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Now She Has To Serve It Herself.

Now She Has To Serve It Herself.

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8 Comments So Far...

  1. Draconess

    This will be an interesting conversation

  2. Noxkitsune

    … If there’s one character I never thought I would see blush like that, it’s Veled… hm… looking forward to seeing where this is going.

  3. Janus

    You know, I’m not sure if that’s an angry flush of the face or an embarassed sort of blush, and it looks more like the latter.

    I love Jigsaw’s face in the first panel to death. There’s just something sarcastically sly about it. The eyebrows and the eyeshape and the ears and the mouth and the everything.

  4. BanditRingtail

    I’d call her expression “embarrassed exasperation”. Sort of like she’s thinking, “Ye gods, my reputation proceeds me even when it makes things difficult.” Seems she just wants to talk to Jigsaw, not kill her outright. I guess some Celeste are content to let “Dead Inside” go about their business so long as they don’t plunge the galaxy into chaos.

  5. Lycanthrope

    Civil and cordial…social occasion. With tea and snacks. Somehow I never figured Veled for tea.

  6. Tom Redlion

    Yup. That was …. unexpected.

  7. hariman

    Okay, now Veled’s jamming of Daisy’s leg makes sense.

    WARNING: Spoileriffic comment inbound!

    The prior feud between Daisy (Scout Arael) and Scout Fenirel (Identity unknown?) involved Veled (Scout Ziligo) as Fenirel’s friend. Whatever that feud was, (I’m still not sure quite what it was about.) that made Daisy and Veled enemies. Though I question Daisy’s wisdom in angering someone who can pull souls from living beings.

    I’m still wondering who the prior Fenirel was and if she’s going to pop up during the story.

  8. FlashXX

    I’m with Noxkitsune
    And whatever I was going to say was taken by BanditRingtail and ground into nothing. :D Thanks!

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