That Might Help.

That Might Help.

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  1. Draconess

    This will be interesting…

  2. alex Urssa

    ok looks like Jigsaw has gotten herself in over her head again

  3. Ken_Cypher

    Alex Urssa: Existing in the same REALITY as this woman is being in over your head. If the station was a planet, Jigsaw would be somewere near the core right about now. X_x¡

  4. Ken_Cypher

    Wait… “I need to stop entering the hotel rooms of strangers.”

    …implying that she has done such things before…

    …and suffered for it.

    I wonder if that has any relevence to how she became a vampire.

  5. Janus

    Ken: She’s been sleepwandering and munching on Adharia, remember?

    As for the comic, I adore the complete deadpan shock moment here. A perfect representation of knowing you’re screwed and oh so calmly (and inner-monologuingly sarcastically) going over how all your options suck.

  6. Janus

    Bonus sympathetic comment: “It’s not easy being short.”

  7. EvilSupahFly

    In a previous comic, she was sure she was in the right place, now she’s in a stranger’s room?

  8. Parou

    @Janus – I agree, the cool totally screwed situation summation is bonus points on the “nothing shocks me anymore” scale.

    Obviously only move option is ‘not to move’ and hope Veled’s first move is not “terminate undead”! I reckon Veled’s lack of patience will make her make the first move and therefore make it easy to make ‘not to move’ last long enough. Mind you Veled’s expression seems to say “Hmmm, any moment the shorty will move……. any moment now…. Why isn’t she moving?”

    @ EvilSupahFly – Yes, Jigsaw was sure it was the right place…… she just did not know *whose* room it was.

    Tags have me thinking… I guess the fishies are “Curoshin” but wondering where/who is Scout Ziligo in this strip?

  9. Noxkitsune

    Interesting situation Jigsaw’s gotten herself into.

    Shouldn’t veled be looking at jigsaw rather than… well, straight towards the reader’s viewpoint? I dunno…

  10. Pseudo

    …Wait, can she read my mind?

  11. Hartree

    @Parou- Where is Scout Ziligo? I think you’re looking right at her. In fact, she pretty much fills the whole panel behind Jigsaw.

    If Cypress won’t let you get to Daisy, you can always try to get to her team member.

  12. Tom Redlion

    Option1: No good. …. Optionn 10: no good. I am so hosed right now.
    I love this.

  13. hariman

    Veled might be looking at a reflection. She might not need to look at all, and she can sense where Jigsaw is anyway. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the pose just looked cool and she’s not really looking at anything.

    Whatever way it is, we’ve gotten a cool update and a good size comparison of Veled and Jigsaw.

  14. Lycanthrope

    What will be really interesting is if Veled asked Jigs there for completely social reasons. Everything else would could imagine. …Darn, I just imagined something other that everything else….

  15. Brunhidden

    i can see jiggy saying ‘please dont eat me’ or possibly ‘wow, someone who i actually DONT see up their nostrils’

  16. Xavier Price

    Yeah… not entering stranger’s hotel rooms is usually a good idea all around…

  17. Zc456

    I’m guessing running isn’t an option either?

  18. hariman

    Jigsaw doesn’t think so. I think Jigsaw’s best option is to stand there and cross her arms until Veled says something. The question is: Is Veled the mysterious person who wanted to meet Jigsaw?

  19. FlashXX

    Yooouuuu said it Draconess

  20. LeQuack147

    “God mode on”
    – That’s what I keep thinking whenever Veled walks into a room.

  21. Metaldog007

    Looks like she’s between a rock and a ?

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I read every comment, and respond to quite a few as well! It's pretty common that someone else will respond to your comment before the next page's update, too...

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