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Bowling For Bozos

Bowling For Bozos

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10 Comments So Far...

  1. Ken_Cypher

    Oh, good going, Little Miss Peg Leg! Mention water to the mindraped Gater Gal while right next to a vat of deadly liquid-like substance!


    Twenty Internet Explorer Cookies on Jigsaw getting pushed in. Any takers?

  2. Sharpshot4321

    Something tells me that Vampire or no, being ripped apart on a cellular level isn’t something anyone can live through.

  3. hartree

    Yeah, Ken_Cypher, trying to keep Cypress out of the nanos will be a problem. But, on the other hand, seeing Xanatos get trampled as she rushes in almost makes it worth it. :)

  4. nikolai60

    @Ken_Cipher that bet’s an iffy one at best, but I’m tempted to go for it.

    either way, this would fall into the category of bad

  5. e_voyager

    i wonder if the princesses efreet could survive that considering what she did to that one winged boy.

  6. Sulucamas

    Cypress, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 8-O

    @Ken_Cypher: I’ll take that bet. :-) Cypress looks like she’s moving too fast to catch, unless Xanatos can somehow hold her back. Seems like the perfect time for Jig to give Siege a psychic suggestion to close/shut off that tank!

    (Diggin’ the shared word bubble and the subtle action lines on Daisy.)

  7. EvilSupahFly

    Wow… SOMEBODY needs to learn some TACT…! *lol*

  8. Emma

    oooohhh SHIT!

  9. RyGuy

    Liquid lizard. A tasty beverage for roadrunners.

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