Mostly Silent, But Still Deadly.

Mostly Silent, But Still Deadly.

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  1. Noir The Sable


    Vampire sniper anyone?

  2. nikolai60

    gun broken, yes, ripped apart or otherwise very messy death….not so much, now we get to sit for another week in suspense wondering if he turns of if she completely drained him.

    Either way it would seem that her two….’halves’….have different priorities.

  3. Brunhidden

    uhm, medic?

    wonder how good jiggy is at ‘ninja vanish’ considering how well she did getting up there

  4. hartree

    Hark! Do I hear Emperor Palpatine cackling in the background?

    Somehow I think Veled will not be pleased…

  5. MadMann135

    Considering Jigsaw was shot and went all red eyed afterwords, a ‘high energy drink’ was what she really needed. Still not a bad way to rack up a first kill, He did try to kill her to begin with.

  6. Eagle0600

    Vampires and Werewolves have many things in common. Uncontrollable appetite, against the desires of the infected being, is one of them.

  7. hartree

    @MadMann135: Since she was sipping on an enlisted rank, my drink related thought was: “Wow! I could have had an E-8!”

  8. Sulucamas

    That is one epic “No”! Luke would be proud. 😉 And what a surprise. 😀 I guess it was a blind rage. Now where are Melody’s cover-up wings when you need them?

    Will Strand make it? That was a lot of blood in the background, and the title is telling…but maybe Binary can help. 🙁

  9. nikolai60


    Oh boy, this won’t end well, and Veled gets to be mad at EVERYBODY

  10. Janus

    I find the way she depicted the actual drinking (ie, subtly, with the splatter on the background) quite neat.

  11. Sulucamas

    Who said anything about telling Veled?! It’s time to call Victor the Cleaner, or maybe just take the head and neck, so nobody finds the bite marks.

    Also, Jig hasn’t technically violated Veled’s terms: “Don’t alert…any other vampires, and don’t make new ones.” I’m hoping that didn’t count as an embrace!

    @Janus: It is pretty classy. I also like the way the three panels in the lower carry your eye toward the last frame. 🙂

  12. Xavier Price

    There goes poor Private Expendable.

  13. Tom Redlion

    Yup. It’s ending badly.

  14. hartree

    @Sulucamas and nikolai60: There’s more security cams and such around this place than downtown London, so just disappearing probly won’t work.

    Melody may be Jig’s best chance if she uses her pull to cover this up.

    Also, better make sure that body stays permanently dead. I don’t think Veled will cry over a dead Star Org trooper, but another vampire would be a real no no.

  15. EvilSupahFly

    Do you think “Self Defence” would hold up for a vampire?

  16. Sulucamas

    @hartree and nikolai60: Crap, you’re right about the cameras, like in the first page of this book. @Vulpis once wondered if Jig was recognizable as a vampire, and I’m guessing she totally is. So the folks in the control room have been watching this whole time, and THEY’RE the ones, The Endless, we don’t want finding out about Jig. This is looking a lot worse than I thought. 🙁

    Body disposal will still be key to any cover up attempt. How will they do it? Incineration? Nanite digestion? Hammerspace storage?

    @Noir the Sable: I don’t know about a vampire sniper, but I bet a zombie sniper is a very real possibility. DX

  17. nikolai60

    Those cameras are going to cause SO MUCH FREAKING TROUBLE…and Veled’s going to go on a nice killing spree for a coverup, wonderful. There’s probably going to be a holy war over this, let’s just hope that our poor sniper friend doesn’t come back to help fight it.

    And yes, the scene is in much better taste than many other series’ versions of drinking blood.

  18. EvilSupahFly

    Well, I see my ponderings from the 5/30 post were answered (on, and I guess Jigsaw would have had to have been moving pretty damn fast indeed. It’s true that snipers have a harder time with a moving target which is exponentially proportionate to the target’s velocity and direction of approach.

    Now, given what we’ve seen so far about dead versus REALLY DEAD versus Dead to the ƞth Degree, if this guy comes back (or even survived at all, however unlikely that is), how effective would he be as a sniper? Zombies are diametrically opposed to vampires, aren’t they? Vampires are quick and agile but zombies are slow and lethargic?

  19. nikolai60

    Snipers do have a hard time hitting moving targets, they seem to ALWAYS have to wait for the perfect shot, never risking an earlier shot, even when it’s the only way to survive *like now*. Battlefield marksmen have an easier time since all they do is unload as fast as they can at a distance, and even though he fired a second shot, he CLEARLY isn’t a battlefield marksman. Same weapons, different styles.

    As for what’s going on with the dead vs undead vs everything else. I’d say that this guy turning Vampire is the most likely end, considering how he died. A zombie sniper probably won’t be too much of a threat, dump ammo into him or get Binary to slice him in half and problem solved. A vampire sniper….well that would be a bit more of a problem, and easiest answer is to evacuate, open an airlock, and pray.

  20. Silver Guardian

    Ohhhh dear.

    Looks like someone’s having a “sunrise” moment.

  21. Sulucamas

    Veled, in the control room, ripping out spines? 😀 😉

    A zombie sniper might not be so bad. Maybe their slowness would translate into steady hands and steady aim. Then again, these vampires don’t have a heartbeat (?) and don’t need to breathe, so they’d make for demonic marksmen! Speaking of not breathing…could one of these vamps survive in a vacuum (@nikolai60)?

    I really don’t think Mordecai will become a vampire. That’s supposed to require an “Embrace,” and that seems a little more special than a bite on the neck. But the bite could have been traumatic enough to Shatter his soul before killing him, turning him into a zombie. (…I think. 🙂 )

  22. nikolai60

    True vampires lack some of the weaknesses of regular people, but I still feel that the empty vacuum would be more than enough to kill one. I’m not going to explain the physics of it cause we’ll ALL be bored.

    As for Mordecai, perhaps you’re right, no embrace = no vampire. So he’s either dead, undead, or alive but in bad condition, still options that his superiors might not like. Zombie in particular could cause problems, cause ‘saw might not be able to go all out again now that she’s in panic mode.

  23. hartree

    Aaaaand, it looks like we commented for another whole week. My vote is that we’re both loyal fans and nutters with no lives, but YMMV.

  24. nikolai60

    well, whatever we are, i don’t think anyone’s gonna complain

  25. pyrocajun

    She should have kept the gun, man. Might come in handy in the future.

    BTW, hey Rachael! It’s been a loooooong time; do you remember me from DA?

  26. MadMann135

    Wait, hearing that the liquid in their bodies, specifically in the blood, will evaporate through their orifices and eyes is boring? …Where are you from?

  27. nikolai60

    uh…i’m from…well…someplace…kinda close to earth…sorta…

    and i was gonna be more technical, but yeah, i suppose that description works to

  28. e_voyager

    never got on jigsaw’s bad side. case then her good side can’t save you.

  29. Evonix

    Blind rage has momentum.

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