They Have A Real Step-Sibling Rivalry Going.

They Have A Real Step-Sibling Rivalry Going.

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30 Comments So Far...

  1. Draconess

    What just happened?

  2. Adrian

    What ↑ said. I’m confused.

  3. nikolai60

    i think she just messed with the tele-prompter

  4. Lycanthrope

    Someone just got Rick-Rolled.

    And I want to know what a panty scanner is, and where can we buy one.

  5. hartree

    Look closely at the reversed writing on “Ariel’s” autie lens in the last frame and all will be revealed. 😉

  6. Janus

    ….ahahahaha. Rolled!

  7. Sulucamas

    Mini Dancing Jigsaw FTW!

    That title for the page is quite a bombshell. I’m guessing Jigsaw just read her mind when we weren’t looking. Now I REALLY don’t want her to end up like Sally.

    @hartree: Nice catch on the Autie message! I can barely read it.

    “…STEP!” as in ‘WATCH YOUR STEP!’?

  8. Xavier Price


  9. Rieza

    Sounds like she was about to rick roll a mob

  10. Utanith

    I’d have never figured out what that lens at the end says without the title of this strip >.>;

  11. Noir The Sable

    @Utanith — It says “Busted!”

  12. Maverick

    Haha, the rick roll. Very well done.

    *makes note not to read teleprompters to the letter*

  13. Vulpis

    Wait…so *is* this actually Daisy after all, or is does Jigsaw have *other* step-siblings around? (I know we saw others in her family before, but I thought they were full sibs rather than step-sibs.)

  14. Sulucamas

    @Vulpis: You’re right that sibs we’ve seen before are full-sibs. (

    With the title of the page and this (, it seems like Jigsaw has some step-sibs that we don’t know much about…yet….


  15. Tom Redlion

    Not to self: Always rehearse and memorize speeches before performance. Also remember to write them on hard media such as non-electronic paper.
    that way, nobody can alter my rant in mid-speech.

    Smooth move, ‘Saw. Though I think her cybee doll had something to do with it too….

  16. Elora

    Hehehe! Someone got Rick-rolled! Nice one, ‘Saw!

  17. EvilSupahFly

    Wait… incident with the panty scanner?

    Also, I zoomed the image to 600%, and I can verify the above claim (↑) that it says “Busted” on the glasses. *lol*

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    @Everyone: Yes, it says “Busted!” on the glasses in the last panel.

    I figured it was a nice touch.

  19. Sydonai

    Rotflmao, RICKROLL!

  20. Draconess

    If you look at the comic titled paw in mouth, the woman in the middle pnel is wearing the smae device on her neck as the fake scout is wearing on her sash. she also looks a little like Jigsaw. It might be her relative.

  21. e_voyager

    Lol’s. Yes Jigsaw that was perfect but it’s the dancing mini Jig that caught my attention most. Do we even want to know that she’s talking about?

  22. Noxkitsune

    I called this in my comments a few comics back!… sorta.

  23. Shrikefox

    Yet another reason to use note cards or, my personal favorite, wing it.

  24. Sulucamas

    @Noxkitsune: 8U That’s crazy! I never would have guessed it (which is probably why it’s so funny!).

  25. Amoxil

    Rage Against The Machine!! Wooo! (They’re so hot!)

  26. Nasrudith

    How did Rickrolling survive for so long and for such great distances?

  27. earth

    oooh, i get it! rick rolled the glasses so they only say the rick roll song! hah, that was perfect timing

  28. Emma

    Oh God, rickrolling. I laughed so hard

  29. Metaldog007

    Good way to even!

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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