on here.

  16. Emma

    No, Daisy, I can’t say I’ve ever seen that happen

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