It’s Universal!

It’s Universal!

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  1. MadMann135

    There is more to this than meets the eye.
    Sedja is my kind of Efreet, noble and honorable.

  2. Ken_Cypher

    Non-Mind controled innosents! I so called that. The fact that they were children… not so much. But still, one takes what one can get.

  3. nikolai60

    I’m liking Sedja more and more, calling her out was a good idea, since unlike bullets she can tell friend from foe. I’ve gotta agree with her though, it’s not hard to understand stupid when confronted…

  4. hariman

    Oh God, that bastard Gabriel Damascus is using CHILDREN!?

    I’m not too surprised, but I am horrified at the implications. If Arikos is any indicator of Celeste gone power crazy, then there’s a good possibility that at least some of those children are Gabriel’s get.

    Kudos on Sedja for being a “smart weapon”. “Oh shit” for the trap of brainwashed children.

  5. The_Rippy_One

    Mama could fix a lot, but ain’t nobody able to fix stupid.

  6. Lycanthrope

    “Children” can have more than one context, but brainless is pretty straightforward. In this case “non-mind” would be the correct usage.

  7. e_voyager

    wow good move. i don’t know if we’re in trouble but come and make sure everything is okay and smash and bad guys that you see.

  8. Elora

    I’m really digging Sejda here. Also, I’m glad that Addy sent her out first. So much for Slick’s “shoot or scoot”

  9. Sulucamas

    Stupid and scared. I bet that kid probably hasn’t received much formal Celeste training (like how to properly handle an Efreet). Maybe he’s been with Gabriel for a long time. 😐

    It’s so great to see Sedja become a cool character, on top of already being a really cool weapon!

  10. hariman

    *Laughs out loud* I just caught the “jiggle” unsound effect in the first panel! Apparently, that armor and suit lack proper support.

    Now where’s that devil horned smiley?

  11. EvilSupahFly

    I love that final remark in the last panel: “Everyone can translate the Stupid!”

    It brings to mind a memorable line from Robert A. Heinlein’s 1941 short story “Logic of Empire” which goes something like this: “You have attributed conditions to villainy that simply result from stupidity.”

    Though, in this case, the malice is a direct result of the stupidity, so perhaps the quote isn’t a apt as I thought?

  12. TomRedlion

    Sedja is the ultimate Smart weapon.
    Vs. the usual ID10T enemy, no less. And stupid usually does advertise itself.

  13. TomRedlion

    And I love Sedja’s confused expression in the second panel.

  14. betaclone17

    can anyone please explain what the heck is going on? i’ve been confused since the start of volume 2! what was that at the begining? a memory? did jigsaw leave last resort for a little and then come back or what?!?! im so confused!! please help!!!

  15. Sulucamas

    @betaclone17: That whole sequence at the beginning was all real (as far as I can tell). Jigsaw doesn’t have to be chained up all the time since she’s an Executioner, so she went out to the “Little Arael” district of the Last Res0rt station to meet with Binary and Melody. She was disguised so she wouldn’t get mobbed by fans of the show. After the blood hit the fan, Binary rushed her back to her quarters, and Melody worked to cover up what had happened.

    From there things transition pretty abruptly to the beginning of the next episode of the show. I could see how that might make everything prior seem like a dream/memory. 🙂

  16. nikolai60

    I ‘was’ going to comment on how innocent Sejda looks in the 2nd panel…then I saw harimans comment and I just can’t get innocent to fit…I didn’t even see that the first time…

  17. hariman

    I don’t think innocent fits Sedja at all. (It’s the killing thing that throws me off.) To me, the second panel looks more startled and baffled than anything else. Although, just because there’s “jiggle” effect drawn in, it doesn’t mean that Sedja is the dirty minded one.

    This makes me wonder how much Sedja has been outside of the pendant. She might actually be pretty innocent, depending on her origins. Just being an efreet raises the question of why she’s an efreet and how she became one.

  18. Sulucamas

    Oh, ya mean the ol’ “Screech-Jiggle” effect? 😈 😉 Well-placed comic relief! 😛

    I really hope we eventually get to learn more about Sedja’s origins. Some of Jig’s art shows her before she was Dead Inside, and she looks pretty innocent to me (also, a lot smaller). But then again, this is coming from a place with warrior princesses who speak about dying with dignity, so any innocence is prolly relative here. 🙄

  19. 13yaroza

    hmm… this needs more fan serv… *I MEAN MORE EXPLOSIONS* 😀 No but in all seriousness this comic is really awesome I hope to story keeps going for a long time!

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