No, Jigsaw Will Not Put On The Dress.

No, Jigsaw Will Not Put On The Dress.

Footnote: There’s more scouts than just the one-per-planet we’ve been concerning ourselves with.

Each planet has several lower-level scouts dealing with lower-level issues. By the time you count scouts for local governances, cities, and all the way down to individual high schools… well, you can see how there’s no shortage of replacements in line.  These lower-level scouts aren’t nearly as powerful, and may even end up using rentals and hand-me-downs… but still, they’re there.

Jigsaw stopped at the high school level, which is still impressive in its own right, but not nearly so much as being a scout for the whole planet would’ve been.

Hey, it still looked good on her college application…

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  1. Ken_Cypher

    This will all end in tears (and a sniper round through someone’s head), I just know it. -_-¡

  2. e_voyager

    Nah i don’t see it being that cut and dry. nothing ever cleans up that easily

  3. Janus

    “Up so fast I thought they’d been fluffed.”

    Oh-HOH. I see what you did there.

  4. Ken_Cypher

    E_Voyager: What are you talking about? A well placed sniper round is VERY hard to clean up. All that blood and gray matter everywhere…

  5. Sulucamas

    Whoa!…spicy… XD

    As effective as would be, I think the political backlash would too great. It’d be hard to cover up too, with all those cybees streaming video.

    The “cracked masters” are……..the Celigans? Very intriguing.

  6. Sabreur

    This is going to sound silly and off topic, but could you please move the voting icons further up? I didn’t realize your fantastic comic was listed on TWC for ages, and even now I sometimes forget to vote because I have to scroll down a ways before the icon appears.

    As for the comic itself, I love the way things are shaking out. The panic in panel 2 is perfect, and the smug confidence of the security officers does NOT bode well…

  7. Tom Redlion

    Panicked Scouts and Security guards that are too relaxed, it’s a recipe for trouble.

  8. nikolai60

    this explains a few things (and hints at a few others). granted, i somehow doubt all the ‘explanations’ i see are accurate. one can certainly see how ‘saw felt she could fight here, even if she wasn’t a vampire. and we begin to see a possible reason for her coming for daisy. i find it interesting melody’s so quick to panic, if that were the real daisy i’d be more understanding of the reaction. i wonder what ‘saw looked like in uniform lol

    on a side note, i really enjoy seeing the cameos, even if they’re not my character, it’s cool to see them anyways ^_^ though it sounds like a situation my guy will get thrown into

    (side note to side note, respect for ‘saw from me and shin went up several more notches)

  9. Shrikefox

    I get the feeling Veled is going to be less than happy with this… well if she’s not behind it that is.

  10. e_voyager

    @Ken_Cypher last time someone got a bullet (or something like it if you count a magically compress jinn fired faster then sound like a bullet) thought the brain they were up and casing trouble lest then to pages later. is that a clean cut and dry ending? shoot the person and hope they stay dead when they don’t?

  11. Pseudo

    C’mon, can’t we at least see what see looked like when she DID wear the dress?

  12. Ken_Cypher

    Cut and dry… Cut and dry… You keep saying that, and I keep trying to figure out why you think I’m implying it. My origional post only said that someone was most likely going to get shot, most likely with a sniper rifle, and that it would most likely cause huge problems for those who didn’t get killed. Did I say (In my origional post) that the person getting shot had to die? No. Did I say that the person getting shot had to be the redhead? No. All I said was that someone was going to get shot in the head (getting one’s lower jaw blasted off counts), and that the bio-waist was going to hit the air agitating device.

  13. thebobmaster

    Gah…new webcomic…had to read all strips in one sitting…And of course, the last strip just had to be a cliffhanger.

    Great webcomic, by the way. Very engrossing read.

  14. Nasrudith

    I wonder if this “Daisy” is really her mother and a Celeste hiding her wings. It’d make sense if she meant those involved with her oversoul as part of her legion. It’d also be why she was born an autistic light child – not quite souled enough to be Touched.

  15. e_voyager

    @ken_cypher when i was saying cut and dry and clean up i was referring to the situation ending neatly with no real loose ends or messy situation to resolve

  16. Emma

    I love the comic. I didn;t expect to like it this much when I started it, but it’s really cool. Keep up the good work!

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