She Doesn’t Like The Big Bow in the Back.

She Doesn’t Like The Big Bow in the Back.

Footnote: Because I know someone‘s going to ask…

Jigsaw’s Galaxy Girl Scout outfit may look like any other outfit to the untrained eye, but it’s marked as a High School / Secondary School Outfit thanks to two key details:

  1. No Medallion. Only Planetary Scouts have those.
  2. Araeli scouts use the sleeve length of their jeogori jackets to distinguish between each other — the longer the sleeve, the higher the rank. As you can probably guess, Jigsaw’s wearing the shortest length.

Second Footnote: … What? You mean you want to know how they got out of Wonder without getting harassed by the Star Org, let alone by a mob of fans going after Jigsaw?

Travelling with a Touched who can just tell people not to bother you works wonders, apparently.

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26 Comments So Far...

  1. nikolai60

    well, at least sniper boy won’t be causing any more problems….i hope….

    looks like Binary’s a bit colder than we first believed, either that or speaking without thinking

    and finally, cause i just have to


  2. Ken_Cypher

    Yah, but will he STAY dead? We don’t know what will and will not trigger a vampire turning, and neather does Jigsaw.

  3. MadMann135

    An Ex-high school Galaxy scout becoming a vampire and killing a sniper that tried to kill her. So many things wrong with that.
    On the plus side, she got a meal and probably won’t be hungry for a while.

  4. Stupid N00bie

    Well, crap. I was hoping my guy would pull through at least one engagement.
    A non-zero chance of death indeed. I should have known bad things were going to happen when jigsaw said she needed a sniper.

  5. hartree

    Beacon indeed! Just after a demonstration led by a phony Areal, and all she has to wear is a scout outfit with the same symbols on it? That’s either incredibly good luck or incredibly bad luck, and I’m not sure which.

  6. Janus

    If the situation were lighter than it is now, that outfit would qualify for fanservice. :b

  7. nikolai60

    Dude, at no point was there a zero chance of dying, it was a reduced chance. Even so, your guy has gotten a MUCH larger role than paid for, both in appearances and in importance.

  8. pyrocajun


  9. nikolai60

    Anyone else see the irony in who’s wearing what?

  10. Vulpis

    Actually…it might be a better disguise than we think–other than the ringleader, were there any other people wearing Scout-type outfits in that crowd? I can’t recall, and am doing too many other things at the moment to go check. :-/

  11. hartree

    @Vulpis: Exactly. It could be either good or bad. The uniform may make someone think she’s one of the protestors trying to run away and get her picked up. But, it may also make them think she’s just another one of the crowd of protestors trying to get away and thus let her be ignored or disregarded even if she is picked up.

  12. Sulucamas

    So that’s the old Leather and Lace. 🙂

    @nikolai60: It is pretty ironic that Scout Arael is wearing the Team Andromeda colors while the Andromeda Captain puts on a Scout uniform. 😉

    @Stupid N00bie: Sorry about Strand. I’d be bummed too, even with a warning of expendability. Here’s hoping he’ll be back…

    Also, it looks like E-8 does wonders for bullet wounds!

  13. nikolai60

    irony aside, this should work well, cause everyone knows Binary is Areal in charge, perhaps they’ll think she brought ‘Saw along to aid in dealing with a rogue agent.

  14. Tom Redlion

    Crazy desperate is as crazy desperate does.

  15. Pseudo

    This qualifies as fanservice in my eyes, even if the situation is heavy. Especially generous so quickly after her interview with Ziligo. How can we tell if WE like the big bow in the back without seeing it?

  16. nikolai60

    I went a whole day without letting the fanboy get the better of me but…we can haz a Jigsaw Scout wallpaper plz? *puppydog eyes*

  17. Obsidiankat

    anyone notice that that uniform looks like a corset or is it just me

  18. EvilSupahFly

    So… is he going to come back or not?

  19. Sulucamas

    I want him to come back…but those glassy eyes don’t look too good. Kuvaela seemed to pop right back up, but she probably had the glitter of a super soldier, so maybe it’ll take longer for Strand. Maybe he lost all of his glitter with his blood.

    So, from the footnotes, Jigsaw and Binary made a clean getaway? Those cameras are still a problem, but I’m hoping Melody will take care of them somehow. Is it time for episode three?

  20. e_voyager

    some say that scouts are prepared for anything. i wonder if jigsaw would disagree after fining out she has a killer personality sleeping on the other side of her soul.

  21. Elora

    It sure can!

  22. nikolai60

    well, it would appear as though we spent more time concerning ourselves with the fanservice than discussing various facts, oh well, ONE MORE DAY

  23. SeaCrest

    I have a question…if the LONGER the sleeves are, the HIGHER the rank, how come Arael has NO sleeves? :/

  24. Jigsaw Forte

    @SeaCrest: She’s not in uniform in this page.

    In uniform, she has full-length sleeves, as shown in her adventure a few pages ago.

  25. PFoxen

    What I love (as I re-read this to catch up) is that ‘saw “just happens” to have her old Scout clothes as a change. Something is afoot, I can’t imagine she hauls the old GGS uniform around everywhere she goes.

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