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a vampire on a reality show.
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Work, Play, And Die Where You Live.

Work, Play, And Die Where You Live.

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16 Comments So Far...

  1. Cat

    Yeah. That outfit is hawt.

  2. Janus

    Open backed? I always thought the hanging cloth on the front went down the back as well. That IS more revealing than I thought.

  3. Eagle0600

    She’s practically nekkid.

    Just who is she meeting?

  4. String Petoun Ping

    The dress reveal a lot of her but if this guess try anything that Jigsaw doesn’t want, this person will notice that she didn’t get in that reality show for her beauty. Anyway, she is beautiful in that outfit.

  5. Baigs

    She looks alot better with her hair down :)

  6. Lycanthrope

    I have to watch my step gazing at the wonder gazing at the city….

  7. Tom Redlion

    *Gets lost gazing at the city….*

  8. Xavier Price

    *gets lost gazing at the woman gazing at the city* Erh… I mean.. Look, a big distracting thing *runs*

  9. Pseudo

    Love the tail ring, and the font on the sign. In the last panel Jigsaw has an odd halo effect, is that a mistake or refection off the glass?

  10. Jigsaw Forte

    @Psuedo: Supposed to be a reflection, just a faint one though.

  11. EvilSupahFly

    What else indeed…?

  12. silentsteel

    Beautiful shot! The city and the tunnels kind of remind me of Rapture from Bioshock. Which utterly works.

  13. Fira Arnithe

    Yeah, I was gonna comment on the similarity between this and Bioshock….*coughespeciallysinceI’mreplayingitnowcough* Especially the sign. Nearly the same font.

  14. FlashXX

    o0 Wow!
    Pride: Ha! ;) I was right! *sees Xavier run* Tsh! *sighs* Yeah…I’ve been there bro.

  15. Cosmic Shrooms

    *breathing heavily*

    Now, why can’t she wear something like that all the time…

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