Speech! Speech!! SPEECH!!!

Speech! Speech!! SPEECH!!!

Footnote: Look familiar to you? You may want to refresh your memory…

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  1. Draconess

    This is going to be interesting to explain…

  2. e_voyager

    i’m guessing shape shifter. the glasses are the wrong color to be daisy as her’s were always orange. on top of that i can’t ascertain any motive for daisy to try and dig her self deeper into trouble and cause a riot when her life is already on the line

  3. MadMann135

    I am 50:50 it is Daisy… namely because of the missing ‘hickey.’

  4. e_voyager

    yes theres that too. and looking at this http://www.lastres0rt.com/2008/12/but-she-has-totally-different-glasses/ i’m thinking evil twin separated at birth. still i can’t tell if they have the same eye color and in those pants it’s hard if not impossible to tell if her leg is cybernetic.

  5. Sulucamas

    @e_voyager: I was looking at the leg too, trying to see the round cybernetic knee-joint. That sash sure is artfully placed!

    I vote that it’s our new Talmi friend from the last few pages, the one that activated the Scout Pendant she was wearing. She has the same hair and eye color…. But then again, is her nanotech really good enough to hide those huge ears (and tail!)?

  6. Noxkitsune

    Someone needs to call veled. Now.

    Interesting twist, I look forward to seeing what happens with it.

  7. Kingman

    Well now this could be trouble.

  8. Vulpis

    Personally, I’d think it’s *not* Daisy–both because she’s smart enough not to pull a stunt like this, *and* very likely she’s being rather well-watched, same as Jigsaw and the other participants are (the only reason Jig is getting to get out from under surveillance at all is because she’s meeting with and at the order of the Forces of Law and Order as it were.

  9. Tom Redlion

    Twisted like a corkscrew. Personally, I don’t think its the ‘real’ Daisy. The bionic leg doesn’t look like it has the right bulk. The cyber leg I remember was slightly bigger than standard issue meat parts.

  10. theo1

    Wow, And I thought i had figured it all out. part of why i like this comic though, when we’re all thinking it’s gotta be option A, B, or C, She picks option D, and surprises us.

  11. Amoxil

    Yeah! I’m witchoo, babe! Tell ’em!

  12. nikolai60

    doubt it’s really daisy, probably a shapeshifter or sumthing, i mean, it doesn’t look like she has that cyberleg that daisy has. it COULD be that after all this daisy isn’t really the scout after all, as unlikely as that is. oh, and i love binary’s reaction

  13. Xavier Price

    Doubt it’s Daisy, or a shapeshifter, and the chance of twin is a little too cliche’ (but you never know) Probably just a double.

    Though in this comic, I wouldn’t put it past being her from another dimension or something. ANYthing is possible in sci-fi

  14. Sabreur

    … oh. Oh dear.

    On one hand, this is a great way to get support for freeing Daisy. On the other hand, if the impostor is caught, things could get really bad, really fast. With Veled on-station, and the other scouts probably keeping a close eye on things…

  15. earth

    errr.. is that one of jigsaw’s parents?

  16. Viscaria

    Hi, I’m new to this webcomic. I think that this Scout Arael is an Efreet that hides her dead eyes with the Audi-Glasses. Efreet can shape-shift which would explain a lot.

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