Ride That Rocket!

Ride That Rocket!

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  1. Ken_Cypher

    I hope she takes a shower after this… X_x;

  2. Sabreur

    That… was one of the most singularly disgusting things I’ve ever seen. One hell of a non-lethal deterrent, though.

  3. nikolai60

    i think i’m gonna….*leaves for the can*


    that was a very…clever…method of dealing with the situation. and it further shows that Sedja, though feared as she is (being efreet), really doesn’t live up to the ‘merciless killer’ vibe that everyone seems to stick with her kind.

    Also, that final panel, as she’s calling them back…is it me, or does that hint at a bit of naivitie on her part? (as in: even though it should be glaringly obvious, she doesn’t understand why they ran)

  4. nikolai60

    *ok fine, so maybe it’s not really all that much of a ‘hint’ *

  5. Noir The Sable


    Well, at least that is a good deterrent…

  6. MadMann135

    Brilliant if not eerie (disgusting) way of defusing a non-hostile situation.

  7. Elora

    What a brilliant, if not revolting, way of deterrent.

  8. The_Rippy_One

    My love of Sedja grows – she’s found a way to teach stupid!

  9. hartree

    Sedja. The perfect riot control weapon.

    “Disperse immediately, or Sedja will make you each puke. And she will NOT wash up in between.”

    I’d be so outa there.

  10. 13yaroza

    RAINBOW PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 this page forever! This is better than fan service ^^

  11. Vulpis

    Well, this gives a whole new meaning to the old term ‘technicolor yawn’…

  12. Lycanthrope

    Someone has to say it:


  13. Sulucamas

    I hope I NEVER see a pair of glowing eyes in my vomit! :mrgreen:

    When I read “TAKE COVER,” I thought for a sec that she might asplode him in half. Vomiting was definitely a more judicious way of handling The Stupid. Way to go Sedja!

  14. Jaeson Nightstalker

    Just seeing/reading that made my nose hurt, and want to vomit.

  15. T-rev

    holy crap! that would suck to go through.

  16. EvilSupahFly

    Wow…. I don’t know if I should laugh or be grossed out… *lol*

  17. TomRedlion

    Sedja doesn’t look terribly happy in that 4th panel. Then again…

  18. hariman

    I keep trying to think of something to say about this page, but I’m honestly almost completely nonplussed. About the only thing I can think to say is that now I’m REALLY sure I wouldn’t want to meet Sedja in a dark alley. Or a light alley. Or in any circumstance where she could perceive me as an enemy.

    I like the character, I’m curious about her past, but she’s as scary as… as… something really scary. No wonder Efreets are so feared.

  19. T III

    Her lines in the last panel crack me up 🙂

  20. RyGuy


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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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