Uh Oh.

Uh Oh.

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  1. nikolai60

    and this is bad…very very bad…

    in other news: we see the true usefullness of the Star Org

  2. Nifar

    Well now. This should be interesting.

  3. StringPetounPing

    @nikolai60: There suppose to have a whole platoon in this chapter, our dear author cannot wait forever before put a situation where they will be required again.

  4. Ken_Cypher

    Oh snap, kupo, and snarfer! If this doesn’t turn out to be the LAST ep they ever do, it will sure be the last one they broadcast LIVE ON AIR!


    Diamand Saw form requires nanites (and oversoul). Glitter IS nanites. A lot of disposable extras are about to so swimming in a pool of glitter and may perhaps knock Jigsaw in as well….

    Kupo! Kupo kupo KUPO! *Bangs head agenst desk*

  5. Noir The Sable

    @Ken_Cypher: Whatever Do You Mean, Sir?

    There Are No Problems Here.

    Move Along Now, And Have A Nice Day.

    (Side note: hooray for cameos!! After a lot of RL craziness going on over on this side, this was an awesome surprise!)

  6. Vulpis

    Oh dear…one might hope that Veled *is* still lurking around some place. Even if she does tend to go for the ‘tough love’ solution if people are *lucky*.

  7. Elora

    O_O Uh oh, this just went downhill fast!

  8. nikolai60

    @StringPetounPing dear lord a whole platoon? if a few caused so much trouble before, what will happen with a platoon….

    also, idiot me must have been REALLY tired last night: congrats on the latest additions to the cameo list ^_^

  9. Janus

    Next heard on Last Res0rt: “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission…”

  10. Noxkitsune

    Question: If speakers mangle tones (except the special ones), why are the star org people in the room Cypress is viewing from affected? Are they close enough to hear the actual tone?

  11. nikolai60

    @Noxkitsune you missed what they were talking about. those speakers are apparently designed to carry tones, and Cy and her troopers have set up shop in a ‘protected’ part of the ship.

  12. nikolai60

    i just thought of something…the tones look like they’re coming out in another language, i understand people being compelled to obey, but how do you obey a command in a language you don’t understand? or do all the Star Org as well as Cy understand that?

  13. Noir The Sable

    @nikolai60 — I think it’s meant to be a ‘you-hear-it-in-your-head-in-your-own-language’ kind of thing.

    Either that, or there’s a second galactic Lingua Fraca aside from English/Common/Whathaveyou.

  14. Sulucamas

    @Ken_Cypher: That’s a recipe for instant awesome! Just add Jigsaw. Cook until you see wings. 😀

    @nikolai60: I bet Noir’s right about the universality of Toning. The Celeste probably wouldn’t want anything to get lost in translation.

    Now I’d really like to know what language that writing’s in. I thought it was just the Higher Calling, but it was written on the corridor wall earlier, so it must be legible to the ship’s inhabitants. Maybe it’s just the alphabet for Galactic English Terth.

    Here’s the message:


    Here’s hoping White can get things under control before someone completes all of the instructions! 😛

  15. Vulpis

    @Sulucamas Well, given that some wouldn’t mind letting them get through the ‘Strip all weapons and clothing’ part first.. 😉

  16. Woulfe

    Uh-Oh… I wonder if dragons are immune to whatever-the-heck that stuff is. I dun wanna be wash-brained!

  17. TomRedlion

    Pear shaped now fails to describe the situation.

  18. Noir The Sable

    @TomRedlion Wahooni-shaped more like by now.

  19. Vulpis

    Meanwhile, given the combination of ‘forcefield’ and ‘walk’, I’m very much hoping this setting doesn’t share a habit of the Star Wars and Trek ones where they tend to use ‘permeable shields’ instead of or in addition to airlock doors…

  20. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Ya mean like this? http://www.lastres0rt.com/2008/09/and-still-no-george-lucas-love-story/ 🙁

    With that fancy glitter pool, it seems like the “SAVE YOU” part of the message might turn out to be misleading…

  21. hartree

    @Sulucamas: “SAVE YOU” can also mean store you in some way for later use.

    Ask a canned salmon what it thinks of the way it was “saved”. 😉

  22. Sulucamas

    @hartree: Doh! XD

    So who’d get to enjoy this theoretical can of salmon first? Jigsaw or Gabriel? (WTF would he even do with it?!)

  23. nikolai60

    Hear it in your own language is cool, probably that.

    Also, permeable forcefields for the…is that win or fail..?

  24. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: Are you thinking this’ll lead to an unintended spacewalk or a sudden loss of cabin pressure (or both!)?

    In that case, permeable forcefields for the fail!

    Ima guessin’ Cy is headed onto the White Diamond Crisis.

  25. random thinker

    my theory on why its not affecting jigsaw and the others is this the speakers are still mangling the tones BUT the camera things following them are un-mangling the tones, basically the mics are taking the mangled tones and filtering them back to an understandable state(thus why jigsaw and company aren’t being affected by the spam but the others are)

  26. nikolai60

    I thought they were already on the ship, but the forcefields kept them out of harms way…supposedly….

    Also, maybe they’re not effected cause they’re not the targets? There’s also the “light child”/”Talim”/”Anyr” reasoning…at least partially, from the resistance traits

  27. Kermit

    That big tone message in the top panel actually consists of four lines repeating. Much of it is blocked, but because of the repetition I was able to piece most of it together by looking for overlapping sections:

    “Drop your weapons! You are performing an illegal action and
    ust cease immediately!Turn yourself in! When you approach t
    e forces, strip yourself of all weapons and clothing, and acc
    ume the party escort [OBSTRUCTED] we can save you”

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