That Might Slow Things a Bit.

That Might Slow Things a Bit.

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  1. Draconess

    Funny expression on Veled’s face, wonder what she is thinking.

  2. MadMann135

    Veled is probably thinking “how the (censored) do you NOT know what a sire is” or “you dolt, a sire is the one that turned you into a vampire!”

  3. Tyler Puryear

    The best part of this comic is Veled’s reaction, hmm… that’s going to make a mess of things, literally with that coffee at least….

  4. WolfWings

    *laughs* I love it… it’s kinda hard to mentally rubber-hose an answer out of someone when they don’t even understand the question.

  5. Janus

    Veled’s expression -makes- that last panel. It’s like the perfect rendition of ‘omgwtf how could you not know’. And knowing where this is going… teehee.

  6. Parou

    Theorised thoughts for Veled…..
    “Damn It All Child! Stop messing with me! You cannot be that ignorant…… or can you???”

    Actually feeling for Veled here. Seems to be, even when she tries to be civil, people just keep on doing their best to make her smite them….. so frustrating! 😉 (Coffee spill on white outfit…. another reason for smiting)

  7. Antonious

    Oh dear, let me guess. She has not a clue who turned her. This will definitely put a kink in Veled’s plans.

  8. Tom Redlion

    Lovely strip this week!
    I’m with Antonious on this issue, though.

  9. Pseudo

    This might be impossible, but how do Veled’s muscles and bones work? When you draw her do you start with a ball-and-stick sketch then work out or do you just ‘wing’ it? Twelve limbs might be pushing some fundamental limit…
    Also, nice painting (?) behind Jigsaw. It’s just the sort of decoration this sort of space should have.

  10. Jigsaw Forte

    @Psuedo: Her draconic wings sit behind / under the feathered ones, which are connected to the rest of her body by a joint vs. by a line (so they can overlap “slightly” in the back). Her shoulder bones are “slightly” mutated to accommodate the extra joint, but otherwise it’s not much less unrealistic than the concept of having wings on your back in the first place.

    Veled is fleshed out like any other character, just a lot bigger. :-p

  11. Xavier Price

    *insert record screech sound here*

    Is Veled tossing her cup around, or is it levitating in front of her?

  12. Jigsaw Forte

    @Xavier: Veled can levitate things. And levitating a hot cup is infinitely better than actually having to hold it.

    It’s actually a standard Vidian trait, but asides like that make it seem less impressive, don’t you think? 😉

  13. Xavier Price

    @Jigsaw Not only is it more practical than holding a hot cup, it looks damned cool.

  14. EvilSupahFly

    Wow… I suspect that from the background characters in the one bubble that Valed was using some kind of Jedi Mind Trick on Jigsaw and from the look on her face, I say she failed. Failed Epic. *lol*

    And it’s all the funnier still because Jigsaw is sitting there like, “Dude… WTF?”

    I love it. Well done! 😀

  15. BanditRingtail

    I’m not even sure Jigsaw noticed the subtle attempt at, er… well “Jedi mind trick” is about the simplest way I can think to describe it. You did say there’s never been a being like Jigsaw, right? If so, then she may have abilities she doesn’t know about… and evidently a bit of amnesia keeping her from finding out immediately.

  16. FlashXX

    ^^Best ‘Dumb’ Question EVER!

  17. Vulpis

    If you noticed, it’s the same trick that the tubby guy tried (and also failed miserably with) on White Noise before. Not to mention, someone in the comic made the comment that the ability to order people around like that is part of *why* Celeste are so arrogant, I forget who.

  18. Silver Guardian

    That was also White Noise.

  19. Ryd

    Veled: “What what WHAT?! You are NOT trying to play dumb with me!”

  20. Kermit

    Here’s what I could get of the Tone message in Veled’s speech bubble:

    save us the
    your sire, and
    let you go, his e_
    name, of course yo
    for _e

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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