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Playing Into Her Hand, Just How She Likes It.

Playing Into Her Hand, Just How She Likes It.

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15 Comments So Far...

  1. Draconess

    THis is turnig ugly.

  2. Parou

    Hokay Veled…… I think we can now say Harsh and Cruel… for some reason your sympathy for poor Jigsaw here just does not ring true…… dress the poor girl up pretty and then turn her into what she sees as an ugly monster in a pretty dress… .. parallel, anyone?

    Dang, this is gonna hurt and mess with poor Jig’s mind big-time…..

    At least the Curoshin fishies don’t seem scared of her…. unlike Jig herself……

  3. Baigs

    Hope Jig can cope.. tis a big shock.. and don’t see how making her relive it can make things any better…

  4. Xavier Price

    “You, my little vampire, are a corpse.” Don’t break it to her gently or nothing. And like Jack, I’m sure remembering this is a bad thing…. somehow…

  5. Brunhidden

    mmmm, sideboob

    but yeah, i hope vleed makes up for being this much of a bitch. she does not seem to enjoy being cruel even if she enjoys messing with people

  6. Janus

    Dishonest sympathy. How pleasant. I wonder if Jig will react violently, mostly because (as unwise as it is) seeing Veled spited while she’s being such a twat would be really satisfying :u

  7. hariman

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here: Veled is being pragmatic. Any vampire capable of turning Jigsaw is something to be feared in Veled’s eyes. NOBODY has seen a non human vampire before. Therefore, Jigsaw’s sire is a threat.

    Veled NEEDS to know who Jigsaw’s sire is, and Jigsaw probably would be better off knowing who sired her. It’s not going to be a nice memory, as I do recall there was a garrotte involved.

    For all we know, one of the other contestants was Jigsaw’s sire. Or maybe it was someone she shouldn’t have trusted. Then again, we might find out that Jigsaw’s wanted to be a dead inside and forgot because of the trauma.

  8. The_Rippy_One

    Actually, there is something else to note here – every other vamp we’ve seen, in full vamp mode, is grey and black. Since this effect is bleaching her fur to that color set, she should fit that mold. She isn’t. I find that interesting. I can see at least three possible reasons, two of which argue that tramau may not be the reason she doesn’t know her sire.

    Meanwhile – if Veled can “summon” dark…spirit resonance(?), can she do light, too?

  9. Tom Redlion

    I wonder if Turning Jigsaw resulted in Sire’s expiration.

  10. Xavier Price

    @Tom More likely, we’ve met her sire at some point and it will be some huge gasp moment.

    ….or s/he’s dead.

  11. EvilSupahFly

    “Let me unwrap that world of pain for you to see.”

    Sure – let me be the first to get out of line and run away too!

  12. Damascus

    Meanwhile, back at camp…

    not a bad comic all told, reminds me a lot of Deadlocked, art could be better but nobodies free of that, keep it up.

  13. Drew_Original

    I have just started to read this comic and I hope you guys keep up the good work.

  14. Jigsaw Forte

    Thanks @Drew and @Damascus! Here’s hoping you love it from here on in. ^_^

  15. FlashXX

    You ALL said it!o0;

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