Just Ask Her!

Just Ask Her!

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  1. hariman

    Well, Siege having a readable mind is a surprise. And isn’t Xanatos the one with the “Traitor’s Ear”?

    This should be interesting!

  2. Abeo

    One would think that said “robot” being in prison would speak to their value as a person. They don’t put appliances in prison after all.

  3. hartree

    “What would Daisy do?”

    Galaxy Girl Scouts to the rescue!

    (Even if one was just a high school scout. 😉

  4. Parou

    Well, well, well… there may be something to CGs belief that she is not just a robot!
    And won’t Xanatos be so happy to have been left with CG considering how well they get along. Jig, I don’t think he’ll thank you for this! 😉
    Also yet again we see why it is fitting Silk has been made leader…. his military experience makes him a natural motivator of his ‘troops’ even if he has to be a bit harsh with ’em to make his point……

  5. Elora

    Well, there has to be a reason why she and Daisy weren’t affected (I’m guessing because Jig’s a vampire and Daisy’s autistic (and judging from the mess of a few weeks ago, so’s her daughter). Slick and Jason weren’t affected, either, and neither was Alice, if I’m thinking right.

    Anyway, I’m glad that Jigsaw’s using her head.

    At least Siege has someone on her side who actually believes her.

    Also, I dug through the archives a bit and I was wondering why the scout outfits for Binary (the current Scout Arael) and Daisy/Maggie (old Scout Arael/impostor).

  6. Elora

    *facepalm* I mean, why are the outfits different for Binary and Daisy as the scouts?

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    @Elora: The outfits change based on the current scout’s preferences / initial uniform (different schools / localities insist on different uniforms).

    There’s a “basic uniform” for each planet, but as long as the outfit matches the basic uniform’s standards and incorporates that planet’s colors, it’s a legit outfit. So for example, if Jigsaw had become a higher-up scout, her sleeves would’ve become longer and she’d have added a medallion to the outfit over her bow, but that’s about it. (Oh, and an undersuit of armor along with the shrapnel forcefield. They really insist that the scouts wear those now for some reason… you can thank Arael for that.)

  8. Elora

    @Jigsaw Forte:
    Oh, I see.

    Gee, I wonder why…;)

  9. Sulucamas

    So, is Siege shutting down the glitter tank, or just finding out who’s using it? Or both? (Also, cool that she’s a cyborg.)

    @hartree: What do you think the odds are of a henshin sequence somewhere (way) down the road? XD

    @Jigsaw Forte: Is that thanks to Scout Arael from The Year of Fear, or to planet Arael being a “hive of terror?”

  10. nikolai60

    *late comment is late*

    well, that answers one question, and raises so many more.

    and that new armor…i hope it helps…though it doesn’t really seem to work against headshots…

  11. Kingman

    Great now all I can think of is WWDD bracelets. What Would Daisy Do? 😛

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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